CryptoBrewMaster CBM token crowdsale: short report 27.11

Cheer Beer Lovers!

Our soft cap is almost 50% done!
and we would like to say

a lot!

~ 7357 CBM were delivered to your accounts so far!

We continue our CBM Crowdsale


Yes, the idea is to configure the Scotbot and make our CBM in-game token to be "mineable", "stackable" and so on!

CBM ( - CryptoBrewMaster Token was created for in-game issues and it will be mined by selling the beer you produced in-game to the location you operate in. It could be spent on in-game updates, items, bonuses, etc.
The deal

We don't look for an investor, we like to sell CBM from @cryptobrewmaster to the community and then use this FUNDS to upgrade the token

Softcap is Make CBM Stackable cost 1000 ENG
Hardcap is Tribe Website Creation cost 3000 ENG



PS: We have been launched our Fundition campaign recently, so you can support our project there if you would like to)!/@rollie1212/hpszkywsj

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Как-то я проспал краундфайнинг. Как принять участие?

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got it! ty!

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Gooooo for it and here a !BEER from me.

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View or trade BEER.

Hey @cryptobrewmaster, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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