2020 Steem Goals and First SPUD of the Year SPUD9

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Time flies when you are having fun. I can’t believe I joined Steem in 2018. It was the height of the crypto crazy and we all thought we were going to be driving Lamborghinis. As we all know it’s been a difficult ride from there, but I’ve learned a lot and have found communities that support me. My 2020 steem goals are as follows:

-Reach 5000 SP
-Post at least twice a week
-upvote a new user everyday
-hold a contest once a week
-support the Steem Craft Beer community (working on some ideas)

To get started I’m participating in #SPUD (Steem Power Up Day) is an initiative from @streetstyle where people are encouraged to buy some Steem and power up at the start of a month.

I just bought 192 steem for $25. I consider that a bargain compared to 2018 prices. I use Coinbase to buy either USDC and LTC then convert it to Steem using blocktrades. The process takes about 3 mins so it’s not too bad.


Cheers to another 192 SP! I’m hoping to put it to good use to support good content.


My total SP is now 2320 which puts me almost half way to my 5000 SP goal.


I wish everyone great year!

Cheers ,

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Best of luck with all your crypto endeavours

02.01.2020 03:24

Thanks same to you! Any big Crypto or non crypto goals for 2020?

02.01.2020 14:00