How to Reward Yourself with More DEC and Promote the Splinterlands to the Next Level

I am talking to players only. Those of you that just finished up the season. Congratulations you worked your way through another one which I am sure was challenging at several points of it even if you are holding/leasing the best cards in the game. This message is intended for you, and anyone you can convince to play and mine DEC through leasing or buying cards through either the markets or booster packs. Those of you that are totally satisfied and really don't care if the game grows you can quit reading right here. That was your chance lukewarm pikers to bail.

Alright, now that we are left with hardcore splinterheads I am walking through some things you may already know, or know is going on. Whether or not you have the resources to do this or not that is beside the point, I will show you how to come across all of those you will need to make this happen.

First, everyone that has the time, or is willing to make the time, should pick a splinter or even take their existing cards if you have a fairly strong collection, and divide it up into new accounts. By using this method you will take in just as many reward cards, if not more. You will be playing more of course, but you will be taking in more DEC due to your daily matches you will have a substantial amount daily to show for your work, without question relative to what you may be receiving as a bonus for your work in just about anything else in the Steem Based Economy.

I hope that got your attention. Now, first off find your strongest summoner of the five standard splinters (all except Dragon splinter). Use that summoner and the cards you have if they match the max strength of that summoner. Example, if you have a rare Malric Inferno at level 6, then looking at the stats on the card you want your commons up to level 8, rares to level 6, epics to level 5, and legends can play up to level 3. Now that you have that ready and have cards you are happy with in this example as illustrated above, now go get the dragon cards and rares you need to compete. This is more than likely the Lord Aranthius, Cocatrice, Elven Cutthroat, Centaur, Hydra, and to a lesser degree but still necessary in the Neutrals also: Prismatic Energy, Cyclops, Peaceful Giant. The rest of course can be useful in other situations but those are musts to have if you want to compete very seriously at higher levels now in the game.

Now that the Neutrals have been addressed go get your Dragon cards. This will of course start with the summoner, which can be the Selenia, Daria Dragonscale, and Delwyn Dragonscale. All have special differences, and that is up to you to figure how you want to mix and match them with your primary splinter selected above. The dragon cards are a total mixed bag and of course all have their uses, especially the Legendary, they never seem to be a bad card to have. If you can pick them up cheap on the rental market, buy them, or you already have them you will be set.

Now, if you want to get ambitious you can pick up a second primary splinter. As above you have a Red in the example, but let's say you also get blue included. This will provide you with some nice advantages, but of course will be more spendy to carry all in one account for farming DEC. You will have basically a 50/50 chance of your quest hitting when you go to do your daily quest, and if one of those two splinters come up as a choice you are in business. If not then you wait a day to do another quest but in the meantime of course play your matches, running your capture rate to no less than 90% ideally. Then divide up the day with another account if applicable, or just wait about 7-8 hours later and play again, doubling your previous efforts or better depending on how you play.

You are probably seeing how this can add up quickly day to day, and depending how shrewd of a shopper you are for cards, or however great of cards you have relatively of your own your DEC payouts can go up quite a bit from just using purely Beta regular cards, or chasing much higher bonuses with Alphas, Golds, Promos, all carry a bonus relative to the Regular Beta cards and definitely add up over time.

Now if this something you think you are fairly serious about doing I would go to the lease market if you would just like to make your account, or accounts you have that purchased Starter Decks at some point. Go to and go to the market tab to see what is available to lease. Of course most often the best deals are over longer periods of time, that I recommend if you know you are continue this for quite a while, as your expense ratio to DEC earnings will be less-meaning you net more of course, which is the idea right?

But what if you do not have any other accounts you would want to play with that have starter decks purchased? Well you are in luck. There are a few places you look, one being TeamPossible, a guild that I am a member of that has people with cards that are waiting to be leased to people like yourself by people who do not have the time to play with their additional cards, and yes, additional accounts that have starter packs purchased within them so they are ready to go. Just go to the teampossible discord site and ask for some help, someone will be there and can either help you directly or get you to someone who can help you get rolling. is a good room to visit to find someone from TP.

Also there is another brand new service available as well that seems very cool and should be taken advantage of for sure. The introductory post is here.

Now after all of this work what are you actually accomplishing? Good question

Creating scarcity in DEC by playing more accounts with the cards split and being used at a better capture rate. As DEC becomes more and more scarce, the price goes up. As the DEC price goes up, the card values go up. When the card values go up they get bought for more and more. As the cards get bought they become more scarce as well. As each card becomes more scarce that makes the cards go up even more. Also as cards become more scarce there is an investment element that makes sense to purchase cards in the idea of renting them out to people like you who want to capture greater rewards. The more cards that get rented the more those that have rented cards can go buy more cards to rent. As hyper-rarity kicks in it becomes more expensive to buy, but of course more valuable. Every thing you do has a higher created value. As you start making real money/crypto equity stakes while doing this the more the game has success stories. The more success stories it becomes easy and paramount to share them and grow the game via legit testimony. Nobody wants to hear about anything new until someone has made a whole lot of money doing it already.

There you go, you are writing the history of the ongoing success of the game by doing something like this that is so simple and easily executed, especially while the rental market is still very early on with some great value still available.

Thanks for following along I would love to hear the comments for or against this or any questions of course. Thanks for the read best of luck in your Steem Based Economy pursuits!

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