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I started a series to help people new to or curious about cryptocurrencies. Now these videos are very basic and made in a way that anyone can grasp the idea.
Here's Part 2 to the series:


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Cool initiative, great that you are are creating content on information that matters in the long run.

I can see that you mostly used Google image search results as resources. Perhaps may I suggest you use more suitable stock photos or your own illustrations to convey your message.

Also, feel free to check out @coingecko to look at all the different types of coins if you wanna get inspired to talk about more fundamental stuff!

You can take a look at their following posts about different consensus algos

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24.08.2019 05:11

Great suggestions thank you! I will definitely check that out and look into better photos and illustrations. I've already created 10 episodes so they quality will upgrade episode 11. Ty

24.08.2019 05:15

Awesome! That'll be great!

24.08.2019 07:37