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The current realities of modern business are such that many companies with great potential simply fade due to the fact that they do not find a worthy partner. At the moment, we see a negative trend in finding a partner for doing business. Although now there is a sufficient number of centralized directories where various companies are present, but how do you determine that these are all strong and potentially successful partners? How to view their history of existence and activity. Unfortunately, until the last moment this could not be done. Now, with the development of blockchain technology and a conversation about decentralization, this no longer seems fiction. Now we will get acquainted with the Tokoin platform , which will help you find the one who offers the services and the one who needs them.

Tokoin is a decentralized platform that aims to bring together those who offer services in one place with those who need them. That is, if earlier, a businessman had to look for a business partner for himself, risking everything, now the platform is playing the role of “matchmaker”. On this platform, it is possible to search for a partner both in the field of business and in its scale. It is also possible to search for a partner abroad, which can lead to the expansion of the business or to access new spaces.

Now we will see what, thanks to its advanced functionality, the Tokoin platform offers us.

  • Digital ID

Thanks to such a digital ID, each of the potential partners can appreciate the reputation. The following is the conclusion about the advisability of cooperation with this person or organization.

  • Data

Information about the company, as well as its success in the past, can have a great influence on the choice of a platform participant. If earlier this information could be easily faked, then this will not work on the Tokoin platform. And all thanks to decentralization and the presence of a distributed registry. On the
Tokoin platform, all information about the participant will be publicly available, if it does not contradict the law on personal data.

  • Potential

It will not be a secret that the golden one is true, which says that it’s easier to find a way out together than one. That is why the creators of the project built a platform for those in need, who find partners here and expand their business, increasing revenues and influence on the sphere as a whole.

You can’t talk about a project without analyzing the expected benefits of participating in it. Here I would point out a few things. Firstly , it is transparency, which applies to both data and activities in general. Based on this information, the opinion of the participants about the client or future partner will be built.

Secondly- This is an easy search for the profile you need. There is no need to advertise or go through special resources in search of a partner. On Tokoin, everything is in one place. An even better way to find the client you need is to search by profile. For these purposes, the necessary parameters are sorted in the platform member’s profile and a newsletter or invitation is made. With 99% certainty, such actions will be in great demand. As you can see, the capabilities of the Tokoin platform are useful for both those who sell and those who buy.

Thirdly , the possibility of obtaining a more favorable price for services than in the foreign market. But that is not all. For actions on the Tokoin platform, everyone will receive points, which are subsequently fashionable to convert into discounts.

Why Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are Important

Although economists and banks are not aware of the reality, MSMEs are actually the main factors that make up a large part of the market and grow the economy. Exactly where bright ideas are born. In fact, when you think wisely, even big companies like Amazon and Apple were micro-scale companies in the past. Two projects that no one ever considered in those days are now the two leading projects in the sector. They started their business in small rooms and garages, and today a large part of the economy covers the bright ideas that have begun in those small garages and rooms. If small-scale companies are not adequately supported and closed, it will cause unemployment as well as economies to collapse. Toko's plans to create a trade ecosystem that will contribute to the development of small-scale companies and support enterprises with real goals.

What Problems Does the Tokoin Ecosystem Plan to Solve?

  • The biggest problem of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises is that they do not have enough capital for start-up and growth. Since companies' trading volumes are not very high, no matter how bright their ideas, today's classical banks do not want to lend.
  • Lack of technical support emerges as another consequence of a budget shortage. If small companies fail to make sufficient investment, they will not be able to obtain and read the data that will accelerate their development, and in the long run, failure will be an inevitable end as they misjudge the market. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises need guidance for them to manage their data collection and data evaluation processes.
  • Another problem of Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises is the problems they have in establishing business partnerships with people or companies with similar goals and companies in their own business areas. It is very difficult for MSMEs to establish business partnerships because their reputation and reliability are initially low.

What are the Solution Suggestions of the Tokoin Ecosystem?

Tokoin wants to increase the credibility of the projects and make it easier for them to collect funds and take out loans from banks by creating verified Digital IDs about the projects in the ecosystem on Blockchain technology to solve the problems easily . As you know, blockchain is actually a trust network, approved transactions on the network cannot be undone and deleted. Tokoin plans to take advantage of this feature of the blockchain network. Toko'sTokoin's team of experts will be authenticated (KYC) by applying official business IDs to the successful companies. Companies will be able to form partnerships with their digital identities approved by Tokoin and carry out their transactions in the marketplace that will be located in the Tokoin ecosystem.

The Tokoin ecosystem to be established will also establish a data network between participants and companies. Since the data will be saved on the blockchain network, false data will be prevented. As the participants will be encouraged by the system for the data they create, realistic data will be obtained. These data will be analyzed and play an important role in the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. At the same time, the ecosystem will contribute to small businesses by enabling businesses to communicate easily with advertising services and service providers.


The TOKO token is designed as an investment instrument and currency to be used in all transactions within the ecosystem that Tokoin plans to create. ERC-20 is based on the Ethereum network and works on the basis of smart contracts. With a total of 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion) produced TOKO Tokens, the project team aims to realize the ecosystem by collecting an investment of 25,000,000 million dollars. You should follow the website and Telegram Information Channel to get detailed information about the investment processes .

Tokoin Retail Market and Benefits for MSMEs

Tokoin, which will be a completely complicated ecosystem, will establish a Retail Market on the ecosystem in order to increase the communication between the companies and provide resources with realistic prices . This will eliminate the intermediaries of the retail market and will enable businesses and individuals to meet their needs at a lower cost by basing the market on B2B (Business to business) and B2C (Business to customer direct) . I think that the retail market that will be established by using these methods will be a very advantageous E-Commerce platform against its competitors .


Tokoin project was created in order to make life easier for those who conduct their business. The platform helps not only to find a partner, but also to fulfill the greatest desires. Fortunately, everything here will only be conducive to this. If you want to take your business to a new level, then it is better to take advantage of the proposal of the creators of the Tokoin platform.

More information on the project TOKOIN please visit their website listed below:

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