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The crypto space is going bonkers over the recent trend known as Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Decentralized Finance involves the paradigm shift from centralized financial systems to peer to peer finance supported by decentralized technologies designed on blockchain like Ethereum.
With this technology, people can have easier access to financial services like lending and borrowing platforms, even stablecoins and tokenization of assets, improved and achieved through smart contracts which exempts involvement of middleman.
The DeFi ecosystem is pushing boundaries of possibilities and bring about more advantages like transparency, immutability, permissionless, easier programmability with smart contracts and so on. Also, users are given full custody of their funds rather then putting it in a cryptocurrency exchange.
Yield farming is another opportunity to make profits introduced through DeFi. Early adopters have made huge percent in profits by understanding and leverage of the concept.
What exactly is Yield Farming?!
Yield Farming rewards users with new cryptocurrency assets by enabling them to put their existing crypto assets into staking and lending. This solution emerged from the DeFi ecosystem is very popular and enables potential users to receive interest for lending out their assets.
There are several existing and upcoming platforms for Yield Farming, however each of these platforms comes with their own rules which users must be in compliance with in order to manage their risk and strategies to obtain most rewards.
At present, Kittiefight developers have deployed a next level program known as Volcano Yield Farming for participants to earn impressive profits.

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Before going further, let me briefly explain what Kittiefight is about?! Kittiefight is a viable Dapp with crowd driven, real time fighting gaming experience using Ethereum Cryptokitties.
The Dapp game comes with a rich token economic model that enables winners of each fight session to be incentivized in Kittiefight tokens and ETH. Furthermore, audiences can partake in the action by betting on their respective champions, wherein at completion of fights, emerged winner and their corresponding supporters share the honeypot of tokens and ETH.
Moreover, another feature known as attrition mechanism operates to reward last of the highest bettors with a satisfactory portion of the loot. Thus, Kittiefight works as a competent and addictive gaming platform that incentivize both players and supporters fairly and transparently via the framework's unique and surplus reward pool.

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Aside from the latter, users can also earn sufficiently from Kittiefight deployed Volcano Yield Program that will run for the period of 6 months. 7% (7,000,000 KTY tokens) from fixed total supply of Kittiefight tokens and 7% (7, 000, 000) from SDAO total supply will be allocated to the program. The Volcano Yield farming gives more than 1000% APY and holders of DAO token have privilege to receive staking yields.
Kittiefight Volcano Yield is built as an innovative faucet that rewards on chain liquidity. Participants can accumulate more Kittyfight tokens (KTY) and SDAO for providing KTY and WETH, ANT, yDAI, yyCRV, yaLINK, aLEND, aSNX, yETH, aYFI, 2key, GNO, yETH, UNI and SDAO token pairs Liquidity on Uniswap.
Since, Volcano Yield Farming is planned to run for 6 months, there will be a mega bonus for users who participate within 21 days of the program launch. 10% out of allocation given to the program (700,000 KTY & 700,000 SDAO token units) is auto distributed to the lucky participants as long as they stick around till complete duration of the program.
Besides, users can unstake their collateral at any time but withdrawal of yields is permitted only after participation exceeds minimum of one month.
In conclusion, Kittiefight integrated with Volcano Yield Farming is an interesting innovation to help people worldwide engage in a reliable and secure option of making better profits, fully inspired by DeFi movement.

Use the Official links below for more information,
Website : https://www.kittiefight.io/

Whitepaper : https://www.kittiefight.io/whitepaper

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KittieFight-110975747423209

Twitter : https://twitter.com/kittiefightHQ

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/kittiefight/

Telegram : https://t.me/Kittiefight_ANN

Telegram : https://t.me/KittieFIGHT_DeFi

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/kittiefight/

Discord : https://discord.com/invite/rgQ5F3R

BTT Username : Johnson Knight

BTT Profile URL : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2326370;sa=summary

Wallet Address : 0x56D391aD6C5Fe4b4faee3FCF9C7D32D9BD2feeCA

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