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Slowly Releasing the Grip


Do you remember the age you were allowed to leave from in front of your house and play at the corner? Or how about around the block? I remember being pretty young and able to hangout around the block with my friends. I remember some nights camping outside in my friends yard on the corner, laying on the hill looking at the stars. We played in the woods, crawled through the sewers and even walked to the nearest store when we were a little older. Our parents kept a close watch on us and there were rules to follow but we had freedom to explore the world.

Sometimes I think about how many things could have happened but they didn’t. There were some close calls but I made it to parenthood. Now, as a parent I am finding it hard to let go of the grip. As a stay at home mom my kids are always with me spending tons of time together and I am aware of what they are doing. They seldom go anywhere without their father and I unless it’s a date night and they stay with family. It’s really hard for me to let them out of my sight because I began to think of all the bad things that could happen.



They are ready to leave the nest, flap their wings and take off into the world of adventure. I’m sure you have gathered from my posts that I am all for adventure and learning. I just struggle when those things take place without me there. Just the other day they were playing in the front yard and I hear a car zooming down the street. The same car circles around again and I yell to the kids to come inside. This car almost hit a stop sign from going so fast. It’s ridiculous and foolish things like this that give me anxiety when I think about my kids playing outside. It irks me that people can be so careless and inconsiderate to speed down a street when they see children outside playing. 😠 🛑

Another time while I was looking out the window checking on them, I see a bull dog come from the middle of nowhere. He just shoots out from around the corner and gets close to all the kids that were playing outside. I didn’t realize I could still move so fast. I ran out that door so quick, barefoot with pajamas and all and immediately grab up my three year old as I block the dog from the others. If he was going to bite anyone it was going to be me and not the kids. I told my kids to stay on our neighbor’s porch. Thankfully one of our other neighbors runs out with a metal pole and scares the dog far away from us. He said he’s seen that dog before and didn’t want to take any chances. His son was out playing too so he was also keeping an eye out. At least we still have neighbors that care and look out for each other’s children :)



Sometimes I see my little pack as a group of ducklings staying close by my side. I know it can’t always be like this because they are supposed to grow up and become independent. I learned a lot of lessons and how to be brave when I was away from my parents. I want the same for my children, to learn life lessons through different experiences.

It’s easier for me to allow my nine year old daughter, seven and six year old son to go outside because they know and understand the signs of danger more. They also mind the rules most of the time. It’s my three year old son that I am mostly struggling to release the grip on. He absolutely loves being outside. My older children do a really good job watching over him and making sure he’s taken care of out there. The farthest they can go is next door to our neighbor’s house to play with their friends. We know that family and they do a good job watching over the kids. Sometimes I panic if they are out of view or I can’t hear their voices. I am constantly opening up the door to peek out at them. I love it when they come in for a glass of water then I can check up on them and ask what they are up to. 😁



Our little babies are blooming. They are starting to find their likes and interests and make decisions for themselves. . I am slowly rasing thethe grip to let m experience life. I didn’t realize it would be so hard doing this. I know I shouldn’t worry or think the worst, I just need to breathe and continuing praying for protection over my little ones. If I can’t handle them going next door out of my sight I will never be okay with them playing around the block. I know that day will come. One day they will ask me to walk over to a friend’s house that is way out of my sight. 😬😥

Do any of you parents struggle with this? Those of you that have grownup kids, how did you handle letting them fly?

Thanks for Reading!

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.


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