219k STEEM powered up in SPUD9 - Jan 1st 2020

And there was the next Steem Power-Up Day, #spud, by @streetstyle on Jan. 1st 2020 - what a great start into the Steem year!

Find more details on the event here:
SPUD 9 & 2020 Begin the New Decade - Happy New Year!! [steem] [blockchain] [community]

Key Facts:

  • In total, 219,755.330 STEEM was powered up throughout the day
  • 671 accounts either vested STEEM themselves, or got STEEM vested from other accounts via 1725 power-up operations

The top-10 power-ups were:
Account STEEM Vested
nworb 40931.0
sharkface 23243.286
janusface 23045.693
numberofthingz 9865.441
dustindivitto 8892.907
roger5120 6246.0
tarazkp 5724.868
greece-lover 5011.09
joshmania 5000.0
coininstant 3078.373

It's great to see big commitments here, but again, the majority of power-ups were much smaller than those from the top 10 accounts:

The median across all power-up operations was 0.336 STEEM.

spud on Jan 1st. may mean different time ranges depending on which timezone users are in. So to cover the full day for any time zone, I'm taking the data from Jan. 1st 0:00h UTC -12h to Jan. 2nd 0:00h + 12h - a total of 48h. Here's the distribution of the power-ups over this time range:


The biggest power-ups came shortly after midnight UTC time with over 40k vested. The amount vested per hour then slightly increased over the day. This is very similar to the previous #spud on Dec. 1st.

From the 1725 power-up operations, 1006 were power-ups were from and to the own account. This corresponds to ~196k STEEM. The remaining 719 ops were power-ups from another accounts, with 17.3k STEEM powered-up via blocktrades and 3.2k from steembasicincome.

Comparison to #spud8

spud8 spud9
Participants 881 671
STEEM powered up 178k 219k
Power-up Operations 1934 1725

So, fewer users, fewer operations than last time, but 41k STEEM more powered up! Not bad for the first day of the year, where probably a lot of people were offline or at least without their active key - including me :)

Congrats to everyone who participated, and a happy new year to all of you!

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Great info @crokkon!
I was a bit late to the party and did some power up today!

These are nice numbers!

02.01.2020 16:43

Thanks @dalz, also for the resteem! :)

02.01.2020 18:54

Maybe we'll see you for #spud10 @dalz take care.

03.01.2020 12:41

Yep you will :)

03.01.2020 13:04


03.01.2020 14:31

Wow, amazing job @crokkon Thank you for this!! #spud9 was fantastic overall, and that is amazing that it was a lot of small power ups that did the job in the end. That is why I like to say no power up is to small.

Again, great job and thank you!!

03.01.2020 12:28

yeah, this spud was amazing again. Thanks for all you do for this!

03.01.2020 18:05

SPUD become bigger and bigger. We want to see this development in the future. i believe SPUD will take a part to build Steem better.

03.01.2020 13:15

yes, it's really great to have regular SPUDs! It's maybe worth a look how all the previous spuds compare to the latest one.

03.01.2020 18:11

And you post add our strength to keep power up and very support SPUD
Glad to know many STeemian involved.

04.01.2020 07:51

Very interesting stats. Thanks for that.

03.01.2020 15:00

thanks @fionasfavourites , I'm glad if it's of any help

03.01.2020 18:12

thanks for the great report @crokkon

03.01.2020 16:13

my pleasure, @xpilar, thanks for stopping by!

03.01.2020 18:10