@splinterlands Has the Most Robust De-Centralized Market in @peakmonsters

The new updates on @peakmonsters brought to us by @steempeak is really quite remarkable. It sends a major message to the public that comes in here knowing nothing about the game, viewing everything for the first time. It sets the thinking immediately that this is a well thought out game with some serious decentralized planning-making it a brand with a major upside. Taking a look at the new displays that are laid with so much comprehensiveness you would be fooled into thinking this game is a $100 million (or more)enterprise. That's because it's not a trick, enterprises that look like this by no accident raise their chances of becoming this level eventually. I like The Splinterlands' chances for that reason and being so early to the show in blockchain performance and the dynamics this can bring to games themselves gives some unbelievable upside to it in the genre. Forget guild play, forget the award winning genius (awards to come in the future in my humble opinion) in DEC creation, and the intermingling off all of this to create scarcity, competition, and most of all professionalism and a FOMO mentality that is becoming pandemic as more people new and old to the game are starting to witness.

But having a decentralized, "Lamborghini model" of a market such as Peakmonsters with these new updates brings us the player a system that enables ease of access with the increase to 100 transaction limit, the set operation of listing many different cards at one time-composing the possibility of selling or even leasing and entire set of cards, and of course having all options right there in the opening screen enabling the user to do any of the operations immediately without having to make several clicks and waiting for multiple screens to come up, it's right there.

The appearance and creation of value created in endeavors alongside The Splinterlands is in the end going to be the real force multiplier of the game and where it can go. Those involved heavily with Peakmonsters should feel there is a major accomplishment that just took place, and continue to stay hungry in making this the best decentralized market system for blockchain game based asset swaps anywhere, on any blockchain. Judging by past performance I would expect nothing more than continued innovations. I would visit the link below, vote the post, resteem the post and thank their team in coming up with an incredible value building endeavor that has become a staple in widening growth of the Splinterlands game itself, and reach overall thanks to apps like this.


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The work that has gone into the peakmonsters market is nothing short of spectacular! As more crypto CCG games hit the space, this market place will likely set the bar, and set it high! On a side note, would be awesome if you shared your content with the #battle community 💪

01.08.2019 14:29

Thanks for the comment @agr8buzz I of course with the sentiment above could not agree more! I am still trying to get the hang of listing multiple tags beyond 5 and have certainly wished to list #battle along with some others as well because I also like that community. Will keep that in mind hope to get it straight really soon. Thanks again for the read and enjoy the craziness in the game, which is a really good craziness.

01.08.2019 14:38

Reshared... and for those wondering: https://peakmonsters.com

01.08.2019 17:31

Credit goes where credit is due. Seeing you develop by asking the users for input prior to implementing anything then going above and beyond synthesizing your own ideas with them has been a formula for massive success. There is tedious work that goes along with taking in all of these outside ideas, but thankfully our decentralized market of choice puts decentralization into the R & D as well!

01.08.2019 17:53

Yes, I'm very impressed with the new PeakMonsters interface. I just wish more players knew about the rental market so there was more demand.

05.08.2019 14:50

I think it happens by default. Believe it or not it will start to get too expensive for everyone to own all the cards they are playing with. There are groups out there right now such as teampossible and herons unlimited already having free decks for people to play. There is plenty of room for the rental market to pick up a lot of the slack once cards become more scarce, just a matter of adding players. Right now it's free mining for people that want to put the work in to acquire DEC, that will soon change in my humble opinion. Thanks for responding @apshamilton.

05.08.2019 14:59

That may be... but nobody rents my cards, is that bugged? Hah! Joking.

07.08.2019 23:26