NESTREE Advanced, Reward-based Community Messenger

Blockchain became the main slogan of 2018. For the uninitiated, let me quickly simplify it in less complicated conditions. A block chain is a decentralized register of transactions recorded using cryptography. Records or blocks are then distributed across multiple computer systems running on nodes in a P2P environment, which makes it impossible to further customize the records.

Blockchain has been developed for use in particular in the digital cryptocurrency money sector. Since then, it has evolved to document something valuable, create self-fulfilling smart contracts, and create decentralized applications (DApps), such as chat messengers.

Why not use existing Community Messenger, such as Discord, Telegram and Facebook, because they seem so convenient and encrypted, but do not forget that these applications are still centralized and belong to one organization that can additionally do what it considers appropriate. without any profit or reward for users and their customers, which led to the creation of trust issues on these platforms. Now is the right time for decentralization, because it seems to be the way forward through the use of blockchain technology, and that is why TEAM offered us a solution to this problem throughout our lives. SECURITY, called NESTREE

Blockchain offers many advantages over traditional systems. First, the immutability. Once something is recorded, it is almost impossible to trade them due to the decentralized database of computers and blocks.

Due to the fact that the blocks are shared and are stored in a network of nodes managed by people, not a single man, not a single woman or organization, has full access to them. This reduces the risk of manipulating facts by one person or organization without understanding them by others.

It also eliminates the risk of a single failure factor. If all your facts are saved in one device and the system goes down, you will lose all data. A distributed book gets rid of this risk. Each encrypted entry is viewed absolutely for everyone, which ensures transparency and duty to the system.

NESTREE is a new and advanced community messenger based on awards, which intends to reward its user through advertising in the platform, creating content, inviting friends and many other actions performed in the platform. Users usually receive a reward for publishing content on the platform. It is known that the centralized community courier platform led to the enslavement of content creators and advertisers, but now I believe that slavery has ended with the launch of the NESTREE platform, which is ready to reward users and writers for their activities on this platform.

Users of the NESTREE platform can also earn money by sending their friends and relatives to work with the platform and messaging applications. This is another way to make money and benefit from the platform, because there was almost no visible messaging platform and Community chat, which users for bringing their friends to the platform.

Another profitable way to make money for NESTREE users is to advertise and advertise. NESTREE platform is designed in such a way that users can earn on viewing ads and ads in the community messenger application. To ensure transparency and fairness, the NESTREE platform has allocated a separate reward, which should be received from each advertisement available in the platform, all that is left to users is to simply choose what they prefer.

The NESTREE app is also designed with a built-in wallet, which means that users can easily store their earned rewards and other crypto-currencies in their wallet. Tokens such as EGG, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, MAKER and BNB can be stored in the NESTREEE wallet. A completely new generation of applications COMMUNITY MESSAGING (NESTREE) also integrates crypto-currency wallets into its platform. This allows users to send and receive cash, as well as messages, in the most efficient, free or minimal way for transactions and processing.

NESTREE platform users can also trade and exchange their tokens within themselves without resorting to external cryptocurrency exchange. All this can be done by performing simple steps in the platform.

EGG will be used by the NESTREE platform to reward its users for promotions, advertising and content creation on the platform. Details about tokens below

  • Type token => ERC20
  • Price token => $ 0.01
  • Total Offer => 3,000,000,000,000,000

More information on the project NESTREE please visit their website listed below:

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