MDEX - Decentralized Exchange Based on Mix Chains(Ethereum & Heco)


What is MDEX?

A dual mining platform based on mixed chains that combines Ethereum and Heco, is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that uses an AMM mechanism based on the idea of fund pool.

Mdex platform is to build on Huobi Eco chain which is decentralized, high efficiency and energy saving public chain created by Huobi to make creation of Decentralized applications more efficient and cost effective.


Users frustrated with high Gas fee and frequent congestion issues on Ethereum now have an alternative solution in MDEX . Utilizing Heco chain MDEX brings significant advantages to users as follows:

  1. Fast Transaction Speed: The time for swap on Mdex is only about 3 seconds. Fast is almost equivalent to swap on CEX
  2. Cheap Transaction Fees: The cost for single transaction on MDEX is usually between 0.03 - 0.06 USD, sometime only 0.001 USD
  3. Double Mining Mechanism: In terms of liquidity mining MDEX has two type of pools for brothers to exploit , Dual token mining pool and single token mining pool.

Some of the impressive parameters of MDEX so far below:

  1. The highest transaction volume in 24 hours exceeded 2.32 billion $
  2. Total transaction volume exceeds 38.6 billion $
  3. TVL exceeds 1.4 billion $
  4. Average transaction fee is zero because the MDEX rewards as the transaction mining rewards are greater than fee.

Currently the MDEX exchange has risen to the no 1 position of decentralized trading platforms based on the volume of transactions.

Basically, the way MDEX works is inherited from UNISWAP, however the feature that users can swap assets on both blockchain as mentioned, so it can be said this is a very step continent for users. It can be said that MDEX is incubating for projects in the developing HECO ecosystem.


How MDEX is different from UNISWAP?

Transaction Speed :

The current processing speed of the Ethereum network is about 15 transactions per second. A Swap operation on Uniswap takes about 20 seconds, MDEX is backed by the Huobi ecological chain Heco. Taking advantage of Heco’s public chain performance, MDEX’s Swap operation time takes about 3 seconds, so users have almost no sense of delay

Transaction Fees:

Uniswap users have spent a total of 31,500 ETH on GAS in the past 30 days. A transaction on Uniswap may cost the users 3 to 5 US dollars. On the Huobi ecological chain where MDEX is located, the transaction fee could be as low as US$0.001. transaction on MEDX is basically between US$0.03–0.06, which means that one HT can pay more than 100 transaction fees.

Mining Mechanism:

Uniswap uses universal liquidity mining. That is, in Uniswap, adding liquidity to the liquidity pool can bring benefits, which is currently 0.3% of the transaction fee, and then according to the proportion of your assets in the liquidity pool, you can get corresponding revenues, MDEX is a “dual mining mechanism” that supports both liquid mining and transaction mining.

In terms of liquidity mining, MDEX not only has the same “dual token mining pool” as Uniswap, that is, but users can also mortgage LP tokens for mining. As opposed to Uniswap that relies on two pools to ensure liquidity, MDEX supports a “single token mining pool” to enhance liquidity, which can further reduce impermanent loss. The current APY of MDEX LP mining can reach 100%-400%. Because of the low risk of single token mining, APY is relatively low, normally between 3%-16%.

User Incentives:

In terms of incentive mechanism, users will be charged a 0.3% handling fee when participating in Uniswap transactions, of which 0.25% will be allocated to the liquidity provider, and the remaining 0.05% will be used for the decentralized governance of the community

MDEX uses two incentive methods: “Repurchase destroy” and “Repurchase Reward”.

MDEX’s transaction fee is 0.3%. According to MDEX’s upcoming Boardroom mechanism, the platform will inject 66% of the total fee charged into the Boardroom’s airdrop pool and repurchase pool. of the 66% fee, 30% will be used to repurchase and destroy MDX. The rest 70% will be used to purchase HT to airdrop MDX/USDT LP, MDX/HT LP and single token MDX among liquidity providers. Providers can collect rewards in the airdrop pool every day.

Transaction Data :

In the past 24 hours, Uniswap’s transaction volume was US$960 million, and the number of transactions exceeded 120,000. The fee income was approximately US$2.8 million. As for MDEX, the transaction volume in the past 24 hours was US$1.29 billion, and the number of transactions was 180,000. And the fee income was US$3.88 million.

MDEX aims to lay a foundation for accelerating the ecological construction of DEFI of the Huobi ecological chain and also looks forward to working with the community to build a more prosperous DEFI ecosystem for the Huobi ecological chain. Starting from DEX, MDEX is looking forward to giving play to the unlimited potential of DEFI in the fields of lending, insurance, asset management, and so on

Nowadays there are many DEX exchanges which created boom in the crypto industry if you want know what MDEX is doing unique read below details

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