EDC Comparison of LPoS with classic mining

Cryptoindustry, all the great opportunities and potentials that it can give, security is all good. But many young enthusiasts think how you can make money on it without investing a lot of your financial resources in it. Still under the impression of mining some coins, which have risen in price by 10,000% and brought huge profits to their small miners.
But this time has passed and now we need to pay attention to those coins (companies) that really work, develop their project, and offer good and thoughtful opportunities and tools. But more about that below.
Mining is one of the types of profit in a crypto economy. Mining is essentially the provision of its power (or coins) in order for the transaction (transaction) to be processed and completed. Thereby ensuring the decentralization of the system itself, the speed of processing, its security and the receipt of profits by the participants in the chain.

There are several main types of mining
EDC Blockchain

POW (Proof Of Work)

(PoW) This type of mining requires significant computational power - it requires the calculation of complex mathematical problems.

Features of this type of mining:

  • Buying expensive equipment to start mining. On a small scale, this mining is not profitable.
  • Constant increase in the complexity of processed transactions.
  • High costs of electricity.
  • Having a separate room with good ventilation or cooling system.
  • As you can see, this type of mining is not so relevant today.

POS(Proof Of Stake)

(PoS) . To begin with, this mining is not required to be a technically literate specialist. Consensus works in a completely different way. Verification of transactions involved cryptocurrency holders.

Features of this type of mining:

  • No purchase of expensive equipment is required.
  • Large coin holders receive large profits and significant ecosystem effects.
  • High investment in the purchase of coins to start mining.
  • Often the lack of an intuitive and simple single interface for easy start mining PoS.

And now you can talk about the newest and most promising form of mining, which other miners do not advertise so far, because because of it, buying and maintaining various mining servers and farms will be an unjustified step.

LPoS(Leased Proof Of Stake)

LPoS (translated into Russian "leased confirmation of the share"), as the name implies, the user provides something to rent. This is a more modern version of PoS. The process of consensus occurs at the expense of confirming transactions during full-time work - masternotes. These masternody contain coins of network users and the same balance is provided for rent.

LPoS benefits:

  • No purchase of expensive equipment is required.
  • It does not require a large amount of electricity.
  • It does not require a large number of coins to start mining.
  • Single simple interface to get started.
  • Income miner is part of the transaction fee.

The EDC Blockchain platform successfully uses this type of mining for the operation of its eco-system. A single wallet interface unites in itself everything that is necessary for the most advanced user of the crypto industry. You can verify here.

As I noted, quite a bit is required to start mining.

After registering, you will see a window, follow the links on the left and you will find a way to make a profit with EDC.

To start mining, it is advisable to purchase more than 3,000 coins, which is approximately = $ 12 (to have a higher priority when working with masternods)

Although to start mining it is enough to buy them for $ 3.5!
And everything went the process))) The user starts to receive their reward completely without any effort.
EDC Blockchain is a completely new communication format between users and the eco-system. Through the wallet interface, the user can fully manage his coins, the work of the eco - system, read news or send funds to his friend. And all this is available in a couple of clicks.

More information on the project EDC Blockchain please visit their website listed below:
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