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How to look like a premium brand

Firstly KUDOS to a man himself - Douglas Kruger for his inspirational thoughts.

No matter if you are sole trader or multinational online firm, the level at which you positioning your brand had determined your direction.

How can you create high-end impression and premium design?

If you do it right, it can determine even the way you set your pricing. In order to position yourself correctly you have to stay away from using cheap options.

What do you notice, if you have a closer look at premium brands? There is one thing they have in common and that is the way of using negative space.

Simple, far from visual noise and clutter. It is elegant.

Unlike the low end brands, which tend to make the opposite mistake. Why do they tend to squeeze as much as possible in a single space?

One thing for sure - it makes it look cheap. The second downside is that it dilutes your message. Your potential customers do not know what is the information you try to pass on.

You shouting so many things at once!

Perform an experiment and take a look at the way you are using design in everyday life.

  • How do you dress?
  • Take a look on your ads
  • How about your social media memes?
  • What is the design of your website?

Does it makes you so bold, with open spaces? Does it have one, simple, visual element? Or is it a mess and competition?

How about the message? Is it clearly visible? Or it takes you many paragraphs to explain simple concept?

Stay simple, minimalist, high quality. You are paid with relation to how you show yourself and you earn accordingly to what you look like.

Make your ideas speak for themselves.

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