The concept of blockchain technology is incredible and unique, inspiring different sectors and business startups to utilize it's features and tools to improve the current state of humanity and world at large. Although, the technology was perceived to be mainly used in aspects related to financial management, researches and constant experiments including successful experiences have proven that blockchain technology is versatile and interoperable in any sector and working areas, even the tourism and travel sector can use this technological innovation for betterment of their operations.
Introduction of Internet, online applications and social media networks boosted the exposure of traveling and tourism, enabling people to choose suitable vacation destinations and book their hotels or lodging in convenience, regardless of their locations and suitations. The tourism and travel industry is vast and brimming with benefits and profits but inadvertently faced with challenges, most especially in difficulties for users to perform payments and transactions using traditional travels and tourism platforms. Thus, a solution that is completely practical and adequate must be implemented to help travellers around the world.

The solution has been introduced through Bmy.Guide ecosystem, where travelers and tourists can receive more benefits and tools not easily acquired in other convectional online travel and tourist agencies. Bmy.Guide represents an online decentralized travel platform that interconnects travelers through offered genuine and efficient travel services driven by blockchain technology. Users are provided access to an ecosystem dedicated to be efficient, transparent, functional with smart contracts and token to provide limitless advantages for initiating secure and fast transactions or payments for local and international travels.
Bmy.Guide's founders developed the project with aim of establishing a one stop interactive and professional source for tourists and travelers worldwide to examine and understand other users experience in their personal ventures to hotels, restaurants, excursions trips and so on, including allowing end users to benefit from the convience and instant payment transactions without expensive charges found in other convectional competitive platforms.


  • Bmy.Guide provides accesible opportunities for people to locate relevant relaxation venues and activities without hassles.
  • Enables users to schedule and plan their journey ahead of time which save more time for convenience.
  • An interesting feature of the platform involves rewarding users with GUIDE token for their creativity and contributions on the Bmy.Guide ecosystem, which includes publishing detailed information and experiences of excursions, tourist locations and much more.
  • Facilitates community building and interaction with other travelers worldwide.

The GUIDE token functions as the fuel of the Bmy.Guide ecosystem, which serves as a medium for users to connect, transfer funds and purchase goods and services available within the platform. GUIDE token is developed on Ethereum blockchain, complies to ERC20 standard and 10 million coins will be issued at time of listing where only 60 % is available for sale.



Bmy.Guide truly redefines the mission of Travels and Tourism industry by promoting continuous connection and shared experience between travelers, enabling them to evaluate and review experiences from fellow travelers before choosing a restaurant, excursion destination and so on, without struggles. Travel and Tourism sector definitely need the solution developed by Bmy.Guide project, to help tackle the problems and limitations affecting it's activities and relationship with users. Coupled with sophisticated benefits and resources made available to users, Bmy.Guide ecosystem remains unrivaled against convectional online travel agencies and tourism platforms.

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Travel and Tourism have been in existence way back when as soon as people got away from just looking for food and shelter It is a very large industry and affects a lot of areas. It employs a lot of people.

11.02.2020 13:15