1st Year In The Bounce House business

My first year in the bounce house and waterslide business so far has been successful. I decided to start this business with the intent to supplement my income as well as possibly create something that one day may become something greater than intended.

I started out with 4 units. 2 waterslide and 2 combos. The Rocket, the Rainbow Cloud, and the Mermaid, the Skyline Titan.

With this being my first year I am very happy with the way things are going its absolutely amazing. I decided to use Facebook ads as the way I wanted to get the word out and bring attention to my business.
My most popular unit is the Mermaid and the second is the Skyline Titan.

Based on my startup cost I have retrieved approximately 20%. But keep in mind this should double if not triple next year even if my costumer count doesn't increase simply because I won't need to purchase overhead items.

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