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Hello, esteemed readers, it has always been exciting for me to present you news from the world of blockchain and introduce innovations. Hundreds of new projects emerge every day in the world of Blockchain. I follow the projects for you and share real-life projects with serious potential. If you spend only a few minutes each day reading my articles to learn about new projects, you can learn all the facts very soon.

Today we want to introduce our project; ELLCRYS . As always, I want to start by watching the promotional video of the project. A very useful sharing as a preliminary introduction.

Basically ELLCRYSIf we need to summarize the project, we can simulate decentralized hosting. With this decentralization, you can create your own communities, your own practices. You can also share the authority to manage with your community to achieve a more interactive and democratic community. Allows you to easily manage your business or community without security issues. Today, most businesses operate according to the old traditional principles. Producing a product or service, advertising it and selling it as expensive as possible or at a better price for the user, is basically the only issue they are interested in. Only a very small number of them analyze the market for new, innovative and innovative technologies. If you want to test the existing networks already in the test phase you can register by clicking this link and start testing. ELLCRYS rewards those who assist in this testing process.

Almost every second entrepreneur after starting a business cannot run a stable business for the first two years and is generally afraid of taking risks because most contracts with most partners are often just verbal contracts. They don't save time on documents and sometimes when you can stumble into crooks or simply immoral artists. Very few people are interested in the development of another person's business, but will always be happy to make a profit. Therefore, it is natural that many of the promising and useful ideas for humanity cannot be realized, or that the team does not get enough financial support or good experts, and is always ready to experiment for the project to grow. This problem is currently very urgent and requires immediate solutions for the entire market.

In addition, some large companies and companies that provide free or minimum wage services to their users collect their personal data in terms of their preferences for clothing, travel, services and sales to third parties, earning billions of dollars. I started knowing that I was discussing these urgent issues, because I found a great solution for them in the form of a project called ELLCRYS Network, and I'll tell you about the advantages.

ELLCRYS is an open and accessible protocol based on block chain technology that allows users and organizations to create decentralized applications, software products and services to enable them to have common ownership, benefit, express ideas, and charge fees, regardless of their regional location. Such an ecosystem will help bring together people without common ideas, various centralized intermediaries and warehouses for the implementation of new promising and useful applications, will perform all transactions with intelligent contracts and thus provide a more harmonious development with a synergistic system.

Smart contracts solve the trust between participants, reduce the risk of loss of funds, time, products, and establish a secure interaction within the network for everyone. All data is kept completely confidential and the operation of each business becomes transparent and clear. The team has developed many products, such as secure investment, designed to create business accounts, send and receive transactions for the mining process; Testnet - A test network running the alpha version of the Elld client; Ellscan - allows you to see all transactions. The platform's main means of payment is its own markers Ell, and its initial initial placement has already begun today.

ELLCRYS puts an important target in the possibility of creating various projects that focus primarily on the user and solve their problems without various obstacles such as corruption, monopoly, language restrictions, censorship, lack of access to financial services. And everyone will be able to realize their talents for the benefit of such businesses. ELLCRYS has chosen a hybrid form of validation of transactions in the form of PoW and PoS, which will help develop the platform more effectively and increase the scalability and processing speed of the processes. As a result, I would like to say that this Protocol can revolutionize the construction of almost ideal enterprises where they can contribute to the development of everyone and receive dividends from them.

More information on the project ELLCRYS please visit their website listed below:

 WEBSITE: https://www.ellcrys.org/
 WHITEPAPER: https://github.com/ellcrys/papers/raw/master/latex/white_paper.pdf
 ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2603585.0
 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/EllcrysHQ
 FACEBOOK: https://fb.me/EllcrysHQ
 TELEGRAM: https://t.me/ellcryshq


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