Heart Farms 🧑‍🌾 Virtual Land Auction on Telos - Feature Upgrades!

I am pleased to announce... I patched new features into the Heart Farms Virtual Land Auction system!


The easiest explanation is that you come see for yourself the new system: Heart Farms Try out the interface buttons to better experience a virtual land auction on the Telos Network Blockchain.

💲 Price Mode

image.png -:- Toggles on/off price mode. Each hexagon now displays the current Min. Bid price, or displays "OPEN" if no one has yet bid on the plot! The color of each hex represents the bidding price, showing heat-spots of activity on the map where bids are the highest.

Example of Min. Bid being displayed:


🧍 User Display Mode

image.png -:- Toggles on/off user display mode. Each hexagon now displays the user who presently owns the plot OR presently is highest bidder on the plot. White names own the plots. Yellow names are the highest bidders of plots.

While someone is the highest bidder, the Owner of the plot is not able to do certain things with their land, such as give it to someone else, or use their ability to create a .jc account. In other words, the owner loses most of their privileges with their land once they put it up for auction. Once the auction is finalized, they also lose their ownership status.

Due to ownership not mattering much while a plot is under auction, it is better to display the current highest bidder in yellow. They are the user account who will potentially become the owner! It is an easy way to see what plots you have under bid contract.

Example of User Display Mode:


🛣️ Road Display Toggle

image.png -:- Toggles on/off visibility of where roads are located on the map. See where the roads of the heart lands take you!

Example of Road:


🔭 Statistic Display Toggle

image.png -:- Toggles on/off visibility map statistics for each plot of land. See where all the good spots to bid are!

Example of Statistics:


Try out combinations of buttons to see additional usability !

Try out the Virtual Land Auction by Heart Farms here:


Heart Farms is operated by Heart Church, a Steemit community of Blockchain Christians!

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Following this awesome project! My eyes are keen on this!

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13.04.2021 21:54

These improvements are great

13.04.2021 23:27

Well improved 👍👍

14.04.2021 06:47

Thanks for this update it is going to make things so much simper

14.04.2021 07:38

This new improvement is really nice.

14.04.2021 11:29

God bless your talent!

14.04.2021 20:54

God bless you for the good work:))

15.04.2021 07:11