A Thought in Jacking Up the 'Fun Factor' on Daily Reward Card Bonuses

Again I must fully disclose that in suggesting off the wall crazy...stuff, I am not blasting the game. It is somehow thriving in an absolutely terrible crypto environment as of late, and has became a "main event" for the dapps on steemit, surviving what has become the great "Steem Famine of 2019."

I have railed several times about gold cards, and how their practical value needs to rise, and also the daily rewards structure; Including the (gulp) revamping of rewards and getting rid of season rewards to reward the players that play daily more-and also creating a push for more high end players to get to the highest levels they can as quickly as they can.

But all of that aside this edition of a "half cocked" nut bag forum of craziness and potential game innovation comes in the form of daily rewards when the next round of cards come out, whenever the Betas sell out and the next release is fully ready.

This concept, like many others I've the fortune of chatting up with @davemccoy over the last several months but not used in this context, so I am relieving him of any outright lunacy-as I know he has a reputation to protect. Me, I know mine has been garbage for a long time and have become more of a "crackpot inventor," that being when idea fits, otherwise I am just the first half of that title, lol.

Alright enough small talk. When the new cards come out I think it would be cool to introduce a new level card-for the regular and the gold. The Level Zero card. Regardless of caliber of card you know the order, common to legendary (and maybe even something else down the road heck I don't know). All cards would have a double print with the Level Zero cards being offered as reward cards. That being regular cards. The golds, different story, more on that in a bit.

Each reward card that is printed would be handed out the way it is right now as usual, those would be no different. But the Level 0 cards would also be included as reward payouts. In my personal opinion if the game discontinued season rewards altogether and did twice the daily reward card payout instead this would create a few things that I think would be positive for the game, and there would be an introduction of these Level 0s as the next series of cards could be included as well.

First, it would give more rewards on the basis of actual cards that players receive, which is more fun in my opinion, who doesn't like flipping new cards or new booster packs, orbs, or whatever is behind the mystery cards being flipped. The answer of course is no one--except the guy who bought like 100k packs and it took him forever to open them all, having to hire people to open them I even heard. Must be rough, haha. In 30+ years of card and hobby collecting off and on I have never heard of someone who didn't like opening a pack of cards-this game of course is no exception.

So the level zero cards-what's the point? First, it would be a bit of an introductory level for novices to play. To give one away is not going to break you, and they would play at level 1-but only applicable in Novice League/Level matches. But also they can be combined into say leveling together 3,4,5 (whatever arbitrary number of course) but to use this example let's say 3. With similar ratios as always they would be able to combined into a regular card. Who knows you may get lucky and get a really nice legend, like say the Hydra in the last version three times, and then the card is turned to a regular when you get 3, let's say. With so many card possibilities all cards are going to be hard to come by as we have seen in the Beta versions. My guess is the next version is going to offer many different cards also, and this would also preserve the need to create reward cards drastically less often. But it also frees up people in the chance to play for free. Literally buy a starter pack (or have one gifted), play the daily quests, and earn "real" cards that can be played across the board with the ones they already have in their starter deck.
, the golds. Ah yes. Here's where the fun starts. With a certain potion (depending on whatever they would call it) as a break off of the Alchemy Potion concept, each time you open a regular booster pack you would get one, level 0 gold foil card of the new series. That's right. One gold in every pack. Topps baseball did it for the first time 27 years ago and last I checked it worked so well they are still doing it to this day, along with virtually every other card company, offering a parallel in every pack that is bought. This of course would require a higher cost of cards to combine though of course. Something in the neighborhood of say 20, maybe 30? This would be an additional card or a token that you would get when you buy a booster pack. So for every pack you buy, say you got the 100 pack deal, you would get 100 of these tokens that would bring you 100 random "Level 0 gold foioils."."

h wld create the chance to have a level 1 card in gold that you otherwise could not have in other versions. Having a rare, epic or legendary gold level 1 would now be a possibility. As a pack buyer you can swap in and out of the cards you want when you open them and go buy, sell, trade for the ones you want.

There would have to be some limits to it though of course. With a complete shot in the dark, if say production of the next series booster packs were 2 million, you are going to have 2 million of these mini gold Level 0's floating around. That is a lot. And if you continued your 1/50 ratio of the current "full blown gold foil model" as is you are going to have a lot of gold cards.


Maybe you take this a step further, make it a different gold foil designation altogether and allow it into the guild play matches? Why stop at level 10 for commons? Why stop at level 4 for legends? Bring in the "Frankenstein Model" for leveling that I discussed a while back (of course another @davemccoy concept that I am not sure where it originated but likely with him-that's usually a safe bet). Combine maxed cards into Super Max cards with a chance to obtain another stat buff, a new ability, or something crazy like that.

So with all of that I think if all this were incorporated it may enslave yaba for the next several years, lol. All of this is fun to project, talk about but of course it has programming logistics of which I can only imagine the nightmares they could create. But nonetheless I think the only thing I like more about this game than playing and building up my cards is dreaming up concoctions in countless directions the game could go. So far so good, but I am always up for the brainstorm. Thanks for reading, and of course as always fire away with any comments I always enjoy to hear the comments of the SPT community, good, bad, or indifferent. Best of luck in the season's end and the upcoming one!

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Haha, too funny...

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hahaha... I always love reading your thoughts @cryptkeeper17... and I must admit this one didn't disappoint!

I'm not sure why you want to do the zero level cards (other than give them away for newbies to play, which is of course very cool)... but the ideas keep flowing and that's where some real nuggets get born!

On the supermax cards, I think that is awesome... I think they could go to level 15 or even 20 and that would create some serious ashes in the burning fires! While that would be great for the collectors, I do think the serious players might bitch a little about that one ;)

I still hope that your idea of creating an extra ruleset for gold cards would be awesome and hopefully @yabapmatt took the convo into his brain and incorporated into his itinerary of awesome things to come out soon!

As always, great thoughts... and of course, its nice to know you're thinking about making the game better on a 24/7 basis! :P

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Hey thanks @davemccoy. I steal so many ideas from what I read it's hard to keep track of them. I think @cicisaja mentioned an objection to removing gold reward cards in tcpolymath's thought, which was not a bad thought, but could be done as a whole on the entire game for new cards so that fractions of new cards could be mined but not exactly replacing the need to purchase cards to play at higher levels for higher rewards, but the little guy/gal can get compensated something for cards based in packs on the way up until the production is halted, or better yet at a quantity sold or whatever. Yes the "Mega-tron" stacking of maxed cards would be sick. Maybe that is where you can use say any *gold cards while in a guild-delegate them to a centralized guild account if you are a member of the guild, then tie the cards up (meaning they can't be used in any other play) except for guild "master play," where you have a "master account" taking on another one for another guild, and the rewards could get pretty sick there. Especially if the DEC payouts are significant in the guild master account matches, it makes DEC more scarce across the board. Yeah some things are fun to dream on, again I don't know the practicality of the programming or ability to implement all of this but it's a fun brainstorm every so often and hopefully it encourages some other ideas to pop up. We do have a very talented base of people that have become SM addicts so it would be no surprise that users occasionally can come up with something of aid to the pros in the central design of the game. I like the finished product that can become of their great vision with a few ideas sprinkled in from a user base that can help the game be an even greater success than it is already, which is hard to imagine at this point... their success has happened while the difficulty level in all of crypto is at nosebleed altitudes for high levels. Thanks as always for hearing the wacky ideas and telling me the ones that have no shot-and the ones you like.

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