CEO of Patrick Byrne- Steem is in Need of a Takeover a user of a platfo Byrne:

I wremit with its cryoto Steem being the base crypto of the platform. I am sure you havr being a user a platform called Steemit. You may have heard of it, the platform was founded by Daniel Larimer (now of EOS) along with fellow co-founder Ned Scott. The platform of Steemit has virtually crippled this very quick, and reliable crypto that has been tested at very high speeds of transaction as you can refer back to the crypto rush of late 2017, early 2018 when transactions were backlogged for days for stable coins BTC, ETH, just to name a few while this crypto despite tremendous transactions performed without a hitch.

I know your history in getting involved in your backing of Ravencoin (RVN) which is a very impressive network in itself among your other blockchain-based endeavors are all very exciting and fruitful for what I have seen. Well I am handing you a piece of worthwhile information, Steem, the crypto is getting destroyed by insiders getting out daily. The coin can go nowhere until either the insiders sell completely out or someone steps in and takes charge. Someone like yourself, that could bring a teetering brilliant concept to the forefront of the industry and make your social network blockchain portfolio finished and done with in one stroke of the pen.

This is an amazing platform that has been in shackles with "Witness Protection Type of brand awareness," and little to nothing done in real reforms to make the platform more suitable for the masses, rather than founders and whales preserving "their nut" in keeping shady dealings that no one with teeth in the company can or will blow the doors off of the cronyism and "Insider-Dom" could bring instant value to this platform.

Its value to you in not having to start from scratch but revising an already ingenious idea that is flawed from within would be a boon to the portfolio that you are trying to accumulate within your blockchain based business endeavors. I know you aren't charitable and have a responsibility to share holders so all I ask is that you follow this crypto as of now at historic lows in its value to BTC and either pick it up as it falls or do what you have to in a regulatory sense of course but this thing is too good to pass up with capital you possess in resources and capital in respect that you tote within the crypto universe having pioneered a main street retailer into a crypto portfolio the likes of which Berkshire Hathaway would've accumulated if they weren't on their way out.

I thank you for your time and hope you are able to act on this no-brain restoration that would cost you fractional pennies on the dollar to develop from scratch.


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