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Quit wasting your money paying for services and applications for #cryptocurrency #portfolio #trackers. Take a look at #blockfolio. One of the reasons millions of users and myself have chosen #blockfolio is its complete list of features and 100%free.

My overview of #blockfolio and why #blockfolio Is my favorite #cryptocurrency #portfolio #tracker. I used other #portfolio tracker in the past. I’ve been using #blockfolio since 2015 I never look back to my old #portfolio #trackers again.


Privacy and Security.

This is a big concern for me as the main reason I got into #cryptos in the first place is to stop having my whole life tracked by massive corporations who then sell data about me to other corporations. It's an especially big concern though because #blockfolio is incredibly practical and offers a fantastic overview of your current #crypto assets.

Your privacy and security is our top priority privacy is of the utmost importance to us at #blockfolio and we want to be absolutely clear about how this new feature works on our app. We never ask for personally identifiable information to use the #blockfolio app. You can remain anonymous. Once you generate your read-only API keys from your #exchange account and input them into the app, they will only be used to update your #portfolio transactions and holdings. They will never be stored on our servers. Trade data can never be accessed by #blockfolio or anyone else, without your personal consent. For more details on our privacy policy, please see: It’s In Our DNA: Blockfolio’s Privacy Philosophy. #wallet Connections are also on the roadmap, allowing you to easily sync your #blockfolio #portfolio with your hardware or software #wallet. This premium feature will also be #100%free to all #blockfolio users and offer the same privacy and security safeguards as our Exchange Connections. But wait, there’s more. #blockfolio doesn’t require any private information, so there’s no way your private information can ever be at risk. The only reason #blockfolio exists is to help you keep track of your #cryptocurrency #portfolio. If you ever have questions or concerns there is a support team that will quickly get back to you regarding any questions or issues you might have.


Exchange Connections.

Launches free #exchange connections with Privacy safeguards. Yes, #100%free and automatic #exchange connections. This allows you easily, quickly and import #trades from #bittrex, #binance, #coinbasepro, #coinbase, #poloniex and #okex etc. More #exchanges will be coming soon. This means that you will never have to enter a manual #trade again. Let make the process of importing your #trades and monitoring your #cryptocurrency #portfolio as painless and convenient as possible. At #blockfolio we believe we’re helping to advance the ecosystem by making it as easy and frictionless as possible to organize your #crypto #portfolio. As a result, we are happy to announce that while other portfolio tracking apps may charge for this feature, we will be offering unlimited exchange connections #100%free


Personalize your block folio the way you want.

Once you have launched the app, it will give you the default screen where you have #bitcoin and #ethereum on your #watchlist. Assuming that you do not hold these coins and would prefer to have some others on your Watchlist then you can remove them. To add new #coins to your #watchlist, you will hit the “+” button at the bottom of the App. Here you can use the search box to locate your desired #coin and tap it to add it. Once you have found your #coin you can hit the “Watch” button and it will be added to your #watchlist Below is a picture of what it looks like. No it's not my portfolio, I wish lol


Now you can head back to your home screen and you will see all of the #coins that you have just added to your #watchlist. The #watchlist will give you a quick summary of scans price and daily performance. You can also arrange your #watchlist, #coin, price and the amount that you hold. Also #watchlist can contain any #coin that you want to monitor, not only those in your #portfolio. This could be a great way to monitor coins on your “wish-list”


You can view your timelines on our recently upgraded #charts. It's allowing you to view trends on 1H, 12H, 1D, 3, D 1W, 1M, 3M, 6M, 1Y, 2Y, and 3Y #charts. Also, In addition, you can now sort #portfolios on different criteria (by #coin, price change, #holdings #percentage, etc.)

How to download blockfolio.

To download #blockfolio App by clicking on the Apple App Store icon or Google Play Store icon. In order to download the App. You can also read the extensive reviews that have been written by current users. These are overwhelmingly positive and I have not seen such encouraging reviews for a #crypto based application in a while. With 5 Million+ downloads and 100k+ reviews.


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