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What is ZEUX Zeux

is a team from London that has rich experience and various skills that allow you to create modern products and projects that people need using modern technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

They are also supported by Chinese financial institutions and a founded banker with experience and valuable knowledge, who studied at Oxford, as well as with a group of enthusiastic people, each of whom has more than 10 years of experience in the field of technology integration, marketing experience, as well as attracting users and advising various experts in the field of payments.

Zeux is committed to providing users with high-quality services and believes that their capabilities and their well-thought-out application will certainly be sought after by people and appreciated.

The team is also going to create a single solution, a single system for all the financial and payment needs of people. Another cool feature is that Zeux acts as a connection between conventional and traditional financial systems and modern, convenient cryptographic solutions. The Zeux project is predisposed to success because it provides older models along with new systems in one place. Thus, people are accustomed to old financial models and do not want to change their habits in order to fully use new technologies, so combining both models in one place will lead to success.

Partnership with IOTA

Apparently, after a couple of years in the crypto community there will not be such a person who would not know about Zeux. In March 2019, a partnership was concluded with IOTA. The reason was the inclusion of the IOTA cryptocurrency ecosystem in the mobile application, which will become the main payment tool.

Starting in May, it was possible to make payments with MIOTA in the Apple Pay and Samsung Pay applications without fear. As you know, a crypto asset is one of the safest and cannot be controlled by government agencies. This broad gesture of partnership indicates that the Zeux mobile financial transactions application has additional support from the world’s famous crypto asset.

Why should I use ZEUX?

The goal of each crypto investor is to earn huge income from digital assets. In this connection, it is necessary to obtain maximum satisfaction when using a project or solution forged on a block chain.

It is in the light of these features that you should consider adding ZEUX to the list of already used products. Below are some of the factors that triggered the start of this project.

  • The Case of Limited Use of Cryptocurrencies

It is well known that cryptographic coins, otherwise called “digital assets,” make our lives easier. Despite the distribution of these coins and amazing examples of their use, many people around the world have yet to integrate them into their payment systems. In addition, payment platforms either charge high fees for operations with cryptocurrencies, or do not offer them at all.

  • Communication with investors

Have you ever thought about the possibility of attracting an investor to conduct business with you using cryptographic coins? This may remain in the development process, as the existing structure does not support this.

ZeuxCoin (ZUC) - the main cryptocurrency Zeux

As part of the initial offer of washes by ICO, it was decided to launch the ZeuxCoin cryptocurrency (ZUC). The COBINHOOD cryptocurrency exchange has signed an agreement and guarantees for the promotion and advice on a new coin, which gives a high chance of recognition in the future. The agreement states that within the framework of the smart company, the remaining coins will be officially burned. This will protect investors from erosion.

In September 2019, the completion of investor identification according to the KYC standard is expected. In October 2019, the project will be presented in the UK as a new investment platform. In November 2019, the reception of finance and testing of the project throughout Europe begins. Until July 2020, full testing of the mobile application will be held and the service will be available to all residents of the planet.

This application is interesting from the point of view of combining all known payments into a single Internet banking and easy control over all operations from one mobile application, without fear that the funds will be stolen or accessed by a third party.

ZEUX Connection

Taking into account the above problems and many others that are present in the current structure, ZEUX decided to offer them long-term solutions using cryptocurrencies. The uniqueness of this project lies in the formulation of its solution on mobile devices. This means that when making transactions through ZEUX, you will perform operations not only with digital assets (cryptocurrencies), but also from your mobile phone.

Single platform

You may be interested to know that ZEUX brings all sides together in order to create a powerful platform that will unite everyone into a single ecosystem. The idea of ​​this unified platform is to create an opportunity for users (who are probably investors) to get acquainted with a wide range of investment opportunities. Now there is no need to turn to a centralized third party to achieve the desired result.

Artificial Intelligence as a Mobile Processor

Over the years, technology has grown, and we see its impact on many sectors of the economy. The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the only thing for operations with fiat animals. ZEUX uses its reliable services to simplify transactions on the platform.

As soon as you register on the platform and enter the relevant data, AI immediately looks for and presents you the best investment options that suit your interests. When choosing cryptographic paper, you have the opportunity to send payments / make investments from your cryptographic paper.


Mobile applications now provide unimpeded contact between users and the platform or business with which they want to contact. Zeux researched this option and developed its solutions in a portable format, thus integrating the mobile application.

The Zeux application, among many other functions, has the ability to organize smooth transactions, creating a convenient dashboard for all use cases. The following are the benefits and features of this application:

Combined Transactions One of the important points is the unification of transactions. It allows users to manage their accounts and facilitates various operations.

Effective investment. As mentioned earlier, Zeux creates an ecosystem that brings together all the key players in the investment sector. In addition to this, the app will also help users create accounts with asset management service providers. After that, the platform can offer valuable investment opportunities that meet the needs of such users.
Low costs and efficient fund management. Do you always want to make fiat investments with your digital assets? Although this project offers you this opportunity, it also does everything it can to increase even investment. In this regard, customers who scaled in the Know Your Customer process will be able to make investments using crypto funds.


Although ZEUX is not the first project that enters the mobile payments market with cryptocurrencies and will not be the last, it has special properties that distinguish it from the crowd. It is hoped that in the future this project will become the standard in the field of mobile decentralized payments using digital assets.

More information on the project ZEUX please visit their website listed below:

 WEBSITE: https://www.zeux.tech/
 WHITEPAPER: https://www.zeux.tech/assets/PDF/Zeux-Whitepaper-Russian.pdf
 ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5104737.0
 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ZeuxApp
 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ZeuxApp/
 TELEGRAM: https://t.me/ZeuxApp
 REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/Zeux/
 LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zeux/
 MEDIUM: https://medium.com/zeux


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