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Problems of the modern crypto market

Bitcoin was invented more than 10 years ago, however today very few people from the total number of Internet users use it anyway. And the point here is partly in increased risk - crypto currency can be stolen, its rate can collapse sharply and so on - and partly in the high complexity and incomprehensibility of use.
Users who only use cash and bank cards all their lives do not quite understand that cryptocurrencies are a completely different system from everything. And in order to use them, ideally you need to understand how they work. And not everyone wants to understand the topic of blockchain, mess with wallets and go through complicated registration on the exchange.

The fact is that many people, ordinary people, are now afraid to use cryptocurrencies, because they consider, firstly, it is too risky, and secondly too complicated. Indeed, in order to store and pay with cryptocurrency now, you need to download one or several wallets, take care of the safety of the currency, tinker with complex keys for accessing the wallet and for transferring currency. The issue of buying crypto is an even more complex and dense topic. Various forums are simply overwhelmed with questions from the series - “Where to buy crypto currency?”, “How to buy Bitcoin for rubles?”, “How can I buy Ether in dollars or euros?” And so on. All this is because, now for the purchase of crypto you need to either register an account on the exchange, many of which either do not accept fiat at all, or have complex and confusing interfaces, designed for professional traders, not ordinary people. In addition, exchanges often require the mandatory passage of the KYC procedure.

The second purchase option is to contact the exchangers, which either take a very large commission, or are very unreliable and risky means of purchase. In addition, most exchangers have a minimum purchase bar of several hundred dollars or thousands of rubles, which makes it almost impossible to buy small amounts of cryptocurrency.

What are the advantages of HubrisOne Wallet?

  • One of the biggest problems in the crypto currency industry is security. A wallet has been created to protect your investments and secure your crypto money. Your investments are secured with a 12-word password as well as a user name and password. You'll be able to use your mobile phone just like a hardware wallet.
  • Another important advantage is the variety of crypto currencies available in the wallet. We are talking about a wallet designed to store many different types of tokens and coins at the same time. In addition, a comprehensive wallet, including your fiat money has been created.
  • The HubrisOne app allows you to trade many currencies between them in a very easy way. The transaction fee is reasonably priced.
  • Like a bank, we'll talk about a feature that proves it for the wallet. You can withdraw credits by downloading the HubrisOne app from Google Play or the App Store . You have been able to withdraw credits on crypto coins. I think it's a brilliant idea.
  • You can experience the easiest way to transfer money or crypto money by making your payments in seconds using a mobile phone number or email address. Instead of dealing with complicated wallet addresses, using only a phone number or email address is considered a very relaxing action for the user.
  • It allows you to easily check the status of your investments by creating a portfolio. At the same time, you can easily manage all your assets through the HubrisOne wallet.
  • If you wish, you can follow the news in the world of blockchain through the application or you can easily follow the crypto currency price increase decreases again.
  • In exchange for your transactions, you can obtain the HBRS currency, which is the application's currency. It is also possible to get some HBRS tokens for your invited friends.

Hubris One HBRS Token

This token is built on the Ethereum blockchain, has the ERC 20 standard and is a utilitarian, internal token of the Hubris One application. For it, rewards are paid in the referral program, a cashback for purchases, and it can be sent to other people as well as other currencies in the Hubris One wallet.

Since the HBRS token is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it can be stored in any other ERC 20 compatible crypto wallet if desired.


The Hubris One project, in my opinion, is quite promising, and I think from the results of 2 reviews I proved it to you. Their convenient multi-currency application facilitates the use and purchase of cryptocurrencies, which will undoubtedly serve as an occasion for many people to join the ranks of crypto enthusiasts!

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