Elrond Network - A Scalable value transfer protocol for the digital economy

The technological advances we have experienced have risen on the shoulders of giants. Companies with huge investments in technology, entrepreneurs who are founders of R & D labs, volunteers working towards scientific development are among these giants. The same giants will be built tomorrow.

Elrond has rebuilt everything from scratch to deliver 1,000x improvements in production, application speed and transaction costs in the blockchain network. It is possible to consider this construction process as a transition from dial-up networking to broadband Internet. Although we are not there today, we understand little of the implications of this transition. But we will see the consequences of this event in the future. Elrond leads this time.

The problem that Elrond is trying to solve is just that: increase efficiency as more weddings join the network. So that secure connections with higher speeds. To achieve this, a Meta VM has been developed to support endurance, IELE, and MASW who can validate smart contracts officially. Elrond VM can easily provide solutions to scalability issues. The live broadcast yielded only five tracks (plus methacain) on AWS from six different geographic locations and 10,000 tfs in just six seconds at 126 knots. This is a performance that can be freer in the real world.

Everything we have today is the product of rethinking the robust block architecture in the network. More than 10,000 operations per second were produced in the live test network "One Zero". And that is the result that was taken at the beginning of the operation of the test network. The Elrond network, which is still in the testing phase, performs a series of stress tests and penetration tasks to detect, correct and further improve network stability.

In the near future, Elrond supporters will be available and feedback will be received. He plans to launch a structured community contest similar to the stakes game that recently took place at Cosmos. This competition will introduce the community to elrond's technology and make stress testing a continuous game anyone can play.

The testnet network, which has made great strides, is moving quickly towards the main network over the next three months. At least three testnet versions are likely until it reaches the mainlasmana. Work is underway to make some technological steps, make updates, and build scalable applications to get you started.

Elrond values ​​the magic of his community to thrive. The acquisition of new partners will help to develop the ecosystem. That's why Nash likes new partners with NETOPIA and DSLR, which were later developed.

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