FortKnoxster - Review - communication platform for ultimate protection

FortKnoxster - communication platform for ultimate protection -

We all know that internet is a dangerous place but usually don't think about that until something bad happens to us while we are online, and then is probably too late. We can hear everyday news about cyber attacks, spying from domestic and foreign governments or black hat hackers trying to steal our private data and money. All internet users really need someone strong to stop this and protect virtual data and communication among everyday people. The project I am presenting you today has all needed technology to provide us with the real online guardian for our data and privacy. I personally Love its name so much - FortKnoxster and I feel much safer just by pronouncing it.

What is FortKnoxster?
FortKnoxster team is for last 3 years developing all in one communication platform for ultimate protection of all your data and online communication. With a help of encryption and blockchain technology, FortKnoxster will become your guardian and protector from all possible evil threats waiting for you on the web. It is almost impossible to imagine FortKnoxster platform being compromised by any kind of hacker attack or spying attempt. With double security shield, this communication platform will provide its users with decentralized blockchain based storage for all data and cutting-edge encryption techniques as the second layer of protection.

And when they say on their website that they are "all in one" online communication platform then they really mean that. FortKnoxster is offering all possible tools for internet communication on one online or mobile platform. The most popular FortKnoxster tools are:

Encrypted inbox


Decentralized file storage

Calling & Videoconference

Voice messages

Screen sharing

One more great thing about this ICO is that team is developing Fortknoxster platform for last 3 years and have already established proof of concept. You can even try platform demo version in here:

After trying all parts of their demo platform one more time I must say - "I love it!" It is really user-friendly, plus so easy to understand. Can't wait for the full product to be launched so I can move all of mine online communication on FortKnoxster and be safe.

The FortKnoxster token will be used for the purchase of platform premium services and future rewards for its users. While the basic model of the platform will be free, together with limited encrypted storage, users will have to buy a token to access larger encrypted storage and multiple new future platform tools.

Name - FortKnoxster Token (FKX) Ethereum based ERC 20

Pre-Sale - Starts 5 February 2018 (20% Bonus)

Sale - From 19 February 2018

Price - 1 USD = 5.25 FKX (Will be sold for ETH)

Number of Tokens - 135 Million Tokens (80.325 Million will be sold)

Max Cap - $ 15 Million


There is one basic rule for investors in general, and I would say especially for nowadays ICO investors:

"Invest in people, not ideas!"

So let's see is there a team behind FortKnoxster project who can develop and deliver everything from their whitepaper. Check team info here:

As you can see a team of 6 persons is developing FortKnoxster for last 3 years. They are presenting themselves as "skilled Danish crypto engineers and privacy evangelists" and from their LinkedIn profiles, we can conclude that they are highly experienced in all branches of business needed to handle a project like this one. With long careers in telecommunications, cybersecurity, blockchain, computer science and development they are leaving an impression of well-skilled crew capable of creating something big like FortKnoxster. They are also backed up by an advisory board full of blockchain experts, entrepreneurs and investors giving all potential ICO investors one more proof that FortKnoxster has great chance to become a successful and profitable project.

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