Perspective on the 50 th Anniversary of the Moon Landing in Many Pictures and Few Words

Here is my brief commentary on American ingenuity and free market system, allowed these two (now) historically famous bike shop operators of a family business did this...


Which allowed led to this famous American completing the daring feat of flying this from New York to Paris within 25 years of the first flight...


Leading to these, playing a primary role in this happening within 20 years of Lindbergh NY-Paris flight..

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Turning these into a modern common travel method by millions daily in the Post-War Era, ushering in the "Jet Age..."

Allowing this President of the United States to make a bold statement at the beginning of the 1960's...

Which created the ability of a country to have a space center with countless people like these, whose team effort it was to send, and bring back safely three pilots...

After this happened...

All of this splattering the history books of the American consciousness within a period of less than 67 years (inside of the time of a booming modern life expectancy also during this time). From leaving the ground, to leaving the planet and stepping on the Earth Moon's surface. All of this done by individual pioneers, private citizens and private businesses, government employees and agencies, and the will to continue a free market economy that will not sit still or try to eat itself, but due to a nation's accountability to its consumers continue to grow more and more to keep up with the will of all those people it represented. Spanning two World Wars, a worldwide economic depression, and humans traveling at the beginning of this time by means of horse, then to automobile, from hot air balloon, to plane, to jet to the Moon.

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Nice article! You can also add crypto coins mooning to that list:)

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Now just to get rid of political parties and fiat banking monopoly trusts and that might be even more unlikely hard to convince people as being possible, haha. Yeah we need a crypto lunar landing also @palikari123

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