Vectorium - Blockchain to improve our existence

Vectorium -

Blockchain technology can be implemented to influence the ecosystem, one of the projects using this technology to improve our existence is the Vectorium project.

Vectorium is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that uses alternative energy to produce sustainable energy sources and allows its users to get their own platform marker in the process.

The Problem Vectorium Solves
The environmental situation on the planet is gaining more and more disastrous momentum. Tons of garbage are produced daily by people from all over the planet, and only a small percentage of this waste is recycled and does not harm the environment.
The problem is also with non-renewable resources, which are spent in large quantities on electricity production, although there are more β€œclean” methods for this.
It is these two problems - electrical and trash, that the creators of the Vectorium blockchain project plan to solve.

Micro mesh.
When there is a combination of both consumers and manufacturers who are interested in working together, this is when an informal group of prosumers is created. This is called a microgrid.
Vectorium flash, the cryptocurrency of the project will and will always be created in a process called mining, with a fixed number of coins generated every day. Vector consortia are places where a team can produce renewable energy and cryptocurrency. In addition to improving sales and electricity production, you can benefit from their energy, while mining Vectorium flash memory using video cards and new FPGA devices. The beauty of all this is that even people with small solar plants can join the Vectorium consortium.

Vector islands.
Vectium Islands are places where the team will be able to produce both renewable energy and cryptocurrencies. Energy will be generated using a combination of wind, solar and waste through an efficient ecosystem that is regulated by AI and blockchain-based technologies. All this follows the process of processing coins.

Vectorium VECT and VCTP Tokens
In order to tie together all the network participants and make the project cost-effective and self-sustaining, the Vectorium team launches 2 of its own tokens - VECT and VCTP.
These tokens are issued and work on their own blockchain, because the creators of the project, who care so much about the ecology of electricity, cannot afford to issue tokens on Ethereum, which is the most popular for minting tokens, but which consumes hundreds of kilowatts of electric energy, which are essentially useless calculations for mining.
The VECT token - Vectorium Flash - is a utility token that will be used inside the Vectorium system to maintain its functionality.
And the Vectorium Plus token - VCTP - is an economic token. It is he who is released during the IEO Vectorium and holding this token in the future will bring profit in the form of dividends to its holders.

You may ask yourself why invest in Vectorium? Well, here's why:

Bonus up to twenty percent per year
πŸ”— the project is environmentally friendly and, frankly, who does not want this?
There is value associated with Vectorium Consort

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