A Day of Freedom for Steemians--Oh Yeah and it's Also the Fourth of July too, happy fourth!

The liberation I speak of is economic and ideological involving less to do with tyrannical fiat authoritarianism than to do with the ability to associate freely, speak freely, and trade freely within our declared state. All tiny snip-its from the American Constitution but also a way of life for spirited pioneers on a new trail that is the crypto frontier of 2019.

Within that frontier is a settlement called steemit that has had many injuries to their people collectively and many of them being self inflicted. The funny thing is there is no original occupier of this crypto space because this really is the first social (not socialized-at least not yet) network that is tokenized. Thanks to some of the most resourceful people from the original @buildteam group of innovators were now seeing the fruits of a sidechain that can be run that seems and is hopefully "fork-up-proof" to changes that may or may not come down the road on the macro economy that is steemit.

Having nearly blowing out my achilles in hopping on to this bandwagon of alt chains such as splinter talk (SPT), palnet (PAL) and now the newest including @steemleo, the future seems much more interesting as we get to subscribe to the communities that suit us best and there will be much competition in what will hopefully be a free market enterprise in this grand experiment. Of course not to forget dapps and games such as the Splinterlands also that has heated up immensely in reaching young to old in having fun and socializing with people across the planet in real discussion, debate, humor in all forms of communication and "blowing the living crap out of each other with no real casualties, except maybe pride," or any object close to me I can break after a bad beat.

Not to poke humor of course at the fourth of July (it being celebrated on the wrong day, should be the second, it's a long story google John Adams and the second of July quote and context and you will get it, but the fourth has worked for me in this lifetime for sure), but steemit and is inner-workings are turning into a very savvy form of communication and networking operation for those that wish to be paid by those they care most to be paid by.

That in itself is powerful, more powerful than you can ever imagine. Micro economies working together in a free and open marketplace. I think that makes one notch more efficient closer to ants-which in that respect is a good thing. If famed scientist (and just about every other title known to man) and media (literal press pioneer) Benjamin Franklin were asked today to comment on what we now have via steemit he might say: "...an open socially tokenized driven platform, if you can keep it." Happy fourth to all that celebrate it, have fun, be safe and don't forget what it is you are celebrating!


No accident this post features a picture of the original Betsy Ross Flag. Happy 4th of July, even those that oppose the celebrating of the unification of thirteen colonies to unify to end centralized tyrannical rule from the authority at the time was the most fearsome empire humankind could muster (perhaps up to) that moment. This will post will not be appearing on a Nike billboard anytime, or it's poster ever appearing wearing Nike billboards anywhere on their person... ever again.

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