20.12.19 | Some news and the Crowdsale

Beer Meetup @ Aachen!

We will be there on 7/02/20


Another Meetup in Aachen - Wieder ein Meetup in Aachen

We will do it again. A mix of speeches, great food, some beer and a lot of networking. This time with a official Beer Tasting with an international beer Sommilier...

Natürlich geht auch das Meetup in Aachen auch in der Bärenzeit in 2020 weiter. Der Mix aus ein paar Vorträgen, leckerem Essen, ein paar Bierchens und viel Networking am Freitag ruft zur Teilnahme. Diesmal haben wir sogar ein Bier Tasting mit einem Bier Sommelier am Start

So save the date!




We currently work on the mechanics in terms of which the members of #cbm community can invest STEEM in an actual beer brew and receive monthly profit!

Stay tuned for that!


The CBM crowdsale

We continue our crowdsale, our aim is to make CBM token distributed as the rewards by tag before the 2020 so we need your help!

We would like to say THANKS to all the crowdsale donors who supported us so far!


~ 17542 CBM were delivered to your accounts!



The deal

We don't look for an investor, we like to sell CBM from @cryptobrewmaster to the community and then use this FUNDS to upgrade the token


Softcap is Make CBM Stackable cost 1000 ENG
Hardcap is Tribe Website Creation cost 3000 ENG

And here's the offer:

Send Steem to @Cryptobrewmaster with a Crowdsale Memo
Get for each 1 Steem you send
20 CBM back to your account
Support us in amount 10+ Steem and receive special Early Supporter role at our Discord Server

Crowdsale Exchange Details


Bookkeeping Updates

To be sure that everything is transparent we will provide bookkeeping details on a daily basis!


Big thanks to

@jozef230 for making a vlog about @cryptobrewmaster, thanks for introducing us to the #pl community <3

In case u haven't seen his video here u go!



check out our #promo in case u haven't seen it)


Big thanks 2 our crowdsale supporters:



Also, we would like to say thanks for all the supporters, who helped us out in our bounties and dPolls earlier, that means a lot to us!

@alinalazareva, @eii, @orjantomarcelo, @fredkese, @chireerocks, @shenan, @bxlphabet, @blueeyes8960, @jorgebgt, @ritxi, @monsterstamer, @serge023, @rosauradels, @brasan


Updating list of our social media resources
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/cryptobrewmaster
Twitter - https://twitter.com/CryptoBrewM
Telegram - https://t.me/cryptobeerinfo
Discord - https://discord.gg/yeAeS5M

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Why did an all-powerful God murder the Haitian people during the earthquake? Comment what you understand of our topic.
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would u stop spamming?

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Give that man a !BEER

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) TY!
one !BEER 4u as well!

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View or trade BEER.

Hey @preparedwombat, here is a little bit of BEER from @cryptobrewmaster for you. Enjoy it!

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View or trade BEER.

Hey @cryptobrewmaster, here is a little bit of BEER from @preparedwombat for you. Enjoy it!

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@cryptobrewmaster, Thank you so much for your kind mention and hope that this Meetup will turnup very productive one. Stay blessed.

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