Beating Cats and Harvesting Them for Fur is Deplorable!

Today while browsing the web I came across a horrific story that really made me question humanity. Right after reading this, I had to go hug the cat. One cannot go a day or two without some NEWS article bashing China's for a lack of human rights or totalitarianism but the mistreatment of cats, this goes too far!

Hunting cats down in the street and boiling them alive for fur is absolutely fucked-up (pardon my language, I cannot think of a better way of putting it.) These people then sell the pelts and presumably the meat in a public marketplace. It's difficult for a sane individual to comprehend how people could do such things. How is this tolerated by any modern society?

Cruelty to Animals is Psychopathic

Zoosadism is pleasure derived from cruelty to animals. Psychology Today has nothing good to say about acts of Intentional Animal Torture and Cruelty or IATC. If society and government permit blatant displays of animal cruelty one could only guess what else they tolerate. It's all coming together now, after seeing pictures of skinned cats in market stalls and reading about people beating them first for some godforsaken reason, it dawned on me, this is a culture which is morally bankrupt. Try this in a civilized country, you will be in jail for faster than if you slap your kid because a cat definitely doesn't deserve it.

The only good news is that many Chinese are becoming more concerned about animal rights. According to National Geographic the amount of animal rights groups in China is growing exponentially. Let's all hope the Communist Party of China starts to listen to these groups and finds it in their heart to ban this horrific practice because until they do, Crypticat is not going to China.

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Wow! That's crazy! I didn't think this was really happening. We always joke about cat meat in Chinese food, but I never thought it was this bad. It's one thing to raise or hunt animals for their meat or their pelt, but it's a totally different thing to torture them in the process.

I normally say happy Caturday, but somehow it doesn't seem like an appropriate response to this article.

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I made the mistake of Googling it, that's not the only article. The dogmeat gets more attention, but roving gangs of cat kidnappers is way more messed up than treating dogs as livestock.

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thank you, needed a kitty hug

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@saboin is sending you a tip of 25CAT

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Sad. Sorry this happens.

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I just read this out loud to @pooky-jax

I am at home 2 night. Just the sounds of my own words reading this was horrific.

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