DocTailor essence of the project

The name of the project I want to tell you about is DocTailor. And the word Doc in its name is not accidental, because this project is focused specifically on working with documents.

The essence of the DocTailor project

The essence of this project - DocTailor - is to provide a platform on which users can very easily and conveniently create various escrow agreements, contracts and transactions that will then be recorded on the blockchain, and their exact execution will be guaranteed by Ethereum, TRON smart contracts , NEM, Bitcoin, EOS or Stellar - your choice.
Anyone can use the DocTailor platform without any restrictions - companies, lawyers, lawyers, representatives of trade, notaries, and just ordinary people who need to assure some kind of deal without spending money on a lawyer.

The DocTailor platform allows you to create delivery and payment contracts, as well as many others, to indicate in them all the necessary data and parameters, such as dates, amounts and other conditions. Choose for editing and drafting contracts from the following formats: Word, XML, HTML, PDF and several other common formats for editing documents. At the same time, everything is carried out very simply through the DocTailor platform. To work with it, you do not need to be a programmer or an expert in the field of blockchain.

The DocTailor interface is specially designed to be understandable for any person and gain great popularity and scope, even among people who are far from the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
At the same time, you can pay for DocTailor services with a variety of funds, but it is most advantageous to do this, of course, in your own utilitarian token of the DocTailor platform - DOCT, which you can already purchase during the ongoing IEO (about it below).

What problems does DocTailor solve?

The DocTailor platform, as they say, kills two birds with one stone. Firstly, making the creation of contracts and agreements easier and cheaper - to work with DocTailor you will not need to resort to the services of lawyers and notaries, visit offices and so on. And secondly, the DocTailor platform popularizes cryptocurrencies. After all, we know that now the main scope of cryptocurrencies is exchange trading to earn. And now there are few places where it would be used as payment, and DocTailor just solves this problem, opening the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to many people, including lawyers and business representatives.

DOCT Token and its IEO

DocTailor platforms are still under development. The main functions have already been launched, and it can be used, but for the implementation of additional functions and expansion into other regions and marketing, the DocTailor team needs funding.

At the moment (from July 20 to September 20, 2019), DocTailor is conducting an IEO on the Zloadr trading platform. In total, 500,000,000,000 DOCT tokens will be put up for sale at a price of just under one dollar ($ 0.97). The hard cap that developers plan to collect during this IEO is $ 10,000,000.

It is worth adding that this is not the first stage of the sale of DOCT tokens - about a year ago the company already conducted ICOs and now DOCT tokens are already traded on the Fork Delta and Ether Delta exchanges (though at a price higher than $ 1, so if you want to buy this token for the future - it’s more profitable to do it on IEO).

More information on the project DOCTAILOR please visit their website listed below:

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