USDQ - A New Stable Coin

The creation of a digital currency called cryptocurrency has become a great incentive for the global financial system and the world as a whole.

This is due to the fact that it has become an efficient system and is quickly becoming commonplace, as each system tries to use cryptocurrencies when conducting transactions.

Since its inception, cryptocurrency has become a very reliable and effective means of transactions, judging by the fact that it is characterized by transaction security, fast transactions, the flexibility of exchanging and transferring funds and much more.

These functions were the advantages of cryptocurrency compared to conventional paper currency.

But from the very beginning, very profitable and profitable digital money (cryptocurrency) has always been confronted with imperfections, namely price volatility.

For such a long time, this has been a very unpleasant obstacle in the cryptocurrency exchange market, since it leads to restrictions and interferences in cryptocurrency trading.

The instability of cryptocurrency has long discouraged many users from participating or investing in cryptocurrency.
This is explained by the fact that cryptocurrency trading is unpredictable, since the price of this coin may fall at any time. I don't think anyone would like that.

This fear, expressed by the population of the world, is a common reaction, because no one would like to invest in something so unpredictable and has every reason to fall in value.

For a long time, this problem of price volatility caused damage to the cryptocurrency market and deprived the population of the planet and the whole world of the opportunity to enjoy the benefits offered by this system.

To fix this and make cryptocurrency trading more profitable and profitable.


DAO is a decentralized blockchain-based platform that integrates with Ethereum's smart contract to help users generate stable coins.

This original platform (DAO) was created to create stable fixed-coin coins.

This stable coin can be a USDQ and KRWQ coin, an ERC-20 service token tied to the US dollar.

DAO was created to solve the problem of volatility or volatility in the price of cryptocurrency.

Now this is great news, at least in the price of the coin there will be excellent stability and a full transaction guarantee.
Users have nothing to fear anymore, because with the DAO platform, anyone who has Bitcoin can generate these stable coins that can be used to make transactions such as paying for services, making purchases, and other uses.

The DAO platform and stable coins turned out to be much better than the usual cryptocurrency, as it has all the wonderful qualities of ordinary cryptocurrencies and is still able to achieve price stability, something that eluded cryptocurrencies. foreign exchange market for so long.

Thanks to its advanced system and sophisticated technology, DAO will support the generated stable coins to protect users.

Possibility to buy USDQ on the exchanges

The first element of the ecosystem is the exchange. USDQ offers in the secondary market at a price of 1 dollar for 1 USDQ, respectively, traders interact with this currency, as well as with any other. Buying USDQ in a bag is the first way to get stability.

Getting a loan in US dollars through collateral assets

The second form, which includes several important elements of the ecosystem, is obtaining a loan on a stable USDQ basis through the guarantee of asset encryption. The percentage of collateral for a issued stable coin is D%, where D is the last rate set by the Q Box, which is a self-learning neural network and approved by the holders of the control token. Thus, it reaches the loan provided and guarantees the stability of the USDQ token.

Accordingly, when new cryptographic assets enter the ecosystem, the created intelligent contract prints a new USDQ and sends it to the borrower. When a borrower wants to withdraw a guarantee and repay a loan, he goes through a refund process on the website, at the same time paying a certain interest rate for using a fixed loan loan. After returning USDQ together with a commission payment for the use of credit funds, the encryption assets are thawed and returned to the address of the borrower's portfolio, and USDQ tokens are burned.

Credit in USDQ tokens is issued for a limited period. If the loan lasts, then you need to include a commission in the Q DAO control tokens. If the loan is not repaid on time, the cryptocurrency promise is granted to an inviolable stabilization fund. In the case of an exclusion process, the stabilization fund cryptographic assets are sold first.

What is the Q box and why do you need to install this utility on your device?

When making a deposit on cryptographic assets, the client can not only get a loan in USDQ, but also install the Q Box on any device. This utility is an autonomous neural network that can predict the behavior of currency rates based on the analysis of news and currency market schedules.

This neural network learns in decision making. The speed of learning is influenced by the number of cryptographic assets that a user invests in a commitment. The more they are involved, the faster they will learn and the more frequent and high-quality forecasts will be. In addition, the user can install the Q Box on the phone, on the tablet, on the laptop, which increases the speed of his learning. The utility works only as long as the user does not fix the encryption assets.

The second function of this neural network is that it not only predicts the behavior of exchange rates, but at the same time the control tokens of the Q DAO mines play the role of a control marker in interaction with the stable currency USDQ.

Q Box also has one of the most important functions: without it, the system would not be decentralized. These neural networks, being predictors, will predict the level of cryptocurrency and offer solutions for changing the mortgage rate.

Q DAO token and voting process

With Q DAO management tokens, you can vote and make decisions that affect the entire ecosystem.

The neural networks of each user will develop at their own pace, and therefore the predictions they make will also be different. And if at any time the majority of Q-boxes, regardless of their level of competition, predicted that, for example, the rate of the cryptocurrency that is at stake would fall, and measures must be taken to stabilize a stable currency by increasing the exchange rate. promise, then this decision forecast will be shown for voting, where each holder of Q DAO control tokens will be able to vote against. If the owner of the Q DAO control tokens does not participate in voting, his vote automatically becomes for this decision. Therefore, if the majority of users voted against, nothing will happen, and the system will change. With the exception of voting,

Scanner service object

All encryption assets will be stored in the encryption asset management system, and the private keys of the purses will be stored in a separate storage.

A more important element of the ecosystem is the service scanner, which helps to achieve transparency of the entire structure. This component will be placed on one of the pages of the website, where each user can see and track all transactions in the network. Thus, a smart contract will allow, for example, to see that only 1,000,000 US dollars were issued with a certain amount of cryptographic assets. You can see specific transactions, specific wallets and transaction time. It will be possible to track how many cryptographic assets were blocked for each transaction separately and how many of them are in the system. Any movement, namely the return or, conversely, the issuance of the loan, will be displayed as quickly as possible in the site system. Each person can see that these encryption assets are subject to storage and are not consumed.

USDQ price stabilization process

How is ecosystem decentralization achieved? Through another of his element. These are Q blocks that will make decisions based on mathematical algorithms about the need to sell cryptographic assets in case the price falls below the designated brand. In the decision-making process, the interaction of Q Boxes regulates the human factor of influence in the ecosystem. The price in the contract is always taken at the level of 1 UAH. While the value of the USDQ token in the secondary market can deviate upwards or downwards of $ 1, a smart contract guarantees a value of USDQ = $ 1. Therefore, if the price of the token is USDQ in the secondary market, the operators have the opportunity to buy USDQ, using a smart contract, at a price and sell them in the secondary market at a high price. This leads to an increase in the number of USDQ in the market and, accordingly,

If the price of USDQ falls on the secondary market, everything happens the other way around, it is possible to buy USDQ on a cheaper market and sell a smart contract more expensive, which leads to burning USDQ. on the market and, accordingly, to a rise in prices for the brand by 1 dollar.

Sell ​​USDQ smart contract will be possible only if the owner of a stable currency in the pledge has cryptographic assets. Therefore, in order to get a profit based on the price difference in USDQ, it will be necessary to place cryptographic assets.

Therefore, the cost of 1 USDQ in the secondary market is always stabilized due to the actions of traders and the change in the number of USDQ in circulation.

The second form of price stabilization of the USDQ token is also associated with Q Boxes. % F mortgage cryptographic assets begin to sell when its market price falls by E% until the necessary balance is reached between the number of cryptographic assets and a stable currency (D) issued to ensure that the price is 1 USDQ = $ 1. Where E, F and D are the latest bids set by Q-boxes and approved by the holders of the Q DAO control token. In case the price of cryptographic assets in the guarantee falls to a critical point calculated mathematically.

More information on the project USDQ network please visit their website listed below:

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