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This is a call out to all Crocheters, Knitters and Sewers!! I assume that most already know about the bushfires that Australia is dealing with and the unfortunate death toll. I literally was in tears last night reading about all of this. I couldn’t bare seeing the pictures of the deceased animals, it was too much for me.

I choose to focus on what I can do to help. Last night my friend sent me all of this information about needed pouches and nests for the rescued animals. There are many carers out there working hard to get these animals back to health and provide the orphaned animals with comfort.



There are several sites sharing information on specific item needs for the animals. The Animal Rescue Craft Guild put this Facebook Post together for all crafters that want to donate their time and skills.

You can click on the ‘Files’ tab to view all of the patterns. Please be sure to first read the text in the FB post because their are certain specifications of the yarn that must be met for the wildlife’s safety. The following is a note to crafters taken directly from the crochet nest pattern:

Please don’t use fuzzy yarns. Apparently fuzz can come loose and get caught in little mouths, or even be swallowed, potentially causing life-threatening gastric problems.

So it’s important to pay careful attention to these yarn specifications.

Also on the page you can find locations to send your finished items to.

You should be able to view all of this information even if you do not have a Facebook account. However, this is another good website to start with that shares some of the patterns:


Hopefully I was able to inform you of the opportunities you have to make great use of your time and skills! Let’s pitch in and help the Australian wildlife as they are nursed back to health.

Thank you,

@crosheille ~

All photos were taken directly from the Facebook and pattern pages.

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06.01.2020 15:47
Great info @crosheille. I am not crafty in this way however my mom is a crocheting machine so I will get this info to her today. Thanks!!
06.01.2020 16:07

Awesome! So glad you know a crocheting machine! Thanks for checking out the info!

07.01.2020 02:13

Nice work @crosheille

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06.01.2020 16:10

Thanks for reading! I wanted to pass on this info so more people could help if they could :)

07.01.2020 02:14

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06.01.2020 20:39

Thank you!

07.01.2020 02:14

I will check it out, thank you for sharing! <3t see any US hubshings to yet - h

06.01.2020 22:07

Absolutely! Thank you for the update and sharing the location info! It’s greatly appreciated! 😊👌🏽

07.01.2020 02:15

There were other contacts for other parts of the US - a half dozen or so I think. There is also a US-specific FB group where you can get more local-specific info called "Animal Rescue Crafters Connect." :)

07.01.2020 04:13

Awesome thanks! 👍🏽

08.01.2020 15:23
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08.01.2020 21:15

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08.01.2020 21:15

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08.01.2020 02:29

Thank you so much!

16.01.2020 09:40

It is unbelievable sad. So many animals dead or hurt and if I understood right, some nearly extinct (like Koalas, which seem to have a too small genepool) I am so shocked about this and that we seem to be unable to stop the fires. Thank you for researching the helping sites. I have friends (our former neighbours who migrated) in Australia which also posted a facebook site where you could donate (Europe is too far away, the mail is so expensive it is more helpful to send the money than the object).
I hope the firefighter will find a method to stop this.

08.01.2020 14:57

Yes it totally breaks my heart thinking about it, especially the koalas. I hope they find one too and fast. 😓

16.01.2020 09:39

Great cause - I have resteemed the post :)

09.01.2020 13:42