***Attention SCOT Stakers***: An Extremely Efficient Way to Engage-Sewing and Reaping Rewards-1 Simple Winning Game Plan

Have you ever wondered how some people have truckloads of steem in their account? I mean a lot, enough that you would consider them a borderline whale? What about with the new SCOT releases? Sure you can see some of these people that may be kind enough to vote your post, or comment may drop in and you see how "jacked" they are in any given voting power, their say 10% vote is several times bigger than yours. Some people are a little resentful about this, and in a few cases perhaps rightfully so. But overwhelmingly the reason they have this amount is perhaps for a few reasons, at least in the "New Steemit" platforms. One, they were deemed worthy of a massive air drop of tokens, and may even have somewhat of a faucet of this ongoing. Two, they went out and bought a bunch. Three, less likely as of right now but more prevalent in the future is they did a post that enough people with heavy stakes in the given coin felt it should be a trending level post and it was rushed to the top with some big upvotes.

But before you despair thinking you didn't get airdropped a mega load of Token A, B or C, or pick up a thousand miners for token D, remember one thing that is very important, there is a proof of brain concept that overwhelmingly governs payouts from any given token's inflation. Yeah, proof of brain...as in you, proving you have a brain and a keyboard handy--to do a post, comment on a post, vote a post, resteem a post, or whatever you want to do to get recognized waiving your hands in your air saying "Hey look at me!"

Other methods are more successful than others mentioned above that is for sure. Resteeming, or just simply voting a post is a nice gesture many people are flattered to get that kind of seemingly positive attention when they do a post and see you do either of these. I could not tell you how many times I have seen someone new vote my post, I see what they're doing on steemit by being nosy on the blockchain and if it seems legit I look for their post and return it with an upvote and a comment on their post that I liked. That's productive, but not efficient. At least a more maximum efficient approach in my humble opinion.

One unbelievably glorious accomplishment SCOT platforms manufactured is filtration of those of us seeking any given token by adopting their hash tag and placing it on our post. The manual curation has been stellar to this point as we have seen a virtual "miner's panning" for those posts that are gold (or any other desirable or precious materials) and those that are, well...the ranch manure floating downstream so to speak.

Proof of brain is a virtuous gift to all of us, that of course being we use those few watts that flow between our ears. Here is a simple method that you can follow and see if your engagement with posters within these hash tags works. Bear in mind "ranch manure," or fake comments that are not worth in virtual fluff the are composed of are likely not going to be efficient. In fact quite the opposite, flattery only gets you so far. Real reactions and conversations with the given poster will get you and the poster the efficiency and desired result they are looking for in any given post.

Step 1: Choose a hash tag (or more than one), and narrow your search. Have some expertise and of course some level of passion about something you care about here on the "Steem Based Economy," or anything else that relates to what that given hash tag seeks.

For this example I will use a brand new one-- #steemleo, who has their own condenser so that makes it extremely easy to search that hash tag of course:

So I upvoted the post, which I felt it deserved, and left a mini comment for @vimukthi--who by the way I have no idea who they are or have ever chatted with them, but now that I am doing this I am shrinking the steem based economy a little bit and may have made someone's day.

My question to you is what are your thoughts when you hit post with your work being done, and then the ginabot goes off with votes, or a comment, or (gulp...) a vote and a comment? I am generally excited. Immediate gratification is not those of us long to steemit expect or are used to. It's a pleasant surprise.

Now, having voted that post when I did there are some really cool things that happen. First, I am very early in the curation line, meaning that will allow me to curate more back for my vote (due to having LEO staked as LEO Power) being so early in line if there are several more voters to follow.

But it also does a much cooler thing-as mentioned before you are providing instant feedback to a poster, of something you liked in a given hash tag. This was all done just by surfing the "New" posts, this time on the steemleo condenser, but can be on just plain steemit too of course with any given hash tag as these posts pop up.

I think it's a great way to kill time, or say you aren't about to post for a while and you know it, why not chat with people who are very likely in the mood to having just posted? You will be striking when the thoughts are fresh, at the exact moment this person who released their post is most likely wanting to talk or visit about it.

Curation is a great thing, as most of the models are at 50/50 now, some different of course but many adopting what steemit will be turning into fairly soon. Early it's a wonderful thing to have a good amount of tokens staked so that you may be "a bigger fish" when it comes to curation as some of these models are different and some will have a heavier weighting in curation rewards due to the size of "stake weighting" for each given account in line to curate the post.

But something not mentioned is the comment you leave as you visit with the poster. Here is a hint- when I do a post, and someone comments on it, like ever, at the very least I will respond to the comment. Also another hint, if the comment is sincere and I think the person is not begging for a vote, I will very likely upvote their comment. A lot of people on here are not that different from me either, they like to answer questions/comments on their posts, especially when they are sincere by someone who shows some level of knowledge or caring at all about the comment they just dropped.

Another dirty little secret, sometimes people upvote comments when they really like them. So when that happens, you mine a little more of that coin when the post (comment) pays out in 7 days. If you do this often, but most importantly well you will have a nice little stream of these tokens and in the meantime enhance your contact network on the platform. Then as you keep doing this you start recognizing names, becoming more efficient, and becoming more familiar what some people are doing and their quality of posts, which of course is great knowledge to gather over time--again being more efficient.

A dirty little secret, as you can see is that if you go to https://steempeak.com/@(your user name)/comments you get a full listing of all your comments, posts, the whole thing. And they also show you each upvote (heart symbol) you get based in each token. To give you an example, here is a comment that was voted kindly by @mindtrap-leo, very likely a curator for the steemleo platform. Notice no steem value, well none to speak of--but 0.909 value of a leo token, that is pretty sweet, a vote from someone who didn't even write the article directly (although they are likely involved this time being a likely editor for the steemleo daily newsletter-but you get the point that does happen more often than you think).

This can be done with any of the SCOT hash tags whether it be palnet, SPT, neoxian, steemleo, steemace, battlegames, virtually any of them...

Rinse, wash and repeat. Several times for a long time. There is no better time than the present. Remember like everything else in life it's about quality not quantity. Put some wrk in.

Like my favorite head coach of all time John Wooden once said, "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect."

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If you are posting on Steem Leo this your chance to get noticed by curators while the platform is still small! I scan through new posts everyday. I probably skim through 1/4 of new posts everyday and I'm just one curator! If your post is low quality I don't even read it. Put some effort into it and you will be rewarded.

15.07.2019 16:58

Steemleo has been great and was actually the initial inspiration to start doing this. I have been thrilled with how the platform @schubes has aggressively gone after as you mentioned legit posters and sincere people that have something interesting when it comes to the investment world or whatever makes the economic engine across the world. You caught this within 15 minutes of this post age, that is unbelievable. This is something that could never have been done (for any time period anyway) on steemit as a whole. On top of that it cuts down on self voting. I am not going to front run the people that are kind enough to vote for me especially since curation is going to play such a bigger role in how the economy is distributed over time. If you wait to vote yourself your curation is worse than if you voted someone else earlier. Interesting dynamic.

15.07.2019 17:01

Pretty awesome chance for many to stake and use it for better :)

15.07.2019 17:22

I couldn't agree more @starving. The future is not an event. Here in the steem based economy I am liking the possibilities, very much. Thanks for the read and the comment!

15.07.2019 17:26

There's little benefit investing in a community if you are not going to participate in that community. A few well written posts can double your stakes here. Half the people who got airdropped tokens have no clue or desire to post in investing. Curation is also high, that first post payout was a little shocking to say the least.

15.07.2019 18:08

All true points @financialadvice. I am wondering if the tokens early on did too many tokens in their drop. I know it gets your token promoted very well dropping more to try to force interest but if you are a niche place there is less need to drop people who have no intention in posting but are dumping it by the truckload. Maybe a good learning experience, this place is as well manually curated as anything I ever thought possible on anything to do with steemit. They could've done well without a drop and just invited everyone to tag it if there post deals in finance. But then again you don't know what kind of interest you drummed up by dropping so many people so many tokens as well. Ah well those that dump early I guess that means more of us at a cheaper price for a while. Thanks for the read and the comment @financialadvice best of luck the rest of the day!

15.07.2019 18:16