AIGO Pay - An Ecosystem Developing Payment Methods

Today I would like to tell you about the AIGO project that excites me very much. To put it briefly, AIGO is an ecosystem that makes it easy to pay with crypto money. The ecosystem has specially chosen the business world as its target. An ecosystem has been designed on the Blockchain network to make payments easier and increase flexibility. They plan to start on the Ethereum network and then develop different networks. They are preparing a new payment method for the business world. The AIGO system enables companies to build additional services using the smart contract system and at the same time, contribute to the advancement of the AIGO ecosystem.

Problems of the modern crypto market

Cryptocurrencies appeared more than ten years ago. But since then, their most frequent use has been trading on exchanges and using capital as a means of preserving, accumulating and exaggerating.

Along with traditional fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are now very difficult to use. Because fiat currencies are accepted for payment at absolutely all retail outlets, while cryptocurrencies, even the most popular, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are not accepted practically anywhere, not to mention other, less well-known, but still good and popular currencies.

What are the advantages and positive characteristics of the ecosystem?

  • A- Structure of the developed chain

Thanks to AIGO, companies can easily manage their wallet-to-wallet payments among themselves with smart contracts written without the need for centralized approval. They can customize and customize their payment methods to meet their requirements. This feature will provide them with new payment alternatives and make it easier to grow their business.

  • B- Wallet features

The wallet model to be used will make transfer transactions extremely easy and will allow you to keep your investments safely. Users will be able to use their balances and transaction histories at any time to make the necessary calculations.

  • C-Store Features

One of the most important parts of the ecosystem, the marketplace is designed to be decentralized with the crypto language. It makes it possible to get rid of the factors that prolong and complicate the process for trading transactions. The two users or the company will be able to carry out transactions among themselves completely independent of the headquarters. Unique contracts designed to carry out transactions will ensure a safe transfer.

  • D- A-CARD features

Thanks to the payment card they call A-CARD, you can easily withdraw fiat money through ATMs or pay the bill for your business or home. A card that is free from vulnerabilities in regular bank cards because it will be offered as a blockchain-based card. I think it's a great idea.

AIGO Pay Solution

But the AIGO Pay blockchain startup is just about to solve this problem. And to solve it globally, so that the crypt can be paid immediately in all stores.

For this, the AIGO Pay project is developing its own cryptocurrency wallet, to which a plastic card will be attached.

This card will have an electronic filling - magnetic tapes, chips, and so on - as with traditional bank cards. She will also have the relevant details by which any online store can recognize her and write off funds from her.

This approach will make the use of cryptocurrencies truly large-scale, and they can be used along with bank cards.

Of course, AIGO Pay is not the first to come up with the idea to combine cryptocurrencies and plastic cards. But usually such projects were created by banks, and it was possible to use them only having an account with a particular bank, and this approach also had some other technical limitations, such as large commissions and low speed of work.

But the AIGO Pay project, unlike other similar projects of competitors, uses a unique system based on artificial intelligence, which will help facilitate the connection between fiat and cryptocurrency, while maintaining a very high speed and minimal fees, or even no ones. This is the distinctive feature of the AIGO Pay project from competitors.

AIGO token features

Aigo, currently an ERC-20 token designed on the Ethereum network, can switch to a different network or operate entirely on its own network to avoid future scalability issues. Let's take a closer look at how this technology works. The project has its own payment currency, which is the Aigo-pay token in which all internal transactions and transactions will take place in the ecosystem. All payments will be based on artificial intelligence. Developers see the potential and great potential of this development. The introduction of this technology will enable people to increase their capabilities, both in terms of payment quality and by generating revenue.

How to Invest?

AIGO has already successfully completed the soft cap value. They want to speed up the process by collecting the amount that will strengthen their infrastructure thanks to the IEO to be held at Vindax Stock Exchange. After making the necessary investigations, you can join the IEO which is held until July 20 to invest. Two hundred million tokens were presented to investors in this process. To protect early investors, the price in the IEO process is set at 0.002 USD. And the IEO investment process, which currently stands at $ 400,000, seems to have been closed down in a very short time.

Don't worry that you missed the IEO process. Because, during the main sales phase planned to be made between July 23rd and August 31st, 800.000.000 token will be opened for investment and the price will be 0.004 USD. There are many more ways AIGO can go in front of you, so you're not late. You don't have to worry.

Token and AIGO Pay project development

The beginning of the creation of this project was laid in November 2018. At the moment, the project has completed the research phase and, according to the roadmap presented on the official website, is at the stage of testing its own blockchain system and wallets for iOS, Android platforms and the extension for the Google Chrome browser.

Also, the AIGO Pay project is currently running its IEO, during which the creators plan to attract financing by selling their own AIGO token on the international currency exchange for 1 AIGO = $ 0.0004. This token will be used in the future as an internal fuel of the AIGO Pay ecosystem. The AIGO token was originally released on the Ethereum blockchain and had the ERC 20 standard. However, the developers say that in the future, they also intend to attract other blockchain systems to improve the quality of their system and AI.

More information on the project AIGO please visit their website listed below:

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