Function X-Distributed platform: Control digital data

What is Function X?

Function X is a very new condition that this ecosystem provides a fully decentralized system access structure. By creating an ecosystem, this decentralized organizational structure creates the profitability of Internet services and the current blockchain plan. Combining the benefits of these two advances will give you a concrete response to the most prominent and important issues of currently open Internet services.

Basic blockchain development by receiving deliberate steps to items or gear codes that can completely decentralize all current applications, destinations, organizations without belonging or social action issues Use it as a good reason to make it stronger This will strengthen the forward route of the Internet in the next era.

Pundi X is an improved initiator and artist of the United Web Orchestra that is currently under development, but after a while the organic system they created moves towards a fully decentralized web structure. The web structure includes a variety of blends, such as a new blockchain calculation and a distributed communication plan similar to another distributed show system, enabling exceptional new conditions.

First blockchain phone

In addition to creating a decentralized web layout, by incorporating the Function X natural system into this smartphone, you will create the first blockchain mobile phone in the decentralized world and will be fully developed using blockchain advances. This phone allows the license so that the current United system no longer depends on it to reach the provider. Besides this, the phone can quickly switch between blockchain and traditional mode, just tell 5,000 XPhones before the transaction. They recognize that insurance is huge for us and using Xphone the information is fully encoded and gradually safer.

What is F (x) coin?

F (x) coins are nearby coins that are essential “cash” that uses the unique trading methods of the natural system to invigorate it. This coin uses a direct and secure blockchain advancement. Customers can use these coins for various distributed organizations in their state. For example, professionals who need to create DApps with various organizations' natural systems and liquidity providers.

Advantages of XPhone

First, keep in mind that XPhone is the only blockchain phone with special innovative features that allow the phone core to be integrated with a decentralized blockchain network. Also, the protocol described in XPhone is a completely new blockchain structure specially developed for use with this phone. In addition to ensuring maximum anonymity, you can perform all types of calls and data transfers (photos, videos, messages) without using a central provider of cellular services. For many, I am convinced that it is a shock and a very unusual phenomenon. But that is true! Everything works that way! After all, a special protocol submitted by Pitt was developed for these purposes. All you need to do is set your own pit address during registration. This will look like https: // protocol in the future. Therefore, you only need to specify it before the pit to perform the action. For example, “mail.pitt”, “call.pitt”, “message.pitt”, etc.


Function X is the next generation internet service framework. Create a new ecosystem of service frameworks by improving the efficiency of the existing Internet by incorporating the existing Internet into the blockchain architecture. The platform builds an infrastructure that solves the challenges faced by previous Internet frameworks and enjoys a new Internet ecosystem with distributed capabilities. The internet, data, information and devices are all decentralized.

More information on the project Function X please visit their website listed below:

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