Steem Continues Record Low Run [Price/BTC]- Will This Trend Continue?

No. It will not continue. Steem is priced as though it's going out of business, the currency is literally ablaze and must be passed away like a hot potato. This cannot continue. Something is going to give. I have commented on this so many times my face instantly turns blue when this comes up.

Can Steem continue its fall. Yes. Is it likely to see sub 20 cent prices again, at least any time soon? The answer there is no. Let's pretend SCOT tech was not up and going, and turning the entire Steem Based Economy into a frenzy. Ignore that, disregard that evidence jury of my peers. Even still, with the hard fork on the way, SMTs ever getting released, any kind of support from any kind of project partnership would take this right back to a top 50 crypto once again. Easily. Any kind of rally. Any kind of reason to use steem or adopt it on any kind of mass scale, whether it be a community (ie town, city, county, state) based initiative, or something along these lines the free transfer of steem from user to user alone carries value and that ability props this up as at minimum "a beginning step" for perhaps a larger conglomerate or some kind of massive corp wishing to dip their feet into this, making this "an R & D experiment in social engineering of the viability they could see in using or even overtaking this one? Absolutely. What would a few million dollars of steem purchased and staked (powered up) instantly get you on steemit? An absolute beast, and a one party price pump as well (they of course likely would not buy it all at once but you get the point).

Again, forgetting the absolute neutron bomb of what the new front ends have totally dismantled how we ever thought of steemit, put that in the back of your head. The Gordon Gecko, break-up factor or use as a toy in something down the road for some kind of mega corp to have their own crypto, no need to mention the names you can probably fill in those blanks of course presents a clean slate that they wouldn't have to launch on their own. If it fails it wouldn't even be linked to the company, unless they bought like a huge stake of like 25% or more. But please, forget the SCOT tech that is in its infancy stages with absolutely several more advances to be made to catch up with all the fancy gadgets, gizmos, and easily condensed info that can be done on regular Steemit. All of that is a non-factor. It's the ongoing record low price to BTC that excites me just looking at the charts at the moment and the guinea pig valuation it is currently at with the 'concept' cryptos that surround it total market cap in relation to the coinmarketcap top 100 putting it in the 80th range at the moment. Best of luck, sorry if you have to sell record low valued steem, in all seriousness changing this to fiat right now is brutal I can only imagine being forced to lock in such a devastating loss like that.

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The price of Steem one year ago today was $1.64 and putting Steem's price to Bitcoin right about 0.00022, virtually 10X the ratio it sits as of today.

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It's pretty difficult to know anything in certainty about the crypt world. It's still very much in its infancy and hugely volatile.

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18.07.2019 23:55

I agree with you! I could be wrong, but I am willing to put skin in the game to find out.

Now if I only had more skin to put!

19.07.2019 01:34