Game-Ification of Steem Has Fished out Many of the Weak Hands-Creating "Iron Fists" with Steem-Engine

I feel like Norm McDonald on the old Saturday Night Live Weekend Updates talking about how "Germans love David Hasselhoff" as a tag line similar to "Steem has got be getting ready for a rebound in value." If nothing else we are getting much closer. The dip in volume is a blessing in disguise meaning heavier and weaker hands are at least pausing their dumping of Steem as it's accumulated. Looking at the chart again today it strikes me how the volume is getting and that we are getting to the point of a core consolidation of those of us purchasing Steem at all-time record lows in reference to "The Big BTC," which has also hit a staggering 66.6% dominance level, at least in comparison to where it has been in the past.

This leads me to guess (in the educated sense of it as best I can) that some things are bound to happen that are unprecedented as far as Steem is concerned. First, we could see a one handle with the price to BTC as far as 1.9 or less Satoshis in the price to BTC in Steem, which is definitely an eye-opener and signal for a sale if there ever was one on the value of Steem at the moment. Next seeing the drastic dominance of BTC to the alts at "mark of the beast" level has traditionally signaled a surge to come in altcoins, and/or a drop in BTC itself, even some of the most hardened BTC maximalists have to admit that. Traditionally these kinds of lows have signaled a massive run in Steem, but of course Steem had always sat at a higher level of valuation and esteem of its peers in the past. Conceptual programs that are pure speculation plays in its neighborhood to value at some point have to give to current pragmatism that the Steem Based Economy is now offering. That has been a dirty little secret to the masses out there, and when (or if) this thinking catches hold look out--there will be a run unlike anything we have seen with Steem in the last few years without question.

"Game-ification" as I like to call what has happened to this blockchain in the form of literal games, or dapps that have invaded the spaces of what used to be posts (many of them leading nowhere of real significance) to now the game-ification of sub-tokens and micro economies now on the steem based economy are taking form in a very stabilizing way. Meaning if the creators of these new sub-tokens, and/or new condensers are really standing behind their projects-which all anecdotal evidence I have seen is certainly true these groups/communities holding their Steem to maintain influence on the blockchain is a pure stabilizing factor in some really rough waters the community is sailing at the moment.

The Splinterlands has been the prime example of this. Starting off at a level of around 300k (give or take) SP being used to upvote posts by players has skyrocketed in the meantime to nose bleed levels of at the moment of right around 925,000 in steem power through powering up and delegations from its user base. That being in the midst of the current Steem panic of 2019. The holders are grabbing hold of this game and hanging on for dear life have been rewarded in staggering gains of possible returns that go from 5-25X in just Alpha cards that were produced about 15 months ago (man, I wish I knew that was coming, lol). Last I checked that's "a pretty good ROI." With the rarity of these cards and explosion of the game and in game rewards I would not expect those prices to fall of any time soon either. The DEC program has been an absolute smashing success with prices gathering at more stable highs and continuing to climb in relation to this now stable coin within the steem based economy in all actuality if you think about-trading at lows of about 85 thousands of a cent to now a more stable 1.05-1.10 tenths of a cent, these coins that can be transferred at zero cost between accounts and steem users could make the SBD "the old reserve stable coin" within the steem based economy once it gathers its footing and a track record.

On top of which the tokens and communities that are popping up have been an amazing way to sort those of us Steemians in how we post and follow content among strangers and our friends on the platform. As far as I have seen the steem taken in from token sales and miners from the steem-engine based platform have been hung on to creating much higher value for these communities and creating micro economies at which people are much more often rewarded for their stellar work that before had a very high probability of getting totally ignored. More economies on here the better, as long as they are run efficiently and transparently with the user base in mind as the prime beneficiaries there is no reason the existing tokens that have been created and countless more could be created.

Which brings me to a phenomena that has not yet happened, but very possibly could in the future with the release of SMTs on the Steemit platform itself, or continued development and implementation of existing Steem-Engine front ends. That is the ability to create front end dynamics for their customer/user base there could possibly be (through a very optimistic lens) *an outright brand new integration of social networks that completely transplant themselves within Steemit by having their own social universes whether it be retail focused, media content or public relations focused for a corporation of any size, or any social group for that matter.

But thhhhis also would open a possible implementation that has not been used at all to my knowledge, and could be a niche that could set Steem and its other sub tokens on fire the additional eyeballs created for a simple utilization option that has not been explored as far as I have been here (correct me if I am wrong). What about a community rewards based token in something like Steem-Engine that is created to have literal towns, counties, communities, or even geographical regions have their own token that is pegged at a value based on fiat and is transferred at the point of sale? Sounds utopian and like grandiose thinking for an average Steem user, but not in the least bit impossible or unable to be accomplished.

Many towns and economic areas have been hard hit as many people have (had to) flock to more urban areas, and I am just talking about in the United States, not to mention this function happening routinely across the global economy. If people in a small Midwest town, say the one I occupy could lock in fiat and allow it to switch hands several more times prior to the money growing legs and hopping on the truckload of money leaving town never to return again, I think you would get some ears for that. It's a concept I hope to be able to introduce to the local area development, and if it could be accomplished I think there is tremendous upside in a community locking up in-town, or a close area of transactions just by creating their community development token, or "Community Dollars" like what has been done in countless given towns or general geographical areas for the past several generations in an attempt to offer a currency that doesn't leave the town in the dust but makes the holding and transfer of it for the community--a must.

Thanks for the read, please feel free to shoot me your comments, ideas as always I like to hear all opinions especially those that differ to help re-balance my thinking, because I am not always on the correct side after careful deliberation sometimes...believe it or not, lol.


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04.08.2019 00:12

This is great, thanks!

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04.08.2019 20:46

Hi friend @cryptkeeper17.

What about a community rewards based token in something like Steem-Engine that is created to have literal towns, counties, communities, or even geographical regions have their own token that is pegged at a value based on fiat and is transferred at the point of sale?

Wow! You have blown my head with this comment.

Can you imagine this with tokens based on the Steem blockchain or with tokens of another origin?

This would be like taking Steemit to the real world. The field of applicability is infinite. To be honest I don't think this is an idea at all utopian.

All best, Piotr.

05.08.2019 08:21

Excellent analysis, this is the kind of post that is the opposite of "going nowhere" as you put it. Nicely done.
I also agree that much of the world doesn't know what Steem really is.

You talk around, and they all think its only Steemit. What will happen when they see it is more like EOS and Ethereum? :)

07.08.2019 23:43

All right @spiritualmax great to hear from you! Get your seat belt on tight we will be going for a fast vertical ride when people do

...see it is more like EOS and Ethereum?:)

Great to hear from you, thanks for the read and the input Max Power!

08.08.2019 01:39

Crap, that episode xD

Good taste man.

08.08.2019 01:44