GBP/USD promising with multi-month highs; Conservatives victory in the cards>

Around 1.3150, the GBP/USD stands mildly bid. This is ahead of the London open. April saw its surge, but with the Conservatives in the lead for the upcoming December elections, the upside was capped. This had led analysts to look hard into U.K. growth and industrial figures.

In the figures, it is apparent that the month of April saw a high near 1.3200 ahead of March 27 top surrounding 1.3270. The pair s plummet below 1.3100 is sure to trigger quite a downpour.

Here are the pertinent figures:

Today last price 1.315
Today Daily Change 0.0000
Today Daily Change % 0.00
Today daily open 1.315

Daily SMA20 1.2953
Daily SMA50 1.2804
Daily SMA100 1.2533
Daily SMA200 1.2697

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10.12.2019 13:00