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Even if you have little interest in the world of Blockchain, you should know PundiX (NPXS). You will surely know the crypto payment system they have implemented. The first mobile phone built on another project, the XPhone blockchain network, was released as a prototype and many users had the opportunity to try it out. What I'm trying to say is that the Function X team is accelerating the development of the community by creating real products instead of selling dreams like many projects in the blockchain world. They provide solutions to the real-world problems of the Blockchain world and people.

What problems does Function X want to solve?

The biggest problem of today's people is privacy, protection of personal data. As you can recall from the Facebook scandal, many big companies, even the biggest ones, are collecting and marketing our personal data without our permission. The manipulations that Facebook made in the recent US elections are the only visible part of the iceberg, which actually has more information than you can imagine. They have everything from simple information like your favorite color to maybe your private information you share with your partner on the phone. The most personal information in your life has been put on sale for the hilarious amounts of 0.1 USD per person. Xphone and Function X set out to create decentralized internet based on this problem.

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Do you think you are protecting your personal data very well? I would like to explain an example that would have happened to many of us when I told you what happened to me. When you were with your phone, you mentioned that you wanted to buy a model airplane with your friend and when you picked up the phone, you saw that the first option in the ads section was the model airplane ad, right? We all live the same. We're talking about a system that steals your information, even to serve ads. Data theft is really a big problem for all people now.

What is Function X's solution to problems?

Function X can be defined as the new generation of decentralized internet on which various applications can be created. When there are no central companies in the system, the biggest problem of our time such as theft and use of your data disappears. In today's Internet ecosystem, data goes to a center and transmitted from that center to the recipient. The same process applies to your phone calls. So your phones can be easily tapped. In this process, companies have obtained your information. In Function X, many nodes are used. Thanks to this technology, calls can be made via a single button blockchain technology on the Xphone. No one can listen to you or access your personal data.

Your data is not only played through interviews, every site you enter on the internet or every application you use on your phone is based on obtaining your data. With its decentralized ecosystem, Function X will become the core network of the ecosystem that will lead the design of decentralized applications for phones. You will only share the information you want to share with people, the information you don't want to share is protected by f (x) and will still be yours. Function X will become the basic operating system of the Xphone and will allow it to design applications that are similar in features to today's centralized but much more advanced applications.

The value of the current Work X ecosystem

  • The infrastructure service provider may provide a service, such as Blockchain, FXTP, DDocker, and IPFS for f (x) coin.
  • Developer can build programs on f (x) OS for f (x) coins and at exactly the same time they will need to spend money on infrastructure support.
  • Customer is supported and pays for coin f (x) support
  • Developer Support and Infrastructure Provider will receive f (x) Coin in return by providing their support and they will be able to liquidate it through the Financial Support Provider for some profit.

These four participants will jointly create a positive flow of value. More service providers will improve the level of support and attract more customers. More customers will provide more value to the ecosystem by attracting more support providers and generating coin liquidity. Significant liquidity of the f (x) coin will bring more financial support providers to improve stability and quality of liquidity. This may delay service providers. Possible situations include:

For Service Providers: Get compensation from developers, businesses, and customers for supplying storage nodes, DDocker, and accelerating community outreach. Some sections will be described in the use of service providers.

  • For clients: cover service fees for using DApps, nodes, networking tools, storage solutions, and other vendors within the f (x) ecosystem.
  • For programmers: Reach ecosystem resources and services, including smart contract creation, document storage (compensated by IPFS), code placement (compensated by DDocker), advertising (paid for by other programmers), and more. Receive compensation for businesses or associations that require programmer service.
  • For business or business: cover support, developer and advertising costs. Services provided to customers will be billed and expressed in coin f (x).
  • For manufacturers of hardware and phones: pay for Function X Running System personalization. Please note that we aim to simply build tens of thousands of these flagships of XPhone phones and leave the rest to third parties to build more using our working system.
  • Financial institutions: Get paid for the fiscal services left to your ecosystem.

Therefore, f (x) coin can be used as "money" for lower solutions,

  • In-app purchases
  • Blockchain calls
  • Reasonable contract inventions
  • Transaction fees
  • Advertisement
  • Hosting fee

General evaluation

The flow of decentralization among people is spreading rapidly, and people realize that the Internet is no longer innocent. When they wanted to share a nice meal picture with their friends, they realized that they had actually lost their personal information to the companies with their hands. The need for innovation will accelerate the development of the ecosystem f (x). The awareness of the team and the fact that they are home to physical innovations that are functional, which in turn correspond to real life, show us how bright the future of the f (x) ecosystem can be. I compare the Function X ecosystem to the Big Bang explosion for a new generation of internet. Where it all started!

How do I Invest in Function X?

Function X / f (x) is already listed on many stock markets. Bittrex - Kucoin - Bithumb Global, today's major stock exchanges. If you do not want to buy on the stock exchanges, you can consider stake, which is another option. As a sign of their confidence in team projects, it allows you to stake your Pundix (NPXS) using Xwallet. Developed by Pundix Labs, the Xwallet wallet also allows you to safely store many of your investment values ​​on your mobile phones. You can find information about the Stake process by clicking this link.

More information on the project Function X please visit their website listed below:

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