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Now cryptocurrency is on everyone’s lips. I think there is not a single person who would not want to earn big money on it. And there are plenty of such methods. But with one caveat - it was enough a couple of years ago. Although now everyone is waiting for the whole cryptocurrency to grow in value, but this is unlikely to happen. What is left with us? Mining? Unlikely. Huge investments in equipment are needed here, but here every year mining is not profitable. Dead end? No! There are also exchanges where you can buy cheaper and sell more. The difference between these indicators will make a profit. But here there is one significant nuance: not everyone has the talent to foresee the situation and trade in plus. In order to avoid losses, the Tycoon project was created .

What is Tycoon

Tycoon is a decentralized platform designed to track the actions of professional traders by ordinary users. This means that any person registered on the platform, even not very familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency, can, by copying the actions of traders, make good profit.

Principle of operation

There are traders on the Tycoon platform who trade cryptocurrency on various exchanges. With their consent, a special algorithm on the Tycoon platform tracks their actions. All this is seen by users, it is registered on the platform and connected via a secure API to the trader of their choice. If his actions are successful, you can copy them and trade according to his strategy, which can bring profit to the user. Naturally, for no reason, the trailer will not share its strategy. His reward is completely dependent on his traded coins and tokens.


  • Storage

If you think that in order to start working with the Tycoon platform , you need to transfer an hour of funds to Tycoon wallets, oh you are deeply mistaken. Everything is stored in your wallet, and the trading strategy depends on you.

  • Diversification

Of course, no one is safe from losses, even the eminent trader who has reached heights. A smart user will never act in one scenario. On the platform, it is possible to work simultaneously with several traders in order to reduce the risk of losses, or rather, diversify losses.

  • Rating

I am sure that no one will want to work with an unverified person. So things are on the Tycoon platform. Here there is a rating, at the top of which are the most successful trailers that are chosen most often.

  • Confidentiality

I think hardly anyone is eager to shine their personality on the platform. If for professional traders this is somehow not bad, then for a simple person - this is simply unacceptable. That is why it is not necessary to indicate your real data on the Tycoon platform.

  • Profit

Well, where is it without profit? Everyone can make money on the Tycoon platform. If a trader makes his own money, and even some part goes to profit from the earnings of his follower, then the user takes an example from a trader and follows his path.


I am sure that many of us understand that to work with cryptocurrency on such a platform, you need more than one level of protection. And the Tycoon platform fully protects all registered members. After registering on the platform and before proceeding with trading, a person undergoes the KYC procedure without fail. Each new entry to the platform must be confirmed by one of the two-factor authentication methods. Yes, and the platform itself is replete with different methods and levels of protection against intentional penetration from outside and data manipulation.


The TYC token is the primary means of payment on the Tycoon platform. All operations on the platform are made through the payment of tokens. Therefore, it will always be in demand by users, and therefore, its importance will always be high. Note that in total 140 million tokens will be issued, and its role is comparable to BNB on the Binance exchange.


Tycoon is a very interesting project with an extraordinary approach to the situation with trading. I am also not good at technical analysis and do not have sufficient knowledge to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. Now, after the Tycoon platform works , I can also trade, and most importantly, profit from it. I am sure that there are many such as myself who join the platform and take advantage of its wonderful features.

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More information on the project Tycoon please visit their website listed below:

 WEBSITE: https://tycoon.io/
 WHITEPAPER: https://www.tycoon.io/whitepaper.pdf
 ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5165235/
 TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Tycoon_Official
 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/tycoon
 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Tycoonio-1082428378632504/


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