How to Create a Community Account on Steemit and add the role of "ADMIN" (Revised Edition) updated 25/5/2021


In this post, we will show you step by step on how to create a community on Steemit.
Then next is how to add "Admin" role in the community.

First, click on Steemit logo on your left side on the screen then scroll down until you see Explore communities.. then click on that Explore communities
Then at the top on your right side there is Create a community tab, click on it then it will bring you to the next page.


On this next screen page, you will have to fill in your new community name and some description of your new community on the blank boxes. Then click "next"

🚨 Important step and you should keep the generated password ❗❗

There will be owner name(hive-xxxxxx)/community account name and password generated and you will have to keep this information as you will need this information to log in to your community later.
🚨Please keep this info safe somewhere as this information is as important as keeping your steem account master password safe. This one is your community account username and master password, very important credential. If you lost this password, you will not be able to do anything with your community account that you just created.

Then click the "create a community" tab.


On the next page you will have to pay 3 STEEM a fees for creating your community.

Make the payment then your community is created. You will be an admin of the community by default.

Your community is created. Congratulations! 😃

How to add "Admin" role for community account?

If you want to have more than 1 ownership of the community account that you just created, you will have to add another community owner/steem account as "Admin" of this community.
You will have to log in using the owner name and the password that you have keep when you created this community account earlier.
For example, if you want to add another steem user as an "ADMIN" in the community that you just have created you will need the credentials of hive-xxxxxx and the password generated that you have kept earlier. If you have not kept these credentials, then you are not able to do this step or anything with this community account.

role admin.png

There is another good tutorial made by @sumit10698 here Guide to Steem Communities just in case you create the community through a device such as a smartphone.
Let us know if you have any questions or difficulties in creating a community account on Steemit.

Best Regards,
Steem Greeters Team.

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Thanks for the guide. Hoping to come up with a new community account soon. I have an idea already. Your post have boosted my morale.

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Hy dear @cryptokannon I hope you will be fine.

My humble request is this we have created community and going very well so I have to ask that to whom we can contact for the approval of community and for booming support program.
Here is the link of community.

Thank you

25.05.2021 13:05

Hi @adeelasif the Booming Community Support Program no longer accepting application since they have reached maximum quota. Thank you for your understanding. You may join any community that is already under this program and also having their own community curation account.

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Hello @cryptokannon, thank you very much for this step by step tutorial, i have successfully created a new community, pls i would appreciate your support and that of @steemcurator01. The name is Financial Security, dont forget to check it out. Thanks.

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26.05.2021 10:53

What will be the rules and regulations for community approval?

26.05.2021 11:51

Nothing, the creation of community is to pay 3 steem that is all. You can make your own community rule and regulations. If you want or going to create a community, you should think first about how you going to support your community members. Steemit team not going to support all the newly created community on Steemit :do not make this the way to support your community.

26.05.2021 13:18

How do I verify if I create a community? What will be the procedure? How many members will be required for community verification?

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Thank you so much @cryptokannon for your tutorial and very helpful post,
Hopefully I can make my own community in the future.

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26.05.2021 15:13

How do I verify if I create a community? What will be the procedure? How many members will be required for community verification?

26.05.2021 17:21

How do I verify if I create a community? What will be the procedure? How many members will be required for community verification?

26.05.2021 17:36

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Hello thank you for this tutorial, I wish I had read this first before I made my own community few days ago although thanks God even if nobody taught me the process I was able to follow your instructions.

But one thing I am so grateful of after reading this post is that I know now the importance of the user id and password I just saved it but didn’t really know what is the purpose of it.

Thank you once again and God bless!

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Thank You @cryptokannon for enlightening us on how to create a community. I just want to ask you the following ---

  • Is there a minimum Rep score for creating a community?
  • Is the community curator account created by default?
  • Will new communities get support of top curation accounts?

Just curious to know. Thank You.

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@steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @cryptokannon , I recently opened a community called Steemit Network. I am very happy that I have opened and continued this community in compliance with almost all the rules and regulations. The Steemit Network community currently has 233 subscribers and 65+ active members. I have already started working to increase the power up of my community and now my community has steem power 648.83 SP. I hope I can grow more quickly. I inviting you Steemit Network commuity. I hope you will definitely support this community and help us move forward very quickly.

Here is the community link.


Community Discord Account

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