The Truth About Tron

So my prediction about a competent businessman taking over Steemit inc. has come to pass, Justin Sun CEO of Tron has bought ex-chairman's Ned Scott's stake and is now a majority shareholder, happy days, let's start running the company properly and seeing Steemit prosper, right?

Nope, because it appears we are fudding all over place, with lots of bizarre claims being made and a soft fork around the corner, so let's dive in and see what all the fuss is about.

Embracing The FUD

Fear Uncertainty & Doubt is something that comes hand in hand with the crypto market, people who spread it are often called 'fudders' and right now we have an awful lot of people fudding about the takeover by @justinsunsteemit of Tron. In my mind this is madness, Steemit inc. has been run awfully these past four years. It started as a great experiment, but bad management decisions and a complete lack of awareness in regards to how to run a successful platform has seen the Steem price plummet, 70% of employees being sacked, and a complete disregard to the original Steem whitepaper.

Make no mistake people, if Steemit had been run properly, the site would have come out of beta after about 6 months and not 3 years, there would be no Google ads on our posts and the Steem price would be buoyant.

Enter Justin Sun, an entrepreneur who started Tron about a year after Steemit, someone who understands business to the point that he has already secured a deal with Samsung, one of the largest companies on the planet. In addition to this he has attracted 10 million users to the Tron chain.

Think about that for a second, even if 90% of the accounts are inactive (which they aren't), it still dwarfs Steemit's user base. Why? Because he has some kind of clue about how to run a business, beyond just code.

About Business

So Justin is clearly a savvy businessman, you don't get deals with companies like Samsung by acting like @ned and mumbling about SMTs for almost four years without producing anything. Or taking three years to come out of beta and still not have a search function that works properly.

No, Justin is better than Ned because he is creating a thriving ecosytem with millions of users and mega-deal partnerships. Which is why it beggars belief that people are attacking him right now.

Oh no! He's going to destroy Steemit!!

Yeah right, because that's what savvy businessmen do, they buy stuff just so they can make it worth less . . .


Somebody who is prepared to pay money, just so that they can have dinner with Warren Bufffet has more business sense in his left pinky toe, than Ned has in his entire body, in fact more than the entire Steemit inc team.

Soft Fork 22.2

As if to highlight this lack of business knowledge, the top Steemit witnesses (who technically are not part of Steemit inc.) have almost unanimously (with a couple of notable exceptions) voted to fork Steem so as to stop Justin accessing the funds which he legally required. Their reasoning behind it goes something like this;

Ned has promised not to touch Steemit's 75 million Steem, and by selling it to Justin he has broken that promise. We don't know what Justin intends to do with this Steem, ergo we are preventing him doing anything with it.

Erm guys, hate to tell you this but Ned's promise means nothing. He did not write that promise down and turn it into a legally binding contract, he simply made an empty promise to you, and just like the rest of his bullshit, you swallowed it. The reason being is because anyone who disagreed with him, was voted out of the top 19 witnesses, so it paid to show him deference.

However, he's gone now and you have a new boss, and I don't think it's wise to piss him off. If he wanted to, he could have you all crushed legally. Steemit inc is a private company, it is not some non-profit hippy dippy love-in. It is a company registered in the United States of America and is therefore subject to her laws.

A Sunny Future

When all is said and done, Justin will set about making Steemit the great platform it deserves to be, he will secure deals for Steem in the same way he has done for Tron. He'll run this place like a proper business, and I'm sure in a year's time this place will be unrecognisable from the shambles it is now.

It might sound a bit harsh to say that Steemit is a shambles, when so many good things have been done. However, I challenge you to try and use the search function on the site, or in the new communities section. A site's search function is just so damn basic, so for it to still not work after almost four years is laughable.

The fact that a site that literally prints money has to resort to Google advertising to raise funds, is also shambolic. The fact that a managing director is appointed and given zero budget is shambolic.

Justin has already shown that he understands how to grow a company beyond the crypto community and add value to millions of lives.

In my mind, the future is bright, the future is Sunny.




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In crypto everyone loves to hate everyone else's product, I haven't figured out why except maybe age and lack of experience.

I also was excited about the potential of Tron.

However, I do think there is plenty of reason to use caution with Justin, but the panic and hyperbole is amusing.

Of course there are lawsuits anyone in the nearly billionaire group is going to have law suits and lots of press both good and bad.

In addition our community seems to have forgotten many of our apps go mostly unused as well.

26.02.2020 06:53

In addition our community seems to have forgotten many of our apps go mostly unused as well.

You're so right. Sometimes I read stuff from other Steemians and I wonder what drugs they're on! I think Justin will really sort us out, it's going to hurt some feelings, but ultimately it will be better for the platform.

I just hope this softfork doesn't go ahead, it's already affecting the price. :(


26.02.2020 07:00

I just hope this softfork doesn't go ahead, it's already affecting the price. :(

No it isn't.

Unless it is also affecting price of Enjin




And nearly every other alt coin out there.

26.02.2020 09:50

capitulation is coming.

26.02.2020 16:12

Yes. But not because of the softfork. I should have waited a little longer to buy :)

26.02.2020 16:15


29.02.2020 16:57

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29.02.2020 16:57

I just hope this softfork doesn't go ahead, it's already affecting the price. :(

Honestly this is just as ignorant as when Sun said the STEEM price was going up in response to the acquisition when it had just been announced. Despite the fact that Bitcoin had been rising too.

Guess Sun buying steemit caused that Bitcoin rise also right?

26.02.2020 13:43

bitcoin is now falling... must have been the softfork right?

26.02.2020 19:27

They sold the EIP on the (incorrect) narrative that the Steem price sucks ... in the middle of a bear market. Now the (correct) narrative points away from the softfork because Bitcoin is having a moment. Funny that.

27.02.2020 07:01

Yeah I don't buy arguments based on the current price of Steem which isn't framed within the context of the price of BTC and the other alts. It seems a lot of people forget or ignore that the price moves in relation to the markets. Yes, there is influence from what happens on the platform but it's not the driving force.

27.02.2020 10:25

Sometimes I read stuff from other Steemians and I wonder what drugs they're on!

Just huffing some gas today. Don't mind me.

26.02.2020 20:16

I'm on Advil PM's

27.02.2020 03:22

In addition our community seems to have forgotten many of our apps go mostly unused as well.

Then why did the pitch deck Sun received pretend there are millions of Steem users active on hundreds of dapps?

You realize Sun was likely sold a fraudulent misrepresentation of a product by Ned right? It is not our concern about Ned's fraudulence in this deal. The softfork gives Sun a chance to get properly informed about what he purchased and he can even pursue Ned in court if he wants.

@ned @justinsunsteemit

26.02.2020 13:41

Yeah as I said... Lot's of reasons to use caution that being one of them.

Our own marketing (not that we have it) insists we have hundreds of apps. In reality there are a handful anyone uses.

26.02.2020 15:45

This ignorant user is spreading dangerous lies in order to attempt to gain popularity and attention from the new commie overlord. Ignore the ignorant twat bag, you'll immediately feel better about your life.

03.03.2020 22:43


27.02.2020 03:38

This ignorant user is spreading dangerous lies in order to attempt to gain popularity and attention from the new commie overlord. Ignore the ignorant twat bag, you'll immediately feel better about your life.

03.03.2020 22:43

Very well said.
I have a feeling that it's all about top witnesses protecting their asses.

26.02.2020 07:42

Some witnesses are entrenched at the top 20 for many years, maybe they think the chain is their property now.

They didn't like the idea of changing the voting mechanism for witnesses (which would have solved the problem from its root) because most of them know that they're at the top because of 2 or 3 whales voting for them (the idea that they are there because the community supports them is delusional).

26.02.2020 14:08

"They didn't like the idea of changing the voting mechanism for witnesses (which would have solved the problem from its root)..."

My research indicates this is untrue, despite the fact that the present witness election system is faulty. There is ~210M Steem presently, and @justinsunsteemit now owns ~100M of it. Of the total, a significant percentage isn't voting for witnesss, whether from lost keys, bailed users, or whatever. @justinsunsteemit presently holds ~150% of the stake available to vote for witnesses.

No election system I can conceive of will make that weight of stake in a DPoS mechanism incapable of instant control of governance of Steem at will.


26.02.2020 16:24

Wouldn't highering the number of consensus witnesses and applying the example you mentioned before allow the community to get few spots?

The goal is to make it harder not impossible. We will always be in a situation where one or two people are controlling the top 20 spots, which is already the case now. If we nullify the stake of X the one behind it will again become the new player. But I guess this is a natural thing on a DPOS Blockchain.

Tron didn't mention if they brought the whole package (I mean all the Steem in all the accounts) but I can't see them sending 100 to null just for the sake of it.

26.02.2020 17:23

100/30 (or lower value with each vote) + limit number of votes / will give us a value than can be easily surpassed by some current whales to push many users to the top.

That's idea: limit account voting up to 3-5 witness rather than 30 witnesses.

27.02.2020 04:22

i am aware of certain users that have more than ten thousand accounts. Each of those accounts will be able to cast witness votes, which will allow that user to get around the limit on witness votes an account can cast. Many, many users have ten or more accounts.

Each Steem needs to only vote once for witness, and not 30 times.

27.02.2020 04:40

Thought experiment:

Someone has 1000 SP. They vote for max number of witnesses. The witnesses each receive a 1000 SP vote.

Someone has 1000 SP. They split it amongst two accounts. 500 SP for one, 500 SP for the other. Each account votes for max number of witnesses. The witnesses each receive 1000 SP of votes.

Sybil attack is not possible with witness voting due to the "proof of stake" part of DPoS.

04.03.2020 00:59

Here's an example of how extant 30x multiplication of stake weight inflates the value of substantial stakeholders in governance. User A has 1M Steem. User B has 100 Steem. User A votes 30x for witnesses, and casts 1M votes for each. User B does also, casting 100 votes for each.

In total user A casts 30M votes. User B casts 3000. The difference between the fiat value of their respective stakes is 999,900. The difference between the weight of their votes effecting governance of the blockchain is 29,997,000.

Each Steem should be counted once in governance/witness elections, to provide equitable weight to all stakeholders in governance of the blockchain.

04.03.2020 15:51

To be clear, I agree with the idea of 1 SP 1 vote.

And I'm saying it can't be attacked vial Sybil attack.

So I'm saying it's a good idea that is maybe more secure than some think.

04.03.2020 16:09



04.03.2020 18:33

See, this is why I like smarter people than me. I never thought of raising the number of consensus witnesses. Since that can be increased without limit, then at some point the stake of the minnows can at least elect a witness. Maybe through some combination of increased number of witnesses, per account limits on numbers of witnesses voted for, and making 1 Steem = 1 witness vote, control of the consensus could be prevented to any single stakeholder.

I think it's unlikely, but I'm not a competent mathematician.


27.02.2020 04:38

And at least five of them hold ninja mined steem.

26.02.2020 18:14

Agreed @dr-frankenstein, it is well known that without the @freedom vote you will not get into the top 20.


26.02.2020 22:32

It has become a good ol boys club with Top Witnesses hasn't it.

I think every one of the Top Witnesses that was involved with the Soft Fork should set down indefinitely to show that this was actually about preserving steem and not about benefiting themselves financially, which it looks like it was.

26.02.2020 18:12


26.02.2020 18:15

I think there is some of that, but overall there's a lot of fudding from outside the witness pool as well.


26.02.2020 22:31

Good to see level headed thinkers

27.02.2020 00:21

There are many, they just don't want to expose themself, I guess.

27.02.2020 00:40

I mostly agree with everything you have said. The fact that there are ads up I feel is a responsible way to profit from the huge SEO funnel. Now maybe you feel that the entire ad engine should be internal and not adsense.

But yes, Steemit Inc has been primarily a joke and the witness voting has been a sad story.

STEEM was essentially on life support. Justin coming in and getting and the STEEM blockchain back in the conversation is a positive thing.

That is why I announced

Semi Flaccid Hard Fork 22.3

Posted using Partiko Android

26.02.2020 07:57

Well at least it's going to get interesting around here again! :)


26.02.2020 22:46

True. A lot of people did pop back in when they saw articles about the Justin Sun acquisition so it at least came back into the conversation.

27.02.2020 00:34

Its been a rocky transition that's for sure, I don't know how each parties self-interest will class, we all have different views on how things should be run and I feel that's how it should always be. Justin will want to improve steem that's a no brainer you bought the damn thing but the end goal is always to port it over to his Tron network in what way shape or form, I do not know.

I think its safe to say Justin wants to use us for certain means and gains and we should be doing the same lol thats how business works

I don't care much for the politics but I do like to see how DPOS can be used if people disagree and how stake owners push their vision and narrative. It becomes more interesting once we have a lot more SP holders with a say but that takes time

26.02.2020 08:28

I think it's a case of hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Justin is a bit of an unknown and I think the witnesses do care about the future of Steem. Most of them do not make a huge amount and some cannot cover their costs. The Steem price is mostly following the market. It didn't go up that much after the sale of Steemit and it's still higher than a month ago. I do wonder if Justin really knew what he bought, but he's obviously smart. I'm cautiously optimistic.

26.02.2020 08:44

Thank you for being a voice of reason throughout this.

26.02.2020 13:44

I'm an optimist and try to see the good in people. It's an interesting time for Steem, but we have had challenges in the past. I think the community is strong, but small. It's worth fighting for what it could be.

I've been discussing the state of Steem and some of the issues with a friend. That may inspire another post. Need to have conversations about what could be better.

26.02.2020 15:50


No lies detected

26.02.2020 08:56

Make no mistake people, if Steemit had been run properly, the site would have come out of beta after about 6 months and not 3 years, there would be no Google ads on our posts and the Steem price would be buoyant.

What would have been the killer app giving STEEM FB-alike scale to achieve increased and continued demand? Being a feeless platform (massive) scale would be required to achieve buoyant token price in a high inflation environment.

Binance recent EOS Governance review mentioned ~24k users for TRON.

In relation to HF0.22.2, I think it all was rather premature and judgmental. A business man should have been given slightly more time to reach out than 10 days only.

26.02.2020 09:11

He did reach out. He reached out with announcements of a token swap

26.02.2020 16:04

And? There we can see that the witness only afraid about they own stakes and livestyle. He can fork it anyway or swap it. The Witness can still runn the old Steemit version endless and be happy, nevermind they will have no future....

26.02.2020 18:10

witness only afraid about they own stakes and livestyle

As they should be. Someone openly admitted that hes intending to put them out of their job and replace them.
They would be crazy if they werent afraid.

He can fork it anyway or swap it.

Anyone can do that. You or me can fork it. The important thing is that witnesses didnt fork STEEM because that would create a new chain that wouldnt keep the exchanges on their side.
Soft Fork didnt affect the listings.
If Justin forks the chain he would have to list his trc10 "FakeSteem" token and look for exchanges.
Thats why this move is briliant.

26.02.2020 18:16

I am not sure about the soft fork, I haven't though enough about it to have an opinion yet.

But I am looking forward to Justin Sun as a boss/leader rather than Ned :)

26.02.2020 09:28

Good to see you posting again bro!

Honestly I keep going back and forth in my mind about what I feel about this!

Time will tell I guess. I hope you’re right

26.02.2020 10:07

Good to see you too bro :)

I know what you mean. I too have wondered a few times, overall though I think it will end up being a good thing. I'd like to hear what the d-live team think, since joining Tron.


27.02.2020 05:22

Tron has 4.7 M wallets, you can check this on tronscan, not the 10M you mentioned above. Steem has 1.3 M. How many of those active? You can see this from the Apps activity where Steem apps rank higher than Tron. On estimate Steem has around 30k active daily accounts. Making operations daily. Dont know about Tron.

I do agree about the bad managment on Steemit and the deals that Tron keeps making and expanding. That is a a fact. We would be much better with proper managment.

26.02.2020 10:09

The lack of having a normal search has always buggered me. Is it really that difficult?

26.02.2020 11:11

Investors are not welcome here. All these witnesses together did not invest even 10 percent of what @justinsunsteemit did. Even worse; most of them have origin in ninjamining "business". Is that true @smooth?

I will support @justinsunsteemit with my purchased stake and I'am not the only one.

26.02.2020 11:11

Sun spent $10m. You are claiming the witnesses and stakeholders involved in the fork do not have a collective $1m invested into the ecosystem? If so, no point in debating you because you are clearly not going to stick to any facts anyway.

26.02.2020 13:39

Are you planning to lock my stake too?

26.02.2020 14:12

I don't think that anyone would lock your stake, because your stake is not ninja-mined.

The ethics of ninja-mining are simple: It is wrong to ninja-mine.

The only thing I can ask the witnesses is this: Why did the SiNMS not get banished or locked sooner? It should not exist.

26.02.2020 14:43

There are much more ninja mined coins here. That's the problem.

26.02.2020 15:03

You're right. There's nothing good about ninja-mining, especially on chains where more stake equals more power.

We just gotta do what we can do, even if it's tough.

26.02.2020 15:05

All Steem originated in the ninjamine. Inflation and rewards have subsequently increased the total. The ninjamine isn't some potential line in the sand that can resolve inequity.

The inequity has always been inherent to Steem, and nothing short of dissolution can resolve it.

26.02.2020 16:36

Those other ninja mined coins didn't promise to not vote, didn't get an operation hardforked in to decline voting rights, hf14, then not use that operation out of obstinacy/skullduggery, nor have they forced through deleterious forks.
@smooth and the one I won't name, amongst others.

We still don't know how much stake Ned still has, it can be hidden in sock puppets.
Any undoxxed accounts are suspect.

Freedom? Pumpkin?
Wtf knows?

27.02.2020 00:26

The fact is, when it first happened @ned told us that the coins were pre-mined in order to stay within US federal regulations regarding setting up a company and its assets. They didn't want to do an ICO which at the time were under a lot of federal scrutiny.

The net result of course is the same, however the key point is, that the Steem is a registered company asset, and trying to prevent someone who paid for it access, will no doubt be illegal.


26.02.2020 22:35

Perhaps the scrutiny was warranted, if this happens.

The point of law is not to enforce it. It's to maintain peace and fairness.

When that does not happen, then the law no longer matters. I won't tolerate you playing a game of legal loopholes. What matters is justice.

Or does this law matter to you? It doesn't to me. I don't think law is anything other than the abstraction of justice, codified, and that code can always be broken if need be.

And I think it needs to be broken, if indeed it is illegal. However, we must question: Is it actually illegal? The courts will decide if it comes to that.

26.02.2020 22:46

It just takes a second to see who you are dealing with. Most (not all) of those opposing this change either are blacklisted, hate downvoting or have history of abusing the reward pool.
As is the case with friendly stranger

26.02.2020 15:53


27.02.2020 03:34

When all is said and done, Justin will set about making Steemit the great platform it deserves to be, he will secure deals for Steem in the same way he has done for Tron. He'll run this place like a proper business, and I'm sure in a year's time this place will be unrecognisable from the shambles it is now.

Yes, he will also cure cancer and breast feed little children. You know that he uses he's own stake to vote on "representatives" on Tron right? It's one of the most centralized blockchains that run simple gambling apps and that's all. Very impressive...

26.02.2020 11:20

I am torn.

I agree that the Steem community reacts on an emotional level, not the business one. And I understand it - many people have put time, money and feelings into here. For them someone coming over with business drive only does lead to fear. First statements which implied sudden changes imposed onto everyone by one party in a distributed blockchain added to it. This cannot be ignored. The action from witnesses reflects that. The message that I read from there is: We are afraid, we need to understand more to trust you, Justin.

On the other hand I agree that Ned, while being a nice guy with a nice idea, has grown something he wasn't able to control and run any more and we have experienced this quite strongly. But it doesn't make Justin's intentions clear.
In the last 30 years there have been a few changes where I come from. The transformation in the 90s has seen foreign companies taking over sometimes large chunks of industries and shutting them down to make room for their brands. Something similar happened to the sugar industry in 2004 when Poland joined the EU.
As you've mentioned, businesspeople are lead by one motivation: to make their business grow. But saying that this purchase is to increase a worth of Steem is wishful thinking without more clarity.

I guess the next thing that needs to happen is talking. It wont be easy and the soft fork will not make it easier, but it has happened and here we are.

26.02.2020 11:34

Great post. You definitely had me at "A Sunny Future".

While I am a noobie here on Steemit, I've studied the crypto-ecosystem for a few years and I quite understand the controversies around Justin. He is young and sometimes seem to lack the expected professionalism. This should however be contrasted with his appetite for success and his record of networking/striking deals with great people and great companies.

I wouldn't worry about future developments of Steemit, but I sure understand the reasons behind the current debates. I guess having the debate is part of being a decentralized platform, and will benefit the users as intended.

26.02.2020 11:59

I have been saying this too! Why are people taking out their hatred of ned on justin sun? He wouldn't buy something to destroy it, that's just stupidity!?! Especially considering steem isn't a competitor to tron...

People fucking suck! I have never felt so disrespected by the witnesses, I have honestly thought of unvoting all my top 20 witnesses who voted for this without getting any input or support of the community. They are suppose to represent us, not decided for us!

I honestly would be extremely upset if I was Justin Sun and saw this action from a platform that I was taking over. Maybe his intentions were all good but now these 20 shit heads made the decision for the entire platform and does decide to have a war! NOT COOL.. Thanks for making things worse Witnesses! Now you will be the ones to blame if shit hits the fan...

Anyhow, great article friend. I 100% agree!

26.02.2020 12:28

People fucking suck! I have never felt so disrespected by the witnesses, I have honestly thought of unvoting all my top 20 witnesses who voted for this without getting any input or support of the community. They are suppose to represent us, not decided for us!

What is holding you back? That is literally how you are supposed to show your support or dissent regarding the witnesses and their decisions.

Welcome to DPoS. Glad you finally joined us!

26.02.2020 13:46

I honestly would be extremely upset if I was Justin Sun and saw this action from a platform that I was taking over.

He may think that he's taking over a platform. He's bought one D'app on that platform. Yes the first and the most influence on the platform but it's ONE D'app. How do you think the other D'app owners felt seeing the announcement their hard work was going to be moved to another blockchain without them being in agreement before the announcement was made?

Justin may be a smart business man but claiming ownership that isn't his doesn't give him ownership.

26.02.2020 19:32

I think that the D'app owners could have a say in whether or not they left with the chain to a new chain or if they forked off a "classic steem" chain and just stuck around, it would be their choice.

The problem is we don't have any answers on what's really happening, just a bunch of speculation from the community and everywhere.. But what we do have is 20 people making decisions for the entire chain.

You say that "steemit is just one platform," but it's kinda a big deal because it's people who write new code and implement most of the changes done to the chain.

Yes, we have a lot of cool extras right now like Dapps and now Communities but we are still waiting for the finalization on codes for real SMT's and other innovation that is owned by steemit! That's kind of a big deal.

Maybe, because of this, he decides to delay the SMT release until he moves it to a tron network now.. There may be a shit ton of backlash from this and we all might suffer because some people decided to jump the gun and speculate we encountered a worst-case scenario, when that might not have been the case at all. No one knows for sure. Ultimately this action could be the catalyst of why he ends up moving the chain, or moving it early, or fucking over steem intentionally. Wouldn't that be fucking Ironic?

26.02.2020 21:02

it seems that what a lot of people miss is that he can move to another chain. He can't move the chain. He doesn't own it. I didn't say that steemit is just one platform. I said steemit is just one D'app on the platform, the steem platform.

Right now, regardless of what fantasy he may have, everything I've seen from the people who actually understand the technical side of all this .. there is no picking up the Steem chain and dropping it into another without a huge line by line combing through the code to try to match it up to the next chain.

That means moving which was the first Dapp built on Steem to another chain will be a huge job. IF it's even possible.

IF Justin is the business person that the hype claims, he'll come to realize that his investment into and Steemit Inc will give him better returns on the Steem chain and him working with the Steem community instead of thinking he can run the community.

27.02.2020 14:15

i am just waiting...

26.02.2020 12:42

The messaging of Tron regarding Steemit and Steem reads to me like a complete deprecation of the blockchain. They came out of the gate with imminent token swaps, moving forward with TRON blockchain-based tokens. This is why the witnesses took action.

I'd take Justin over Ned if he didn't seem so keen on imploding Steem and pretending like it will live on on TRON. The messaging points to that though.

I totally understand the desire to be optimistic and hope that all the best things for Steem would come true courtesy of Justin, but there's too much pointing in the other direction to ignore.

I wrote a post trying as best I could to set the context of the decision of so many witnesses to support the soft fork.

26.02.2020 13:27

You're completely right.

I'm not a fan of naivety, and it's beyond obvious that Justin's plan is to turn our community into his customers. And he will dd anything to accomplish this. Even give out millions of dollars.

Question this too: Why did Ned sell to the highest bidder, and not just a high bidder who would actually be a benevolent replacement? There are people who would be willing to buy Steemit, and then use its power to give Steem the practical changes it needs to finally shake off the dust.

But instead, Ned sold it to a person who intendes to destroy Steem?

What a shame that the world is like this.

26.02.2020 14:47

"...Why did Ned sell to the highest bidder...?"

[citation needed]

Tron may certainly have been the most benevolent of bidders, IMHO.

I am utterly confident that @justinsunsteemit has no intention of rendering his investment in Steem worthless by simply destroying Steem.

That's just silly.

Goolag, Fakebook, et alia would have, but why would they invest $M's to destroy Steem? They are investing such wealth in censoring their own platforms to far greater effect already.

26.02.2020 16:42

Destroying Steem is not silly.
Haven't you heard of EEE?

26.02.2020 16:58

Did you not read the balance of my comment? I said that Tron destroying Steem was silly. I don't think others destroying Steem is silly. Tron has made a series of acquistions including Opera, BitTorrent, and Poloniex, along with Steem, and these entities are all advancing decentralization. This indicates purpose contrary to any conception that Tron is going to decrease Steem's decentralization or success. It's a matter of considering actions as indicative of intent, and I submit that there is an underlying purpose that concatenation of the capabilities of all these entities can serve strongly empowering Steem and it's stakeholders.

And I have not heard of EEE. What is it?

26.02.2020 17:13

EEE is Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.

A Microsoft business tactic.

As for owning Opera, BitTorrent, Poloniex, and others, I will state clearly:

By having Tron own all of those entities, he has centralized them under the Tron umbrella. That is absolute centralization.

26.02.2020 17:15

Ownership of private stock corporations is centralized no matter who the majority stockholder(s) is. What those companies do is increase decentralization. Opera provides a builtin VPN, which makes it's users far less able to be tracked, banned, or otherwise impeded in their communications online. Poloniex is a gateway to fiat for cryptos, clearly advancing decentralization financially. BitTorrent is a mechanism to crowdsource data downloads, one of the most powerful decentralization mechanisms online. Steemit I assume you grasp how it's a decentralizing mechanism online.

Ownership of those companies was always centralized. Tron putting them all under it's umbrella reveals the company is seeking either to use those technologies and foci to advance decentralization online, or to prevent them from being useful for that purpose. I find them not doing the latter, which they could have done easily as soon as they bought them.

27.02.2020 04:49

BitTorrent has been associated with Thom Yorke (yes the musician) one of the biggest darlings of the world of centralized media. So, no. there’s absolutely no way I trust Justin. Just another verified face of the global media. In your frame of mind, centralized use of blockchain is an acceptable replacement for cryptocurrency. You might as well be replacing your bitcoin with jpmorgan Monopoly money right?

28.02.2020 00:32

Very good article @pfunk, and it did open me up to some info I wasn't aware of. However as I mentioned, the danger of this happening was always on the cards. I said as much 3 years ago in my article about Steem only having the illusion of being decentralised. It's just that Dan, and then later Ned, were honour bound not to do anything with it.

However Ned did use it to control the top witnesses and get through the forks he wanted. Look what happened to Bernie when he went against Ned, and anyone else who disagreed with him was voted out of the top 19 using the very Steem you mention in your article.

I saw it as an inevitability that this would one day happen. Hopefully yourself and some of the other witnesses can guide Justin into taking this platform and subsequently the currency into the future.


26.02.2020 22:45

Yeah right, because that's what savvy businessmen do, they buy stuff just so they can make it worth less . . .

Umm I think you need to study business acquisition a bit more. This is LITERALLY what savvy businessmen do. They buy a competitor, take any tech that is valuable, and kill the competing entity.

Somebody who is prepared to pay money, just so that they can have dinner with Warren Bufffet has more business sense in his left pinky toe, than Ned has in his entire body, in fact more than the entire Steemit inc team.

Haha sucking the tit of the rich won't make you rich. Warren Buffet dismissed Sun and said he does not own crypto. Likely threw the phone away Sun gave him. But hey, Buffett did say he enjoyed the lunch (aka the food).

Sun is a compulsive liar, having tried to pretend to be the CEO of Ripple on Chinese television.

When all is said and done, Justin will set about making Steemit the great platform it deserves to be, he will secure deals for Steem in the same way he has done for Tron. He'll run this place like a proper business, and I'm sure in a year's time this place will be unrecognisable from the shambles it is now.

TRON has a shit reputation and even Tron bag holders on Twitter ask him to step down and quit shilling the token. But I find it funny how you just absolutely know what Sun will do.

Are you perhaps a Sun alt account? Or just hoping to strike it rich off the coattails of a communist supporter?

26.02.2020 13:37

I love it when people present their opinions as facts and don't do their homework on the topic.

or maybe, just maybe, it is done with motives that differ from the presented insinuated motives in the "presentation".

You forgot to mention that apart from mega millions of dollars, everyone gets a free set of steak knives too!

Hence why I prefer to stick to the facts and not read the tabloids and try hard wanna be tabloids!

26.02.2020 13:49

The FUD is unfounded and the softfork goes against everything Decentralization was/is supposed to stand for.

26.02.2020 14:13

The future of Steem will be centralized in Justin's hands if we do not take measures.
This is war. Ethics need to bend to allow us our freedom.

26.02.2020 14:53

Your freedom does not trump anothers, especially when they have caused no physical harm. Hell, no other forms of harm have resulted at all.

Anyway, Steem has always been Centralized. Sun will not be changing that fact is all.

26.02.2020 15:04

Freedoms can trump others. The law of the jungle is tough.

If you're not a lion: Be prepared to fight lions.

As for physical harm? Well, if we have a war for the blockchain, it's not like anyone will raise a fist over it. Just words and code.

Internet drama and virtual cash is worthless compared to the world outside. Have fun with the drama. Taking the internet too seriously is never a good idea.

26.02.2020 15:09

Lol, supporting the drama(the softfork)is taking the internet too seriously. So, it is your side creating drama. I simply agree to disagree😀

In the end I don't really care.

26.02.2020 15:16

I don't mind drama, and I do care- as much as is reasonable.

But you know, it's also reasonable that a little ant will scream when your boot's shadow comes over it. But does it matter?


26.02.2020 15:22

We live in a world where everything we do on centralized platforms is seen, the visibility is controlled, and communities are crushed. This isn’t just a matter of “it’s just the internet calm down” it’s a matter of one of the only platforms or places in the modern world where there is freedom for communities to congregate without outside meddling from the establishments that be and their social justice fueled agenda to dominate what we consume. Both of you do care you’re just not willing to admit it.

28.02.2020 00:30

we live in a slave system - government is slavery - as long as that system prevails all things created in that system will turn to the haves and have nots eventually - it just matters which one you are. The only way out of that is to not care about financial gain - to trust the Creator to take care of you - that is my personal quest in all of this.

26.02.2020 14:48


26.02.2020 15:29

The Soft-fork is being done by the same brain trust that thinks flags are good and don't drive away business.

Justin is the best thing that has happened to this chain and if he decides to make it a great I for one will be buying tokens in it and once again start using it.

26.02.2020 15:35

he has attracted 10 million users to the Tron chain.

This is absolute nonsense.


Yes. Even if he didnt say he would token swap Steem and basically dismantle the chain in the end taking over all the exchange listings, Justin is still not a trustworthy figure.
The fact that he made his intentions public off the bat justify completely freezing his stake.
This is something that was supposed to be done years ago.

Look, it is your guys right not caring about your Steem investment, which you obviously dont since you apparently arent even phased by someone taking over the chain with the intention to dismantle it and move it to TRON.
But most of us do.

Witnesses made the call (a very good and very smart call since a soft fork maintains the exchange listings) with stake behind them to protect the chain from ninjamined stake being used in a hostile way.

Nothing else matters.
Just because Ned sucks doesnt mean we let Justin take over the chain. That would be idiotic.

26.02.2020 15:49

The thing is, you keep talking about the chain as if it's ours. But only your stake is yours. My stake is mine. And Justin Sun's stake is his. Very simple.

Maybe Ned's stake was ours. It 's debatable, it was just a promise. But he sold it anyway.

26.02.2020 21:39


27.02.2020 03:35



So, as always neither the problems nor the solutions are simply resolvable in binary terms. However, that's how people deal with life.

FUD is the basis for science. It's not some evil that destroys all that is good and useful in the universe. If you look at my own post on the matter, you'll see that I also recommend adherence to principle regarding private property as it pertains to the purchase and sale of @ned's assets by @justinsunsteemit. I do not disagree that the SF should be reversed immediately, without reservation. I do not agree that it should be because @justinsunsteemit is the Great Leader we have always needed, and we will thereafter ride off into the sunset happily forever after.

That's just silly. The witnesses secured their power, that @ned had allowed them, temporarily with the SF. @justinsunsteemit has wisely proposed negotiations to resolve the matter, and not litigation. We'll see what comes of it, but we're just along for the ride, except as we vote out the current crop of witnesses, which the majority stake on the platform will not do, because they're dependent on these witnesses for the maintenance of their majority - which @ned allowed them as well, and is no less threatened by @justinsunsteemit than is these witnesses power.


26.02.2020 16:17


26.02.2020 19:34

I'll just leave this here. Sun is not to be trusted, period! His words should be taken with a huge block of salt:

26.02.2020 20:23

We can't wait to feel the touch of the savvy business man! Great Post @cryptogee

26.02.2020 20:59

Agree completely.

26.02.2020 21:33

Just for consideration, the past 3 or so decades has seen a deterioration of trust between our institutions and the citizenry.

I worked with someone about 15 years ago who lost her 401k (life’s savings), as did her husband, when the company they were about to retire from was bought out and the new owners basically liquidated all employees’ funds and just kept it.

Things haven’t gotten better and I think that can contribute strongly to a situation like what we’re seeing. Everyone’s first response is protect what you’ve got... maybe we haven’t stopped to think if what we have is better than what can be? I’m optimistic. I hope this launches us to new heights.

27.02.2020 04:36

Thank you supporting my people in my community!
We still need your support to support our information technology.

27.02.2020 07:33

«-The Truth About Tron-»

Paradoxical Gossips.


¿Photoshop Abusement?

Question Everything
27.02.2020 09:09

Im personally kinda torn on the matter. Strangely enough, the acquisition topk poace around the time I joined Steemit, and all I was hoping for was that it wouldn't affect my experience.

So far I have enjoyed using Steemit immensely. It's a way for ke to expand my influence and such as a writer. and the community is really supportive.

I don't know if i could ask for more than that, and I think that's the MAJOR issue that people are dealing with:

How will this affect my experience?

Just the musings of your friendly neighborhood Internet Asshole here!

27.02.2020 11:11

27.02.2020 15:49

I don’t want some guy who has conversations with Warren Buffett anywhere near this community. If we give this guy any control he will centralize this platform. Why should I trust somebody who is verified on Twitter? The very idea of verification is the antithesis to a decentralized media platform. Not to mention others notice of just how centralized Tron seems to be.

28.02.2020 00:22

If we give this guy any control he will centralize this platform

Steemit was already centralised, as I pointed out 3.5 years ago. Ever heard of Steemit inc?

Well that stands for Steemit Incorporated, which means it is a limited liability company in the United States of America. Companies by their very nature are centralised.

It is why Ned was able to sell it in the first place.


28.02.2020 05:24

Incorporation (business)
Incorporation is the formation of a new corporation. The corporation may be a business, a nonprofit organization, sports club, or a government of a new city or town.

28.02.2020 05:24

I’m interested to get your take on things now, after Sun colluded with Chinese exchanges, who used customer funds without consent to hijack governing control, effectively centralizing the chain. I’m not surprised in hindsight, but I had hoped things would be different.

03.03.2020 03:35
05.03.2020 06:10

I don’t really agree with your assessment, but despite being on Steem since 2016, I’ve only recently become an active user so I concede I may be missing something.

However, I would like to address a few of your points.

To begin, I haven’t researched to personally view the comments the witness have been pointing to regarding the ninja-mined Steem so I’m speaking now from the assumption that the belief is Ned earmarked those funds for community development and made numerous statements, as a representative of Steemit, Inc, in writing, in response to community concerns surrounding those funds.

This is where it begins to get murky for me, just some guy who has been trying to keep up. If the blockchain serves the same function in a legal capacity as a notary public, the statements Ned made regarding the purpose of those funds are legally binding. I live in the United States and I’m no lawyer but unless something has changed here, even verbal agreements are contracts. If Ned made promises in regard to those funds on the blockchain they are binding if we’re using U.S. law because they are public statements that anyone can verify.

The fact that this is happening on a global scale, with actors residing in countries outside the U.S. makes it difficult for me to know where to look for precedent, and I believe that’s going to be an issue going forward. So claims of legality or illegality are speculative at this point because we don’t know which laws are going to be invoked, if any. So referring to it as “can only be described as an incredibly stupid move” unjustly discredits what many see as a legitimate move by a governing body to protect the community it represents. Regardless of personal opinions it seems disingenuous to start the discussion from an accusatory position.

Regarding your position on Steem never being decentralized, I don’t think there’s any debate there. One of the points of contention here is the those funds were supposed to be used, in part, to further the decentralization of the chain.

Regarding Justin Sun and his ownership of the stake... that’s the question we need answered. You’re correct it’s completely fair and legsl to sell your own property, but at this point the debate centers on the question was it his to sell?

Another point I’d like to discuss is Justin’s recent history. He praises decentralization but has proven when push comes to shove he’ll assert himself into a position of authority against consensus in order to further his agenda. He did it just a couple of weeks ago on the Tron chain (if my info is correct). Why wouldn’t he do it here? Considering the extended time he set the town hall meeting for, and how quickly he orchestrated the take over once he saw he wasn’t the central authority here on Steem, it begs to question if that wasn’t his intention from the beginning.

I think this is a complicated situation where it’s entirely possible a misunderstanding caused the chaos we’re seeing, but it’s also possible our witnesses saved our chain by acting swiftly to block what was always intended to be a takeover (hostile or otherwise) and cannibalization of the Steem blockchain. These are my thoughts on the matter and whether you agree or not I’m glad we can have this discourse. Thanks for providing a place to start.

05.03.2020 17:05