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My backpack/Carpathians Mountains - Ukraine

                       -Backpacker Games- 

A real Backpacker's bag is his house, the reflection of his soul, his gun and all he needs to survive.
The way life is as a survival sandbox concept computer game for a backpacker. A Backpacker is have inventory capacity, skills, unique style, and unique character. Traveler Backpacker tries to be a good player even if he can't change the story of the game. Being good in this game is brings enjoying this game.


I liken this game, which is a survival game, to road life, when you craft the necessary materials (When you combine, perform the required operation) you can light fire, make fishing, do everything. Including weapon. Photo is belong to Rust (Nice survival game)

If you are not planning a touristic trip, if you want to be a real traveler, if you want to travel in the mountains, forests, the most dangerous roads, cities, ghetto, if you want to explore your creative side, if you want to get stronger, if you want to survive in any geography, nature, extreme conditions you will need to get experiences. Humans who live in citys are forgotten their power. Human is the most dangerous, strongest, most accurate, wrong, cruel, most emotional, compassionate, most talented presence in the world. People can turn into anything, people can become everything.


The photo I took is from Astrakhan, Russian / Kazakhstan border its so close to north Caspian sea.
Post on the back :
"Liberty Or Death Don't Tread On Me"


              -Surviving without money -

Money and confort is not something a Backpacker has to worry about if it has a full-fledged backpack. The necessary cooking kit is essential for a Backpacker to cook his own food in his backpack. Eating is not as expensive as it is thought, but it is only necessary to take the vitamins, amino acids, protein and calories that need to be taken. The feeling of hunger will disappear over time and the pleasure of eating will become insignificant, the traveler will understand that there are much more enjoyable things than eating in life.

Meats from Romania, i was just ask a restaurant for food. They gave it to me free. When you on the road with backpack, people are give you respect and give you help. (But it's different in China, in the china survive is quite hard i will tell my experiences in next posts)


Spicy Frog leg. When i was lost in forrest i was find some frogs for eat their legs, you can't eat another part of frogs body. It was emergency situation. Starving is impossible in nature if you have information about edible things.


Sea sides is like a heaven if you want to survive. Crabs are having nice protein. But also they have parasites, you must boil it like 1.5 hour.


In the nature humans are in top of the food chain. Starving is impossible, if you don't have any food you can hunt it.

But life in cities is much more difficult than in nature, you can't make camp fire, hunt, you can not cook. It is necessary to know the city to survive, it is necessary to know well what is what to solve the city. If you want to survive in a city without money, talk to the homeless people, they will guide you. A real backpacker is have ability for talk to everyone, talking skil is necessary. Without social connection, long time survive is like impossible for a backpacker in the metropols.

Barnabitengasse 12a, 1060 Wien (Austria vienna) three meals in a day for free, i was just asked homeless people in vienna and they was guided me.

Hitchhiking is an indispensable thing for a backpacker, i was never get hungry when i contact people. If you are a traveler, your respect will increase in people's eye. People give you more tolerance than other people, no matter where you are in the world, if you are a real traveler, foods are will find you. People in the vehicles who taked you in hitchhike will also fill your stomach with a 70% probability. Money is only purchases luxury and comfort, a true backpacker doesn't need luxury and comfort, Only tourists are need luxury, so tourists and backpackers are not same. But even if you don't have money in your pocket, luxury and comfort may find you on the road.


In Hungary the city Mayor of Kecskemet ( Szeberenyi Gyula Tamas) was saw me on the road and he offered me food and wine. He was just want to help me, he has left the keys of his homes, he was so kind. This photo is taken by Szeberenyi Gyula Tamas. Here is his home and other 2 people are also another backpackers. We was drinked together, ate together, and i was slept so well. (in the photo who in right side of is me)

It is in the benefit of a backpacker to accept help and offers, even if you do not need anyone on the road. Believe me, you can find yourself in such luxurious and comfortable places that you cannot imagine.

In Vladikavkaz some old men was interest me and he was open his house to me and his family was helped me a lot about my route. They was filled my stomach, they was gave me boiler of hot water for my foot. I was take a shower and they just helped me for nothing. 20150714_003720.jpg
Vladikavkaz Russia

Human can adapt to any condition. When the traveler, who dives into the life of the cultures in the destinations. When the spends enough time at his travel location, when observe and go deep into the culture suddenly finds himself so adapted to the present situation.

Mongolia / Ulaanbaatar
When i was in mongolia, i was like a mongolian. Because adaptation is inevitable when you spent enough time in somewhere. Here is a mongolian traditional tent (GER)

Not only in a cultural sense, but also in geography and climate. People can get used to . there is nothing else that empowers people as effectively as the way, what doesn't kill you is will have to empower you. You can learn to survive in any condition anywhere, with the best experience. An experienced traveler, Backpacker must have the skills to survive in the desert, tundra, cold, snow, storm, rain, natural disasters in every way. These abilities need time for be formed. The backpacker is should learn to be bedouin in the desert, gypsy in the countryside, warrior on abandoned roads, caveman in the mountain, hippie in the jungle, homeless in the metropolis.

Hungarian forrests with hippies. I was spent a lot of time in peace with people who live in forrest. I was a hippie in the forrest.


Ukraine / Kiev Squat ( A occupied building by homeless people)

At the same time, being on the road means exerting effort. Walking under the 30 kilos weight is walking up to is become an ordinary event for a Backpacker. Of course, backpackers has experienced that stage.They was tired of blood and sweat in the early days, but this is a process. A week of walk after adaptation will be succes.

I was decided to hitchhike from Turkey to South Korea. No bus, no plane, no money. Just me and my backpack. I was changed. I was lose 22 kg on the road. I finded my philosophy, i survived.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

Thanks for reading, share it if you like. Every comment is so important for me, please give a comment.
Im sorry for gramatical problems, english is not my mother language, i was learned english on the road, not in school.

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Thank you! I Hope you recover and continue traveling the world!

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Thank you! I Hope you
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