New Voting Power Delegation to All That Complete Steempeak Rental Contracts

The rental market is absolute burgeoning industry on The Splinterlands that is without question. I just got involved putting the very best gold cards I had for lease on the market. The response has been very nice with some of you really cashing in on the additional perks that can be had both now and in the future for gold reward payouts within the game compensation structure. I am impressed very much with the retention day to day and pleased that these cards are not renting for a day then the contract being broken.

In that light I want to offer rewards that will begin and "grandfather in" all persons who I have delegated cards to that currently have rental contracts currently valid. To display gratitude and camaraderie to those that rented and completed the contract they signed up for I would like to offer an additional bonus.

In as simple of a formula I can think of and continue to support here it is...

Days Selected
Multiplied by
Daily Rental cost (in $)
Multiplied by 0.1
=Your Neoxianag Power Delegation
For a minimum period of time for what your length of the rental contract was on the card that you rented all the way through the contracted term, or possibly longer.

Just simply send me a screenshot of your completed rental term just like this from peakmonsters after the contract ends:

Again the delegation will awarded to your account that used the rental (or another can be designated if you ask) when the contract is completed for the full term of the renting of the contract-for as long (minimum) equal to the time the card rental agreement lasted.

I will make a post on this fairly regularly as some of the 90 day contracts start ending in the coming few months that you can drop a comment (and could possibly get an upvote on that comment as well). My hope is that those of you who choose to rent cards from me make it a priority to keep enough of a balance in your steempeak credits account so that you can take advantage of this reward. With other delegation rewards out there someone could build a very nice base of neoxianag tokens and I am optimistic this will help those of you seeking delegations like this.

Tell me what you think, best of luck in all things on the Steem based economy!

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greetings, @cryptkeeper17

Excelent work done here

ythank you

05.09.2019 16:21

Yes sir. If you rented cards from me just remind me with a comment like this when the term is over and I can assign your delegation, easy as that. Thanks for commenting @julisavio and best of luck in the monster season!

05.09.2019 16:29

I've only recently realized how much the rental market has taken off and how profitable it can be.

When it first was released I didn't think it was going to go anywhere and boy was I wrong.

06.09.2019 20:07

@cryptkeeper - excellent initiative and a good way to add value to the platform. There are so many ways to earn on Steem these days, it's impossible to keep up with them all.

07.09.2019 14:57