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Every person tries to live his life in such a way that there is something to remember in old age. However, some without waiting for this very old age, begin to narrate immediately. Others who have talent and imagination invent stories in such a way that it seems to the reader to be true. More talented become directors and together with producers make interesting films that we, ordinary people, not spoiled by fantasy, are watching in the cinema.

All this is a media industry, which includes two main categories: creators and consumers. However, it is now very difficult to interact between these two categories. And you know what is missing? Platforms for the media industry. But the benefit in our space appeared one project - Storichain.

Storichain is a decentralized platform where creators and consumers can interact with each other. Thanks to this decision, each of the consumers can become a content creator, and each creator will be able to earn money from his work. Simply put, the platform aims to simplify the creation of content, its publication and its benefits. In addition, it allows the creator to secure the copyright to the possession of content.

Storichain has powerful functionality that brings a number of advantages for working with content.

Optimization for authors

Primarily from the optimization of the platform Storichain benefit authors and content creators. Here they have all the methods of work. For example, authors can interact with each other, assist in creating content. But most importantly, the content created by one author, in no case can not migrate to another. That is, content theft is completely absent. It can also be help or counseling, and with reward. And another equally important opportunity is to search for third-party companies that are interested in working with this author.

Ease of use

The Storichain platform is like a notebook that is always at hand with the author. We noticed something interesting, put it in the draft. Do you want to publish and not wait for the arrival to the editor? Please, and this opportunity is present here. Even working with this platform will not be difficult even for those who have little knowledge of the PC world, and still work the old-fashioned way - with paper.


Another irreplaceable opportunity on the Storichain platform is legally binding partnership agreements with smart contracts. For these purposes, a job directory is designed, where everyone can find a job for themselves. The catalog is updated, so no one will be left without work.

Attempt at writing

On the Storichain platform, any content can be published, even from a beginner, who has decided to start narrating from himself. This also applies to talented people who for some reason cannot release their creation into the world of art.


Sometimes it happens that publishers like one thing, and readers like another. But there is no bias on the Storichain platform. And this means that any content will be released to readers, regardless of the opinion of the publisher.


What do I mean by the scale of the project? First of all, it is access to all reader’s markets in the world. It is also necessary to note the possibility of each author to do with his creation all that he wants and not be kept on the terms of his agent or publisher. Well, the last thing is the possibility of creating your own publishing house using the Storichain platform.

More information on the project STORICHAIN please visit their website listed below:

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