Editorial of the Dynamics of the Air Drop in the Early Going


The new alt coins, alt chains, whatever you want to call them being created within the steem-engine model is bringing a much needed fresh breath of air for those of us that wish to not be so captive the steemit economy as a whole but rather in the smaller sections we wish to associate most often. Finding one's self interest and gauging how and where that is the road to discovery in happiness for virtually anyone in any marketplace, and this is what is happening now on steemit.

The fun is just beginning in this fad that seems here to stay--which is a stellar thing by the way, forcing those that want to rule with an iron fist and tyrannical unreasonable flagging can now go try to buy these altcoins to continue their shenanigans on alt chains like SPT, steemmonsters (or splinterlands the game itself), PAL, or now @steemleo, must invest heavily to have the same power to make their value destruction model carry into these new and alternate routes of tokenized social centers. The perpetrators of intimidation can buy in, spend their resources to get this token, destroy it, and then everyone can leave and they for once are left holding the bag bringing us a dynamic that is truly a liberation of the average steemit user from the moronic and self-destructive behavior that has plagued steemit in the near two years I have been a user.

We likely will be seeing many more of these as the early sellers of the tokens, the implementation, and the architecture of these sites and groups will truly be a sight to behold. If they are fraudulent or garbage in any other way we will now have a check as there will be more than enough competition at some point soon to bring users into a more pleasing experience rather than having rules written and unwritten being thrust upon them as has happened in the past on steemit and even other places that have not fully tokenized their chatrooms or communication hubs across the world.

Do not forget that if you have not seen the kind of social environment you personally prefer, don't worry eventually (if not very soon) there likely be something that fits your sensibilities perhaps better than what has already been done. Maybe there is a 'starting over' with less emphasis on say one group in an airdrop? Maybe there is a more egalitarian approach that comes out? All of these things must be carefully maneuvered for the initial group or administrator of the token to maintain majority control. Or maybe there is a coin that does not care where the control seized and who by? All of these can definitely happen and likely will happen if you give it enough time because the alt-chain universe creation business has just become audible let alone yet to boom in any significant way like it will for our future considerations, of course in my humble opinion.

This is truly a remarkable step in the right direction and thanks to some of the most elite thinkers and innovators here in the steemit universe we all have a great chance to capitalize on the countless levels of desired greatness we did seek initially when signing up. Best of luck to all of you, feel free to chime in on anything related to crypto, finance, economics, game-theory, whatever. In those realms related to business and investing I could go on for hours, but for your sake only as long as discussion lasts!

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There are some very interesting times ahead, that's for sure. I look forward to seeing where all of this will lead to... Hopefully prosperity for all, no matter where users decide to spend their time and energy! I can't begin to imagine what the crypt space will look like in 10 years time!

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06.07.2019 17:03

Dear @cryptkeeper17

Interesting choice of topic. Upvote on the way :)

being created within the steem-engine model is bringing a much needed fresh breath of air

Wouldn't you also consider current drop of STEEM price to be related somehow to steem-engine? After all there isn't much new Steemit users powering up lately and my impression is that all those tokens (like PAL, HBO, LEO) are not bringing extra traffic/extra investors - they simply result with some people trading their STEEM and buying those tokens.


11.07.2019 08:37