Graduation Showcase of Newcomers Achievement Program : Batch February 2021


In this post, we would like to showcase a list of newcomers that have completed all their achievements tasks and received Pro Newcomer title in the Newcomers Community.
We also announce 10 Pro Newcomers that will receive 1 month of 1000SP delegation for their activities and engagements on Steemit.

Total of 64 Newcomers have completed their Newcomers Achievement Program.

Batch of June-August 2020 (Total of 4 Users)

No Account Pro Newcomers Compilation Task Country
1 @njaywan @njaywan compilation tasks Ghana
2 @fendit @fendit compilation tasks Argentina
3 @neerajkr03 @neerajkr03 compilation tasks India
4 @sahilgupta @sahilgupta compilation tasks India

Batch of September 2020 (Total of 12 Users)

No Account Pro Newcomers Compilation Task Country
5 @gorllara @gorllara compilation tasks Bangladesh
6 @belenguerra @belenguerra compilation tasks Argentina
7 @theopportunist @theopportunist compilation task Nigeria
8 @doppley @doppley compilation task Nigeria
9 @ngoenyi @ngoenyi compilation task Nigeria
10 @sanjeev.kumar @sanjeev.kumar compilation task India
11 @sm-shagor @sm-shagor compilation task Bangladesh
12 @eh-shohag @eh-shohag compilation task Bangladesh
13 @bright-obias @bright-obias compilation task Nigeria
14 @nas-gh @nas-gh compilation task Nigeria
15 @alegnita @alegnita compilation task Venezuela
16 @saxopedia @saxopedia compilation task Cameroon

Batch of October 2020 (Total of 6 Users)

No Account Pro Newcomers Compilation Task Country
17 @iamlynxie @iamlynxie compilation tasks Nigeria
18 @razuahmed @razuahmed compilation tasks Bangladesh
19 @jmsthree @jmsthree compilation tasks United States of America
20 @drqamu @drqamu compilation tasks India
21 @msharif @msharif compilation tasks Bangladesh
22 @boss75 @boss75 compilation tasks Bangladesh

Batch of November 2020 (Total of 12 Users)

No Account Pro Newcomers Compilation Task Country
23 @fombae @fombae compilation tasks Cameroon
24 @samuel20 @samuel20 compilation task Nigeria
25 @magmuz @magmuz compilation task India
26 @stream4u @stream4u compilation tasks India
27 @fadlymatch @fadlymatch compilation tasks Indonesia
28 @chirich @chirich compilation task Nigeria
29 @vishwara @vishwara compilation task Sri Lanka
30 @josepha @josepha compilation tasks Nigeria
31 @itikna09 @itikna09 compilation tasks Indonesia
32 @talktofaith @talktofaith compilation tasks Nigeria
33 @walad @walad compilation tasks Indonesia
34 @davchi @davchi compilation tasks Nigeria

Batch of December 2020 (Total of 8 Users)

No Account Pro Newcomers Compilation Task Country
35 @ghostfacer99 @ghostfacer99 compilation tasks Nepal
36 @simonnwigwe @simonnwigwe compilation tasks Nigeria
37 @ephraimeka @ephraimeka compilation tasks Nigeria
38 @walad @walad compilation tasks Indonesia
39 @doodleman @doodleman compilation tasks Indonesia
40 @warrenjemkis @warrenjemkis compilation tasks Venezuela
41 @rapsantos @rapsantos compilation tasks Philippines
42 @yonathanulacio @yonathanulacio compilation tasks Venezuela

Batch of January 2021(Total of 9 Users)

No Account Pro Newcomers Compilation Task Country
43 @tmighty @tmighty compilation task Nigeria
44 @beckie96830 @beckie96830 compilation tasks Nigeria
45 @rabibulhasan71 @rabibulhasan71 compilation tasks Bangladesh
46 @muldoang @muldoang compilation tasks Indonesia
47 @davidkyain @davidkyain compilation tasks Nigeria
48 @achmadkurniawan @achmadkurniawan compilation tasks Indonesia
49 @abuahmad @abuahmad compilation tasks Bangladesh
50 @xkool24 @xkool24 compilation tasks Nigeria
51 @sarkodieeric1 @sarkodieeric1 compilation tasks Ghana

Batch of February 2021(Total of 13 Users)

No Account Pro Newcomers Compilation Task Country
52 @mustaghfir @mustaghfir compilation tasks Indonesia
53 @nandacoa @nandacoa compilation tasks Indonesia
54 @heriadi @heriadi compilation tasks Indonesia
55 @miftahuddin @miftahuddin compilation tasks Indonesia
56 @jasminemary @jasminemary compilation tasks Nigeria
57 @danay @danay compilation tasks Venezuela
58 @cherub27 @cherub27 compilation tasks Ghana
59 @klen.civil @klen.civil compilation tasks Indonesia
60 @blaisebass1 @blaisebass1 compilation tasks Cameroon
61 @slempase @slempase compilation tasks Indonesia
62 @irawandedy @irawandedy compilation tasks Indonesia
63 @nadilchairi @nadilchairi compilation tasks Indonesia
64 @fredquantum @fredquantum compilation tasks Nigeria

The Steem Greeters Team Project has received a support/sponsorship of 10,000SP delegation from @steem.history one of the Steem Blockchain Top 20 witnesses. We are able to reward our Pro Newcomers graduated with the delegation because of this generous support from him.

Five of Pro Newcomers who receive the 1000SP delegation from last month will continue another month as they being helpful in the Newcomers Community and also on Steemit platform as a whole.
Then another 5000SP is for Pro Newcomers graduated who are active in their publications and engagements on Steemit.

These are the users who have received 1-month delegation of 1000SP for the month of March until April 2021, they will continue receiving the delegation for another month as they been helpful in helping the newcomers community member to grow by welcoming and guiding them on what to do on this platform :

For the Month of March until April 2021, these are the users that will be receiving 1-month delegation of 1000SP:

They will receive the 1000SP delegation from 21/03/2021 until 21/04/2021.
We hope more of you will be completing your achievements tasks, being active, and being helpful in the Newcomers' Community for a chance to receive the 1000SP delegation.

Steem On!

Steem Greeters Team.

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very extraordinary, congratulations to the newcomers, hopefully it will continue to grow, and congratulations to the winners.

21.03.2021 14:05

Hi friend

21.03.2021 14:20

That's great @cryptokannon.

21.03.2021 15:22

Thank you for this award, I hope I can help more

21.03.2021 15:38

Great reward for completing all of the achievements and being active on Steemit!

21.03.2021 17:56

Thanks, @cryptokannon. I wish I could have been of help too. Congratulations to all new Pro Newcomers

21.03.2021 23:13

Wow... I am so happy.
Thanks @cryptokannon. I hope I keep being active in the community. This will go a long way in my curation reward.

21.03.2021 23:15

I am so happy for this ... I will also continue to support the newcomers in the community. Thank you big, @cryptokannon.

21.03.2021 23:43

muy bueno éxitos para ti @cryptokannon

22.03.2021 01:05

Thank you very much for this opportunity, so I can help other newborns to grow on this platform, as you have just helped me. Thank you very much! Blessings!

22.03.2021 01:23

I am also new commer.
I joined this community a day ago.
Please also give me challenge to complete it.I post my
achievement 1 introduction my self 4days ago but my
Post was not verified .please tell me about it .please do it.

22.03.2021 01:29

@cryptokannon please I have written my INTRODUCTION post for over 5 time and non of them have been given good up vote nor verified. Please look into my case. This is a link to my last Introduction.

22.03.2021 15:09

Excelentes datos, soy nuevo y espero tener un gran apoyo, creo tener contenido muy nutritivo y versátil

22.03.2021 22:50

Congratulations! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

23.03.2021 15:30

I am much grateful @cryptokannon for your support.

23.03.2021 17:13

Buenas vibras @cryptokannon. Que todo fluya y nada Influya.

23.03.2021 21:02

Thankyou for the information

24.03.2021 04:12

congratulations to all my fellow new comers, cheers to the beginning of growth and change in our lives. much love

25.03.2021 10:30

My able mentor @cryptokannon I appreciate your able effort. Please this is a link to my achievement 1

Please verify and upvote if it is up to standard. Thanks in advance.

28.03.2021 14:21

Congratulations everyone.! Hope to see myself on the next post..!

03.04.2021 08:38

Hello @cryptokannon, hope you doing well. i just want to ask that mine achievement#1 post have not verified yet. I post 2 time can you please verify and upvote it if it is upto the mark.... its a request .. if you can do it kindly... hoping for your positive gesture is the link to my achievement #1.

03.04.2021 20:32

Helli i was complete my achievement 2 before two days but
But no one has seen or verified my post

04.04.2021 14:20

Buenos días soy nuevo usuario recién termine mi primer logro pero aún no he Sido verificado. Espero poder serlo y poder continuar mi usuario para Steemit @auroragil06

06.04.2021 11:39

Great job and congratulations on making it to Pro Newcomers. Good luck always, greetings of friendship from me in Aceh, Indonesia

14.04.2021 11:36

🎉🎉🎉🎉Congratulations to all. and @cyptokannon please what exactly I'm i to do to see that I complete my own achievement tasks too. I'm new on steemit and will want to partake in the growth of this community🙏🙏

@steem greeters team

16.04.2021 14:54