What is Investing to Me?-Steem Leo Writing Contest Submission


Dynamics in life that control how, what, and when people do are the capitalizing factors of investment. I view investing through a very personal type of lens. It's what is truly important in life. I think of the board game of Life. The meaning of life in that is get a good job, a plastic car with spouse and kids, and wind up with a boat load of money on your "day of reckoning." If only life were that simple, having a random spinner propel you around a previously arranged board that in the end has an engineered positive financial and spiritual effect for all those that make it around the board. Everyone is a winner.

But in an open arena of competition for capital everyone is not a winner. At least not relatively speaking. Not everyone knows exactly the wishes and needs of the masses around them to make a greatly rewarding investment venture mutually beneficial to the will of the patron, the given environment where the enterprise exists and the business owner in the end as well. The primary vessel I think of when I think of investing is business. Small business especially. Turning a person into a business in a nimble way to do what they are or will be great at and one day want to do whether or not they are getting wealthy relative to those around them. That is enough for the self made business venture. To survive in what seems like a wilderness when countless things are going against this "weaponizing of a person" as a projectile of their given business and economic environment. Overcoming odds is divine. Helping people defeat long odds is a virtue. The mix of charity, community, and forward capitalization of another person's ideal status is what drives innovation and continues the perpetual increase in standard of living. Capitalizing this will and expert level outlook of the entrepreneur as "the next generation" of those that are more able or have a better idea than you at the moment is how the system works ideally as a collection toils for goodwill for the ages.

You trade all of yourself in the purest "all in pursuit" of capital success, your time, your spirit, your diligence for vast quantities of time to net a score that allows you play the game eventually in that time more and more how you wish. More positive interactions, habitually doing the right thing along with the right idea carries you to and beyond the finish line of the investment ideal. Being able to capitalize the generations after you while you are living and after by making your life a fruitful one gathering the most efficient means for yourself and those you care for while your mind and body allows you to do so within a finite period is what makes an individual dominant in any matter of time.

Time is the mechanism that propels urgency due to scarcity creating value in all work regardless how trivial it may seem at the time to those who have far less perspective of what truly is going on at that time. Self righteous indignation towards one person's line of work in what they are able to produce of value at that time is ignorance and wasteful sludge of this machine leaving the body. Praise, encouragement and aid of work and the faithful execution of the given individual being done is meant to spur the individual, not generically be categorized as any given person's worth to a society at any moment in time in the work or what their score of this game is at the moment. Neither is the prospect of that score to come. Judges of prospects are often wrong as human dynamics of the individual and groups from small to all of humankind are most often flawed prophets. The ones that are least wrong make the best scouts of perceived talent mixed other virtues in the eye of the beholder. Working within this system eventually leads to the individual seeking capital to turn the investment into a capital success in all senses of the word whether it be numerical results, humanitarian results, emotional results, economic results that outlast the financiers and the will of the driven entrepreneur in the given enterprise for the mobility they may seek whether it be overall financially, physically, or emotionally.

Investment is a pure will vessel. It's part pure will and the ability of the team of the enterprise undertaken to make happen what is needed from all to move that will forward each member of the crew at a time. Success is relative to time, attitude, environment, and other internal factors that are temporary. Success is not permanent. It's a process that can never be perfected therefore there has to be a measure of relative perfection in each exchange among those that wish to make their worth inside of this economy better with time and effort. Investment is an endowment of the idea of placing these successes over time into investment vehicles that make this desired result come to life as if out of thin air at the moment. Selling and spinning success is relative, but the scores that are transferred from generation to generation are less relative. They are binding. People truly grounded in virtue and aspiration in their lives seek to capitalize in the right ways on either end of being investor or debtor. As the debt is removed and capital is repaid the investor becomes correct in their speculation of this venture being correct, and the debtor becomes relatively correct in attaining their score over time that will allow them to forward their capital in being right to the next person in continuing the capital movement and work within the given era that person existentially as we know them walks the Earth.

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