Robin: The Greatest Comic Book Sidekick Of All Time | Behind The Panel

For 80 years, DC Comics Robin has lived in the shadow of Batman - but not anymore. Robin has evolved from sidekick to Titan to super spy and even team leader. It doesn’t matter if your favorite Robin is Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Carrie Kelly, Stephanie Brown or Damian Wayne - Robin stands on his own. Featuring Interviews with…Paul Levitz (Former President, DC Comics) Evan Narcisse (Comics Writer, Journalist) Marv Wolfman (Writer, Teen Titans) Jerry Conway (Co-Creator, Jason Todd) Tom King (Writer, Batman) Benjamin Percy (Writer, Teen Titans) Tom Seeley (Writer, Grayson) James Tynion IV (Writer, Batman) Evan “Doc” Shaner (Comics Artist) David Pepose (Comics Writer) Mitch Gerads (Artist, Batman)

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