The Splinterlands Rule Set That Explodes Minds


Alright. If you read my posts with any regularity you will know I like to post some pretty off the wall and out of the box ideas for the monster game to say the least. Sometimes outside of the whole freaking box making factory. This is no exception.

The following would be a proposal for a single set, not an entire game mode or anything like that. This will keep it simple and may melt some fragile brains.

Without further hyping of it....drink it in...

Gold General
Cards may only play at the level of the highest gold summoner played in the match, regardless of the other summoners played (if not also gold).

So in effect, if you played a level 4 Malric Inferno let's say in this game mode, and the other player played a regular/non-gold maxed legendary summoner, their cards would only play at the level of the level 4 rare card played, along with its buffs. The legendary card would essentially be rendered useless, but if the summoner is equal or greater in summoning the level of cards that the other player with a gold summoner the cards would play at that level of the summoner played, along with that card's buffs. The gold card would trump the opponent's summoner if no gold summoner is played and be the summoner for all monsters regardless of splinter played.

In that instance then if you played the level 4 Malric gold and the other player did not play a gold summoner, then both you and your opponent's buffs are only based on the +1 melee, regardless of if they played any other splinter.

But if two gold summoners are played, and they are of equal value (as in level of card based on max playing ability) then each player retains their buffs and abilities as usual. So if two maxed out gold summoners are played against each other the rule is simply voided, everything would stay the same. Or if two non gold summoners are played then the rule is also voided and played out as normal.

But, again if they are unequal, and both play gold summoners, then essentially the rule is also voided. The higher level summoner would play as is with its normal buffs, and the lower level summoner would play as normal with its buffs.

The other kicker of course is that the summoner must be an available splinter. Those holding one gold summoner in their account banking on using that when the rule set comes up will be left holding the bag if that splinter comes up unavailable.

In effect those that would want to prepare it would consolidate ownership of gold summoners at least a little bit within each account forcing at least a little bit more of a diverse deck in holding a gold summoner, or more. Of course also being at a level that each card holder would feel they need, some of us have greater means than others of course in that respect.

Just like the commercials hawking gold say, "Couldn't your portfolio stand to hedge against a coming crisis with gold?"

Which also brings me to think of a joke I once heard about a leprechaun (with a pot of gold)and the joked ended with the punchline: " don't really believe in leprechauns do you?" I'll let you insert how you think the middle of that joke may have gone so you can use your imagination concerning what the leprechaun may have told the person he met that day.


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